How to make Herbalife High Protein Iced Coffee-Hot or Cold

How to make Herbalife High Protein Iced Coffee-Hot or Cold

hi everyone my name’s uh Quinn and today
I will show you how to make a mocha coffee this is a nutritional it is a
nutritional coffee iced a coffee that ogle I did put out should release on the
15 is so good really good and you can do you can mix the powder with hot or cold
water so um I’ll go over it and I’ll show you I’ll make with the blender here
and I will show you the different way either by the blender or you shake it up
or you just use a spoon and and mix it up
okay so I’ll do it now so first of all I’ll put in about four hours of whole
water you regular room temperature water and I’ll put it in the blender okay then
I will make juice it’s a to scoop of the powder that opal I’ve already over lime
mix okay omocha this is their brand demo camera brand okay
there are Chu Chu Chi house plan and mocha but today we only have the mocha
so I will make it choose to scoop alright okay I’ll blend it up with a
very slow speed I just want to mix it thoroughly okay so that’s it okay here it smell so good
all right I’ll pull it over here this is that our coffee okay it’s so good you
guys you can’t believe it it’s it look really
good okay here then now I’ll put in four
hours of hot water so here there’s a for aus okay all right I’ll put it in here
then now we have wondered a cup of coffee which is really really good I’ll
close it up for you to see it okay that’s a coffee coffee okay and it’s
really tasty it’s so good yeah hmm right here
it’s forming and it’s you know since the market so many people so many young
people they they want a coffee but they drink the coffee every day with
condensed milk or some other sugar that you Mazzara sugar that bring into their
body which is not get and along the way this one this iced coffee hot coffee you
have 15 gram of protein it’s the only 100 calorie and is only to Grandma sugar
see it’s so good and so convenient it are powerful so you can you know put it
you know you can mix it any time but do one just check it out pick it out up
there of the pouch and you mix it right now then I am
showing you how to make the one for the photo Co toffee okay so for a full copy
that you need eight hours water alright then you can mix it to scoop okay go
very low okay then I will put a cup of ice okay
I see Yura here’s a cup of ice okay I’ll put in the oh my god is so good it’s very good you

6 thoughts on “How to make Herbalife High Protein Iced Coffee-Hot or Cold

  1. When I do mine it’s always puffy on the top and not liquid! I do everything correctly but then it has the bubbles on top and it dosent taste good

  2. O my i really love coffee
    I wanted to buy herbalife coffee but sad to say… My country philippines dont have herbalife coffee yet.. I think soon im so exited

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