How to Increase Flexibility for Cheer and Gymnastics | Flexibility Stunt Strap Part 1

How to Increase Flexibility for Cheer and Gymnastics | Flexibility Stunt Strap Part 1

Speaker 1: Basically, we’re going to go from
every angle. Have you ever seen these? Do your coaches do this kind of stuff? Take a
strap and take your leg up, then we go out wide, then you come across for your IT band,
work it up. You ever see any of this stuff? Speaker 2: Yeah, but not with the straps.
Speaker 1: Ok. When we go up for the stuff out to the side, you’re going to take your
arm over the top. You’re going to work with your opposite hand, come this way. Same thing
with your IT band. When we come across, we’re trying to work with this opposite arm.
One of the best uses of our stunt strap here is we’re going to stretch out your glutes,
stretch out your hips, stretch out your hamstrings. Take one side of your band here and strap
it around your foot and hold the other part in your hands.
First, we’re going to rock back and we’re going to do it with both legs here. You’re
going to pull this leg up to where it gets into where you’re stretching your hamstring
down through your glute and your lower back. If you can take it all the way up to your
head, take it to your head. If you’re feeling it in your low back, then stay up a little
higher so you can work in your hamstring. Hold this for about 15 to 20 seconds. Push
into the resistance just a little bit as you come on out. Slide your leg out, and then
let it come all the way down. Now you’re going to work back into that same zone here, so
go ahead and go in. count for about 15 to 20 seconds. Make sure you’re getting a good
pull down through your hamstring. Again, when you’re done, you push on out nice and slow
with a little bit of resistance. Take it all the way out.
Now that we’ve stretched out our hamstring in our butt a little bit, we want to work
our groin. You’re going to take your leg up. now we’re going to workout wide. Take it out
wide. See, this hand is working over her head and
the other has the strap near her foot for support. She’s pulling up at an angle, so
she’s getting her groin and her hamstring at the same time. Same concept.
When you’re done here and you get to about that 20 second, pull in the resistance just
a little bit and work your leg down. As you get down to about the midpoint, let your leg
drop, and then work into it again. You’re going to do about two sets per each one of
these moves. Take it out wide for your groin, hamstring,
glutes. Cheerleading’s all about flexibility, so you’ve really got to start working your
hips. Now resist on the way out. We’re going to keep this brief, and we’re going to go
through it quickly; but again, 15 to 20 seconds per move.
Next move’s a little different. You’re going to bring your foot up to the midline and we’re
going to work across for your IT band and the outside of your hip. You’re always using
this hand over your head with the strap. You always want to work over your head to pull
your foot at this different kind of an angle. She’s working to keep her hip on the floor
as this pulls, just like that. You’re going to feel this down your IT band and into your
hamstring. Same time, you resist down a little bit, take it all the way to the bottom, let
your body reset a little bit. Now we’re going to go ahead and go up in there
again. This opposite side arm goes above your head. The right arm is on the strap and we’re
trying to keep that hip on the floor, really trying to stretch our hips out from every
angle. Again, we resist into the band and we go on down, 15 to 20 second holds.
Now we’re going to move on to the right leg. Briefly, go over the same exercises, repeat
it a little bit for you. Strap goes around your foot, hands got a good grip on the top,
and we’re just going to go straight up again for our hamstring, our glute, and our low
back. She’s got both her hands on the strap. We
don’t want to let it wobble around. We want to have a good grip on it to stretch our hamstring,
15-20 seconds, resist on the way out, drop it all the way down to the ankles, let your
body recover just a little. Now we’re going to go ahead and go again.
You want to do these stretches about three times a week, give yourself a day in between
or do them every day before your exercises because we’ve really got to get more flexible
if we want to be a good cheerleader. Go ahead and resist and come on out. Same
as the other leg, we’re going to work our groin then our IT band. Bring it on out wide.
Our opposite side arm goes over our head. She’s got her same arm helping support the
foot. She’s rolled up working her groin and her hamstring, 15 to 20 seconds, resist on
out. Good. One more time on the groin. Good.
If you can’t get there and you’re only about right here, that’s ok. The most important
thing is we want to keep our hips flat on the ground. If you can your hips flat, the
higher you can go, the better you’re going to be at your stunts.
Go ahead and resist out. What I mean by resisting is she’s holding this band and she’s pushing
into the band. As she gets out to about the midpoint, she lets it go, leg goes on down.
Next stretch, just like the other leg, we’re going to do the IT band. We take it up and
we go over, trying to keep our hip on the floor, opposite arm above the head, other
arm is there for support. Most people when you start will be about right here. The most
important thing about this stretch is the hip stays on the floor.
If you roll up and let that hip come off you’re not stretching the IT band. When you stay
here, start rocking it over and pushing the flexibility a little bit as long as you can
keep your hip down, keep pushing yourself. Same. We resist out, drop our body down, let
it rest for a sec. Same motion, 15 to 20 second hold, really coming across stretching our
IT band and our glute at the same time. Go ahead and pull that on down.
Next move to finish off with our hip flexors here, we’re going to roll over onto our chest.
We’re going to put the band around one of our foot and we’re going to look a little
bit like a scorpion. We’re going to work to pull our foot up.
You’re going to take your hands back behind your head and grab the strap. You’re going
to work to pull your knee up, same as the scorpion, don’t hurt your lower back. Breathe
deep while you’re here and let your body roll up. We’re really trying to get the hip flexor
here. Now be nice and easy as you let your foot
down. We don’t want to pull too hard or resist too much. Just go ahead and let it down, relax.
Again, we’re going to go two for each leg. Go ahead and bring that up again. Good. She’s
got both her hands on the strap here for support. She’s keeping her hips in line. She’s not
opening up her hip. She’s really pulling it and feeling it in her hip flexor here.
Go ahead and relax. We’ll go and grab the other leg. Remember, 15 to 20 seconds on each
side. Here you go. As you get here, don’t hold your breath. You
want to relax. You want to take a deep breath and exhale, and you’ll feel your legs slowly
climb back up. Resist just a little bit on the way out, let the leg drop, and then we
go ahead and do one more. Go up. Go through this stretch routine, like
I said, before you do each of your stunts, anytime you’re feeling a little tight. You
really got to start loosening up your hips. Sometimes take a day in between if you’re
getting a little fatigued or if you’re pulling a little too hard. Always work…go ahead
and relax. Don’t push it too hard if any time you’re
feeling like it’s pulling too hard. Just relax, take it slow, come out of the resistance just
a little bit. ?? ?? ?? ??

