100 thoughts on “How To Get Lower Abs (Common Mistakes) 2018 | THENX

  1. Hey chris! awesome video as always. I recently started calisthenics and im wondering what supplements to take nor not take any advice videos on that?

  2. Hey dude, you videos are awesome ! I hope i don't sound patronizing but ……You're one of the best fitness guys on youtube. Also you get on with it instead of talking and talking and talking too much ! Thank yet again for another awesome video.

  3. he said to look up to people for motivation not for wanting to look exactly like them. I am not sure how that is possible because he looks amazing chest= amazing abbs= amazing his body is the best there is.

  4. Cool Tips just subscribed. That dead hang is amazing, I can;t seem not to engage the hips without a stall bar.

  5. Ok im sry to say because i really like your Videos, but could you pls stop sayin eventually?🙈 It's like Demotivation after Motivation.

  6. View from up there must be awesome when you're doing muscle ups 😀 Great place to work out, I'm unapologetically jealous!

  7. i want a six pack i ve never been so close now i bough medium resistance band today what type do you use seems like light to me that deffinitely gonna help me with many exercises and progress those which i cant do now damnt it thanks for you video i know exacly what to do

  8. Amazing!! Tried it out & losing some weight there but seems like I have some stubborn belly fat, any suggestions to shred it down?

  9. I'm just starting out this program and I'm loving it. Going to us it while I'm gone for the next 9 months

  10. Chris talk about just regular food, that'll keep the fat off the body,…. that we can get from the grocery store that would be good for a male that we can just make it home ,,,,,thank you have a good day.. and you're awesome I'm going to get you more subscribers.

  11. Hello best coach 💪
    Why, after a few years of heavy exercise, I still could not be like the rest of the professional athletes? With great nutrition program

  12. how the heck can I work on not swinging back and forth for hanging leg raises. I could easily do 10 but I start swinging..

  13. Hey Chris! Can you do a video on whether we should do cardio before or after workout or if it doesnt matter when we do it it . Thanks! Great video!

  14. Hey Chris your videos helped me a lot ,now I made my arms bigger than past ones and I also got upper abs tooo, but I am struggling to loose my love handles which makes my lower abdominal looks awful make a video to reduce love handles please and once again thank you brother

  15. Can you do a lower ab workout (intense) but without weights ? Love all your workouts can’t wait to try this one x

  16. I have been doing a ab workout every day for about 2 months now and I’ve never seen my lower ones I hope this helps

  17. Hey Chris, im struggling with these workouts because I tend to use my hip flexers rather than my lower abdominal muscles. Do you have any tips for avoiding the use of my hip flexers in these workouts especially the leg raises. Love your content keep up the good work.

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