How to gain muscles fast | how muscles grow & what makes muscles grow | Bodybuilding tips Hindi

How to gain muscles fast | how muscles grow & what makes muscles grow | Bodybuilding tips Hindi

Subscribe Youtube channel Fitness rockers & turn on the bell icon to get the video updates. Hello friends me Atul welcomes you to our youtube channel fitness rockers Friends now a day’s everyone want to build body and most of them are seen struggling with it due to lack of knowledge. Is video we will learn how the muscle gain takes place so that you may learn the mistakes and can improve the mistakes to fulfill your body building dream. So lets start Friends we can shape up our body as we like but it all depends on how you treat you treat your muscles. And the way you treat your muscle decides whether the muscle will grow or shrink. When you workout with heavy weight then it creates stress on muscles and results in microscopic damage in the muscle. The injured cell produces inflammatory molecules cytokines due to microscopic damage of body, which activates body’s immune system to repair injuries which resulted from bodybuilding workout. And if you repeat this process on regular basis then there is regular muscle damage and repair cycle keeps going on which helps you in making bigger and stronger muscles so that you can hold heavy weight during next weight training. And you will feel after some time that the weight which was heavy for you is light now as the body has grown your muscle by giving strength. Now if we want more muscle gain then we have to do work out with more weight or we have to adopt some advance technique so that there is more stress on muscles and tissues are injured so that during the repair process body can create new muscle tissues. This progressive muscle gaining process is also known as hypertrophy in which you do work out with more weight then earlier or make use of advance muscle gaining techniques so that there is more stress on of which it is not habitual. Friends remember one thing if you do not train your muscles continuously with heavy weights then the muscles may shrink which is known as muscular atrophy. Muscle growth is not dependent on workout only but also requires proper nutrition, balanced hormones and proper rest as without all this body will n t be able to repair damaged muscles fiber. Proper supply of Protein, natural hormones (insulin growth factor) and testosterone collectively helps body to bring in a state where muscle repair and growth takes place. Muscle repair and growth process takes place when we take rest specially at night when you sleep for 7 – 8 hours and this is must if you are serious about muscle building. Gender and age affect muscle gaining process so there be more muscle gain in young male whose testosterone level high. And there is less testosterone in females so the muscle gain is lesser in them in comparison to males. So friends if you do regular workout, takes proper diet & rest and repeats this process regularly then no one can stop you muscles growth & strengthening of it. So friends we close this topic here and hope that it will prove beneficial for you. Please comment and suggest in case there is query related to the topic. Don’t forget to like & share this video so that other people can also benefit with this information. For Future video updates in future do subscribe to our youtube channel, follow face book page or like our web site Visit us for more updates and let the fitness rock.

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  1. sir if i have a whey protein so i take a protein and post workout meal 6egg whites too with or should i take only one of them?

  2. Coach i am 5"9' and weight 70 kg joined gym 3 months back and was 68kg so howmuch and howmany months we should bulk before going for cutting? can you please video on when to cut and howmuch or howmany months to bulk?

  3. sir me 4 mont se workout karta tha par heavy weight nhi marta to meri body nhi ban rahi thi.par aapne jo bola o karke dekha to it really work thaksss so much sirr great job.

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  7. Arm bahut weak hai tmhare work kro ispe…jeet selal.. guru mann ..gaurav..dekho inse aur kch sikho…ye india ke best certified trainer and nutrition hai…bolne aur karne me farq hota hai…tmhara goal paisa kamana hai…body tmse banne se rahi

  8. Abe Bhai pehele khud to muscle gain krle fast… fast jaisa kuch nhi hota fitness mein….. saalo lagte Hai muscle gain krne mein…koi hard and fast rule nhi hai

  9. Bro ek aur sawal hai ka mujhe 4 months ho gay ha jim ma kiya mujhe legs aur abs ki trainning karni chahiya ka nahi plz reply zaroor da na

  10. You are having immense knowledge related to many other fitness you tuber ….I don't understand why your channel is not growing ….. man your quality of information is excellent

  11. Bhai women me testosterone nahi hota unme progestrone harmone hota h read reproduction chapter of10 class

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  15. sir mai. subah workout ke bad. rat bhar bhigoya hua. chana, mungfali, mung ka daal, kishmish and soyabean khata hun. aur 30 minute bad 3 eggs khata hoon 1 ghante bad milk and bnana khata hoon.. mera ye Diet sahi hai. ya isme kuch changes laane ki jarurat hai hme. btaiye

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