27 thoughts on “How to Increase Flexibility for Cheer and Gymnastics | Flexibility Stunt Strap Part 1

  1. @Lolfestivall We suggtest 2-3 times per week although you should warm up and stretch before any training session.

  2. how many times should u do this with out a trainer? and hoe many months it take to learn a heel strech if u do this everyday?

  3. keep working on it a little every day. any of the exercises in this video are great for your flexibility.

  4. wow u really are flexible flexible but not flexible enough ..i just really lost my mojo we i didnt make my cheer squad because of my toe touch but im goin to tryout again ..i decided not to give up..thaxs

  5. You should feel it more in your hamstring area. Do you feel it in that location during other exercises.

  6. hey, I'm a gymnast and kinda struggling with my middle splits… I'm flat in my right and left leg splits but I can't seem to budge my middle split to go lower. Help? 🙂

  7. where can u buy the stunt strap? i just started cheerleading and they said a good thing to get is a stunt strap but what i really want to know is where to get one!
    thanks ~brianna

  8. Go to the Cheer page on our web site myosource . com or search Stunt Strap on google. we cannot put url in this area.

  9. My toe touches are really bad, I'm trying to stretch everyday so they can get better so I'm hoping doing this exact routine everyday should help right? Or should I do it more than once a day? And do I have to warm up my body first? Maybe with jumping jacks ect.

  10. Yes, the stunt strap will definitely help increase the height of your jumps. We have provided other videos that include exercises with the stunt strap that focus on increasing the height of your jumps so be sure to check them out.

  11. You can purchase the stunt straps and resistance bands on our website at myosource. com. Under the cheerleading page on our website we offer a Cheerleading Combo pack that comes with both a set of resistance bands and a stunt strap for only the price of $29.95, giving you the stunt strap for free.

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