HOW TO LEARN TO DO A BACK TUCK TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Cheer Cheerleading How To  Backflip Back Flip

HOW TO LEARN TO DO A BACK TUCK TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Cheer Cheerleading How To Backflip Back Flip

For a back tuck there’s a couple drills I like to start off with First off, if you take off with your back straight and don’t arch at all you are going to go up but you might flip a little slow. If you go back and arch a lot it’ll flip fast but it will be low. So you actually want to keep your back straight and go up and just arch in your hips like this And it will make you go up and flip. So the first drill is we are going to go up onto this mat and try and jump and land in that position. Next we’re going to do a drill up onto the big resi mat We’re going to take off by swinging our arms and we’re going to arch our hips and grab our shins and land on our back. If you go a little harder you want to make sure you kick out so you don’t over rotate on to your neck. The next drill is just a landing drill where you want to bend your knees and use your leg muscles to absorb the landing, keeping your back nice and rounded, stomach tight and arms down by your sides like this. When you come to tramp you can either do it jumping or standing And when you’re jumping you are going to keep your arms up like this the whole time or you can circle your arms around backwards too. Or you can do it standing making sure that you swing your arms up, arching in your hips grabbing your shins and pull and try and land on your feet. It also might be a good idea if you had a front tuck before a back tuck because even though they’re 2 different tricks it’s good practice taking off with your arms up grabbing your shins and pull and using your leg muscles to absorb and try and have a good controlled landing. And if you’re having trouble keeping your head in on a back tuck and you have a friend who can help you with this drill Your friend is going to stand in front of you with his hand like this when you’re jumping And right before you go, you’re going to keep your head in and wait until he flashes his fingers so you know how many fingers he flashes before you do your back tuck. Another drill you can do to learn a back tuck is if you have a resi pit like this and a foam pit like this You can put the resi pit all the way here to the edge And have the person lay down on the mat, you’re actually going to stand over on this side I’m going to show you what that person does in a second You’re going to skoosh to the end and have your arms up Look at the ceiling and keep your head in You’re going to stand there or your friend is going to spot you by holding his shoulder and holding his legs like this and you’re going to bring your knees up and do a backward roll in the air and land in the pit. And when you spot a back tuck I like to start on a cheese mat, and Max here is nice enough to demonstrate I usually put my arm right around here my other hand here just like that You want to do it on tramp? And Jackie here is nice enough to help us out and if you are spotting a back tuck on tramp you can do it bouncing start with your arms up, I’m going to grab their arm arm like this and my hand is going to push them and pull them to help them flip Are you going to go 1,2,3 go or 1,2 go? Ok, ready? Jump a little bit I’ll count, 1, 2,3 Good Ready? 1,2,3 go.  Good Or you can spot like this Ready, jump a little bit 1,2,3 go Ready?  1,2,3 go Thanks Jackie

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