How to Grow your Back Fast! BEST BACK WORKOUT EVER

How to Grow your Back Fast! BEST BACK WORKOUT EVER

Frank is Maggie mo here with the ever
popular series what is the best exercise for them lats okay
so the lats primarily do this so we got to find something that locks us in but
we can do only this so tell you what’s not the best exercise it’s the pull-up
why because for most people it’s very hard to lock themselves in and to do
only this now hold on kneeling especially if done single arm I
can create the utmost tension especially you have those grips we can see here I
really lock myself in and flex lots you can do both arm obviously if time is of
the essence or you can go crossbody something like so to get the
full range of motion okay so those by far the best lakh cartwheels let me just
fix the mic here for a second so you guys can hear me well then a close
second the lad pulled on in particular if a to
do it right and be you have your hands going like so what I mean by this this
bar almost forces me to use the proper range of motion which is this right as
opposed to the straight bar where I would be confined to kind of be doing
this secondly I locked my body in and I only have elbows move downwards as
opposed to like this right so those are the first tab to so growing any muscle
it’s always the same right insertion origin shove them together lots you know
here but they also there’s this motion we kind of wrap around the body and of
course you must do some rows see that grows at the cable are ideal again look
at the grip because your arms need to go beside the body like so so you lock
yourself down and you drive the elbows and then as you hit your lats you try to
get around a little bit without actually going beside the place you’re not
putting two here this is it and also people won’t do this okay this is
perfectly fun then the single arm dumbbell row if done properly is
actually excellent the problem is more often than not you seeing this oh okay
first of all gravity right straight down look so I have a beautiful like this how
do you understand so you lock yourself down you get
forward traction and you pull straight up okay
and again as you are up you’re wrapping a little bit like so without going by
the body you don’t hit the number of plunge just pull and for the last piece
I’ll show it something really cool you know Y always being told Nicole you got
a do X here do this right so I was always like a mighty borrows t-bar rows
I never never never never got anything out of t burrows I try those.i guys if
it’s really maybe unjust will be then I discovered this setup from Prime Fitness
looks a bit futuristic it’s awesome so with those handles I can actually
train my lats cuz I can have the proper inward intention I can break it down
that I train that say my upper back right and then as a fatigue John like so this was just pretty to show you how
awesome awesome our gym is no reason so one more thing honorable mention the two arm stiff arm pulldown is it’s
not a complete exercise but it’s great to create tension especially in the end
so that’s something I do not want to leave out of the video but as we said –
I’m pulled on especially on single arm wins

7 thoughts on “How to Grow your Back Fast! BEST BACK WORKOUT EVER

  1. Mic Wiedenbach from now on…awesome content as usual, now the legs edition is left!
    Maybe a minor tip, it would be more helpfull if the camera dude focused on the actual muscle being trained.
    For example with this back video, film from the back so we can see the whole excercise instead of your face and front.
    A picture speaks a 1000 words a wise man once said.
    So what does a video from the right angle?

    PS: so jealous of your gym and grips hahaha


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