How to lift / Episode #7: Technique day & City tour

How to lift / Episode #7: Technique day & City tour

It’s time to rest and relax! We came to the nice place with the pool. There is also an area for playing frisbee and volleyball. So, freestyle program, activity. This way we relax after training weeks. Fresh air, water, sunbeds and sun! I wish it would be always like this. Guys, keeping!

12 thoughts on “How to lift / Episode #7: Technique day & City tour

  1. инструктор с рыжей бородой тоже супер обьясняет и корректирует, может когда-нибудь родится школа Торохтия которая будет готовить олимпийских чемпионов! как по мне лучший тренер:без дибильных шуток как у Клокова,а все по существу!

  2. Dude… you are an amazing coach. One day I will see you at a seminar. You bring so much knowledge to the sport, especially for me in the US!

  3. 100% recommend the seminar. I attended in Madison, Wisconsin and learned plenty of positive tips to apply to my training

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