How to Learn Muscle Up on Rings – Tutorial

How to Learn Muscle Up on Rings – Tutorial

Hello and welcome to this video where I will be showing you how to learn muscle ups on rings. First of all, there are 2 methods of doing muscle ups – dynamic and strength. Let’s start with the former one. This method of doing muscle ups is way easier then strength one, once you learn the technique. You need much less strength to do it, but it needs some practice as well. Once you’re on rings, you need to swing to gain some momentum. Then you need to shoot up with your legs, while pushing down with you hands to start lifting your hips. Here’s the crucial moment of the move, where you simultaneously have to push down with your feet, push up with your hips and start bending you arms to pull yourself up. Pushing down your feet is the most important element, because it allows your hips to shoot up bringing most of your bodyweight close to the rings. From here you just need to bring your elbows up by leaning forward, steady your body and push up. If you want to do multiple muscle ups, it’s important to keep your body inclined when going down to maintain the momentum and be able to swing right to the next one. The strength method is different in a couple of aspects. First of all you need to hold the rings with a false grip. That’s the grip where your wrist is above the ring not below it. To practice it start by hanging from the rings holding the false grip with bent arms. After you get comfortable with this, get to the same position, only with your arms straight. This way it’s more challenging to keep the false grip. Other prerequisites for the muscle up are being able to hold the support position and being able to do a few ring dips, so be sure to practice it beforehand. Now let’s get to the progressions. First exercise that is going to help you prepare for the muscle up is false grip pull ups. Grab the rings with a flase grip and pull yourself up until your hands touch your chest. Straighten you arms at the bottom if you can. Next, there’re assissted muscle ups. You’re going to need a resistance band for this one. The pull up part of the muscle up is the hardest and this is where the band is helping the most. Another great exercise is muscle up negatives. Just get to the support position and lower yourself as slowly as you can to a deadhang. Focus the most on the part where your elbows transition from above rings to below them. After you master each of those exercises I’m sure you will be able to do your first muscle ups. At first you may do them in a limited range of motion, without fully extending you arms both above and below the rings. When you get comfortable with this variation, then try doing the full range of motion for the best results.

33 thoughts on “How to Learn Muscle Up on Rings – Tutorial

  1. First time I touched the rings I tried to do a muscle up and succeeded.
    Tbh, muscle ups on the rings were so much easier for me than bar muscle ups for some reason

  2. Dips on rings are dangerous cause it's hard to keep your ellbows in if u don't have strength/stability.
    Btw if i'm sick can be a problem if i workout?

  3. this is one of my favourite YouTube channels! would love to see some more day of eatings/day in the life's/vlogs! keep up the good work dude

  4. You are missing something about the technique, the movement start in the hang position with the false grip as you mention, but when you go up, the hands pass through the inner part of your chest, getting as low as possible and then, moving to the sides (touching the lower part of the ribs), ending this part of the movement allows you to make the dip part more easily. StrenghProject has a good tutorial which describes the movement really well.

  5. The infamous crossfit muscle ups :p. I prefer the strict ones! For some reason bar muscle ups are harder for me than the ring ones…

  6. Hi man I just discovered your channel and I love it, you seem like a very nice person. I also like you because you are not super shredded-anorexic like other fitness youtubers, and you eat enough food (very good food). Just a tip for your vlogs: you should be more spontaneous and use less script. Just talk to the camera, say random stuff, random thoughts, ideas, don't be shy! This will bring you closer to your subscribers and we will get to know you better!

  7. Hi, I just bought your app and it is great. But there is muscle up progression on bar not on rings. Do you have idea how I can modified that suitable for rings?

  8. I can only do the strength muscle up because I suck at explosive movements. Any advice on developing explosive strength?

  9. Thanks for the Video. I'm doing some calisthenics since August last year and one month ago I started to train on rings. I'm now trying to get used to the False grip. It's definitely not my favorite:-(

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