How To: Dumbbell Pull-Over

How To: Dumbbell Pull-Over

What’s going on Nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a dumbbell pullover This is a great exercise for your chest It’s really going to target the center of your chest As long as you’re flexing it, while doing this exercise you will keep your core nice and tight Make sure you keep your wrist straight, and as you pull the dumbbell over your head squeeze your chest as hard as you can and you can feel it all through here Okay First thing you want to do is place your dumbbell on a bench If you have a spotter and you’re going really heavy and you want to have somebody handed to you can use that as well What you’re gonna do is lay down next to the dumbbell so your upper back is the only thing touching the bench And you want to try and keep your hips up, okay, keep your core nice and tight roll over Pick up your dumbbell Hips up start the dumbbell over your head like this Now right here your wrists are going to be bent as you come backwards you want to try and keep your wrist straight Go as low as you can maintain a neutral spine, breathe in Go as low as you can Come up breathe out Hips up squeeze your chest Come down, breathe in up, breathe out squeeze your chest as hard as you can Now when you do this exercise Start off kind of light because you are gonna hit your shoulders. You don’t want to blow your rotator cuff, okay? Hope you guys enjoy this demonstration video and as always more good stuff coming soon. See ya guys

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  1. Couple of things. What he didn't say was keep your shoulder blades tight like holding a tennis ball back there. The butt should be lower than the bench a little. Reason for that is you don't need to lower the weight that far. Your hands shouldn't be lower than your head. Don't need to go low for a good stretch

  2. You need to realize that he is a trainer, he is trying to show off his body because not only does it help people visualize what their results would look like, its his success he is trying to convey. Would you take advice from a fat dude doing the same thing as seriously as someone like Scott who obviously has a great physique? Of course not, Scott's results make him an reputable authority on exercise technique and overall fitness. Stop being jelly, and maybe you will learn a thing or two.

  3. He needs to, because there will be people who will turn on the video and see that he is not very pumped up, they will think "ehh this dude doesnt look that he knows much i wont listen to him". And just turn another video

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  6. Everybody, if you GO AS LOW as you can, you're definitely at risk for shoulder injury, please don't believe everything u read/hear.

  7. i have a serious problem building my chest to be aesthetic like him. Idk if it is just me genes, but i dont know how to really work out my chest to look like that

  8. I get big burn in my triceps doing this. Am I doing it wrong? Or is it just my triceps aren't as strong as they should be in comparrison to my chest so I'm feeling it in them more?

  9. This is not just a chest exercise. It works lats, chest, triceps(longhead), rhomboids, lower and mid traps, abs, rear delts.

  10. Scott What is the difference between half-lying on the bench and totally lie on the bench?
    Keep the good work

  11. Hi, when ı do this as if my left shoulder is popping out with heavy weight after all no pain so what causes this? Thanks

  12. Scott, I absolutely love your videos. Im a bodybuilder and have been training over 20 years as well as comptete on a national level. Your videos are excellent and I actually check them out all the time because even though Ive been doing this forever- not everything I do is correct and your videos have helped me correct my form as well as give me some extra info for training some clients. WIth that said- Im curious as to why you keep your hips up during this movement when Arnold and the golden era BBrs have always kept the hips lower in order to get a better stretch.

  13. Nice videos man, though I have to disagree with you on this. Why not just lay on the bench and do it? The technique you're showing doesn't support the head or lower back, which is not good when lifting weight.

    On a side note to this, I've been body building for about 15 years, and for me this exercise is the best for chest development.

  14. I was taught not to go that far back cause when u do your working more of your shoulders and not your chest. You should only feel it in your chest.

  15. hey guys, if i do this exercise on a bench should i keep my back straight touching the bench or can i arch it?
    please answer this!

  16. idk why but whenever i do this exercise i just never feel it in my chest lol, and im guessing the weight of the dumbbell doesnt really matter too much with this exercise ?

  17. Scooby just told me to not bend my elbows and to only go down untill the arms are alligned with the body. Im confused….

  18. +Twizzlin – i was typing the exact question when I saw yours. +YourilsEenBanaan – those guys also do it cross bench as well. I don't understand what is the advantage, other than some extra work from stabilizer muscles and general coordination…

  19. hello everybody!
    can someone explain to me what did he say at the end of the video? Thr thing with the shoulder cuffs? It sound very important but i can't understand him

  20. wow i don't think you should keep your hips up at all and the elbows should be flexed while you do the exercise in order to avoid pressure on your shoulders

  21. Is there a difference in the tension if you do this laying flat on the bench, as opposed to perpendicular? Which one targets the chest more?


    A lot of people do pull overs wrong, and then wonder why they're not getting the results they want. Know you'll know how to actually do them to target your chest!

  23. Are you in 6th grade? You look good I mean my sister is in 7th grade and she is bigger than you but 7th grade. WTFuck are you doing on the internet embarrassing men and yourself

  24. Can't see your form very well. You explain it well but you can't see it. The exercise is from the back view but all I see is your stomach and legs

  25. i had a snap in my left shoulder rotator cuff today while performing this exercise. this is damn risky if the dumbbell is too heavy for you.

  26. In the Arnold encyclopedia, it says this exercise is mainly for your serratus. That tells me that other muscles that are used in this exercise are done so secondarily.

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