How To: Dumbbell Incline Chest Press

How To: Dumbbell Incline Chest Press

What’s up, everybody? I’m Scott from and I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a dumbbell incline bench press the first thing you have to do is adjust your bench. Now it’s a couple of different settings and you want to make sure that when you do this you don’t put the bench too high if you put it too high it’s like doing shoulder presses okay, so what you’re going to do most of these things are numbered the same way I like to put it on three putting it on three actually that might be four. Yeah, if I put it on 4 and I lay down when I get to here when I push up it’s too high it’s like I’m pushing it to my shoulders, so if I actually bring it down one more. Now the dumbbells come over my chest and now I’m working more of my upper chest That’s the first step, second step grab your dumbbells I already have mine picked up so I don’t have to go to the rack like you have to so what you’re going to do is get up the dumbbells on your knees and then what you want to do is get the dumbbells up. I like to do this little trick I have a trick post into my trick section so check it out. So now you’re at this position. You have two choices you can do this the wrong way and bring your arms up like this and push straight up and make all the pressure go into your rotator cuff on your shoulders which isn’t good or you can do it the right way, and you can stick your chest out. You can bring the dumbbells down over the lower part of your chest like this basically across your nipple line so that when you push up you’re activating your whole chest and you’re not damaging your shoulders. I like doing it that way better. So what you’re going to do keep your wrist straight make sure your feet are flat on the ground and you’re going to come down to 90 degree angle on your elbows just barely past your back. Then your going to breathe out on the way up. Do it again come down 90 degree angle and come up one more bring it down and breathe out going up And that’s how you do a dumbbell incline bench press For more information fell free to check out my Youtube channel I’m posting new stuff all the time. Later guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Dumbbell Incline Chest Press

  1. Wtf? You can do it the wrong way or the right way. I like doing it the right way better. Why not just demonstrate it instead of being a douche?

  2. Would you recomend doing incline dumbbell or barbell bench press to try to fill oit the upper area of my chest? ive got that flat boney kind of look haha

  3. Do you have to bring out your chest during this exercise by putting your shoulder blades together and arching your back, I usually feel a nice stretch in my chest when doing that way.

  4. Your little "trick" on getting those dumbells up caused me to fart in front of this chic that was doing squats about 3 feet away from me. I WAS gonna try to holler at her but that ruined that. Thanks.

  5. Do you need to retract your scapula for this movement or just keep the chest up ? And is it ok to do this with the bench seat flat ? Thank you

  6. been looking everywhere for a descent video on incline dumbell press. no other video shows us from the side it seems. thanks, man

  7. guys
    why my left shoulder has pain doing this shit?

    shoulder press push up I have no sholulder pain

    but this shit give me shoulder pain

  8. Tried adding this exercise into my chest/tricep workout for the first time yesterday and had to abort almost immediately due to shoulder pain. Just checking out this video to see how I might be doing it wrong.

  9. I have trouble holding my shoulders back while doing inlcines. So I don't hit my upper chest that well. Does anyone has tips for me? Thanks.

  10. are you supposed to rotate your wrist on the way up so that you end up almost in the starting position for dumbbell flys?

  11. Thanks for the advice . and I have a very important question. when starting the exercise I can't apply this trick because the seat of the bench is making 90 degree angle with the back part of the seat . I mean the seat is not flat whenever you change the degree from 0 to 30 or 45 . This is limiting me so I can't start the inclined dumbell press with the same weights I lift in the flat bench press . please advise me what to do in this case .
    many thanks in advance !

  12. My shoulder gave out on me today while I was incline dumbbell pressing, I felt as though my form was just about perfect, but when I reached the top to lock out position my right shoulder just gave out and the weight came crashing down and nicked me on the side. The pain wasn't bad at all and I was able to finish my workout but now I'm just scared to incline dumbbell press, are their people who just don't have strong enough shoulders for this? I was so pissed cause the weight went up fairly easily but my shoulder didn't agree with it. Keep in mind I give myself about 5 or so minutes to warm up my shoulder and get it loose, I'm not sure what went wrong.


    Having that 'shelf' look for your upper chest is what we all want. That's why we have the incline press!

  14. what do you recommend for an alternative to incline db and incline barbell? I have a neck injury that gets activated every time I do the incline. thanks!


  16. I just honestly LOVE your demonstrations, it has helped me so much, especially when I first started gym to not look silly haha so thank you!

  17. Good demo. db incline is my main lift for chest. I have no problem hoisting the db's up with lighter weights, but when they get heavy (around my 6 rep max) I struggle getting them into position with my knees and momentum (in the manner you demonstrate). Any tips on how to avoid this unnecessary energy expenditure?

  18. God damn this man is good at explaning. No hard latin words, no long ass 11 min videos just for money, no ads and straight to the meat. Thnak you sir!

  19. My shoulders are my weakest muscle group right now but i cant tell of im just weak there or if i have wrong form. I feel it more in my shoulders than my chest

  20. Hey Scott, I need help. Is it safe to use that 90 degree angle? I always use a 75 degree angle because I'm afraid to injure my shoulders.

  21. I kept pulling my shoulders out trying this shit and was avoiding it, but this video really helped me correct my form. Thanks and gj.

  22. You should pick up the dumbbells just like a deadlift. Feet under handle, bend knees and lift. Then sit with the dumbbells.

  23. Scott, your arms are still too flared out to the sides. This is bad for your shoulders. The angle should be 45 degrees to your body.

  24. At least I know why my shoulder is in pain now. My bench was at a 60-45 degree angle. Whoops. Let's hope I haven't damaged anything too bad

  25. Thanks for making your videos short and to the point. When I’m at the gym I don’t need an anatomy lesson

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