Whastup guys my name is Ivan Ferjo and today I want to tell you how to gain weight if you are ectomorph So here we go I know – you train a lot, you sleep a lot, you eat a lot and you can’t gain even one kilogram Personally I’ve never had this problem because I’m endomorf and when I eat something unhealthy Or more calories, my weight is going rapidlly up But I know that lot of you struggling with this problem So that’s why I will today tell you how to gain weight Ok so firstly you have to realize that if you want to gain a weight it’s never fault of your training plan Yea sometimes it is.. But in most cases you are doing something wrong in your diet And this problem is always that you don’t eat enough calories as your body needs Ok so what you should do now? Ok so firstly you have to find out your TDEE It means total daily energy exanditure..And what is TDEE? So TDEE represent amount of calories that you have to eat to maintain your current weight So if you will eat more calories than is your TDEE you will gain a weight And if you will eat less calories than is your TDEE, you will decrease your weight So all you have to do is find out your TDEE and eat more calories than is your TDEE If you want to gain a weight It’s really simple and I’m sure that even low intelligent monkey will understand it So I hope that you are not like monkeys and you are humans So if you want to find out your TDEE, check describtion of this video, I put there some good websites But don’t quit this video because we have also one problem You know that you can gain water, fat and muscles So if you’ve gained 1kg it doesn’t mean that you’ve gained 1kg of pure muscles You could gain 1kg of water, 1kg of muscles or 1kg of fat And if you will gain water, fat or muscles it depends on what macros do you eat and if you want to gain pure muscles like me, I recommend you guys to eat 2g of proteins/1kg of bodyweight Carbs only after workout from complex sources like rice, oats, potatoes And fats depends on your other calories Of course you have to eat healthy but I believe if 90% of food from your daily calories intake is healthy I believe that rest 10% of food can be unhealthy and won’t happen anything So for ex. when I eat everyday healthy things like meat, eggs, vegetables I can eat one snickers bars, and won’t happen anything and I will be still ripped So in overall if you gain weight or if you loose weight it’s all about calories Ok so if you like this video please give me like, share, subscribe also you can follow me on my fb fanpage, instagram, snapcha and if you want to buy personal trainings you can visit website .. and if you want to buy epic fitness gym wear beripped you can visit website So bye

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  1. Škoda, že tento kanál má iba 7tis. subs. a nejde to veľmi hore, s takýmto obsahom by si mal mať oveľa viacej. Pretože tento kanál je super 👌 … Takže People ODOBERAJTE!!!

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