How To: Dumbbell Bent-Over Row (Single-Arm)

How To: Dumbbell Bent-Over Row (Single-Arm)

What’s going on Hermanation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you, a dumbbell bent over row, okay first thing you have to do is grab a bench I already have one then you grab a dumbbell okay now what you want to do is when you get on the bench depending on which side you’re starting off with first. I’m going to start off using my left arm So you’re on the bench like this my right leg on there and grab the front of the bench like that Okay I’m gonna bend this leg then I’m going to out stand my left leg, okay? My leg out of here helps me post. So that when I lift the weight I don’t fall over okay, so this leg keep straight this legs bent Okay, you want to stand over yourself like this you want to maintain an arch of your back want to maintain a neutral spine so you don’t want to be looking up or looking too far down keep it nice and straight and Grab a nice grip on the front of the bench Now when you hold your dumbbell make sure you keep your wrist straight you don’t want it bending and what you’re going to do is you’re going to pull the dumbbell up to your armpit try to keeping your back parallel to ceiling and then come back down to a slight bend your elbow and come back up like this breathe out on the way up so pull the dumbbell now as you come up you want to pinch everything in your back pinch your shoulder blades as well Come down. Keeping everything pinched Don’t fully extend] your elbow and keep your back parallel with the ceiling Do one more As soon as you’re done simply go to the other side keep the same form just switch sides okay? So to do a dumbbell bent over row for more great information feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. Later guys

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  1. Hey guys I am new to working out and have a question. What would be the differance, if any, between the TRX row, (lawnmovers) Dumbell row, and the barbell row? Thanks  

  2. thanks for demonstrating proper form 

    I think its funny when you see people in the gym with their Ego's

    example:          A guy has his friend record him rowing a 100lb dumbbell, as he swings is waist, back, hips, shoulder…… barely getting it up, and the time of muscle under tension is barely 2.5 seconds.

    Control the weight, don't let the weight control you.

  3. He obviously can do this exercise (and many others) without doing the breathing sound, so why does he do it? It's quite annoying. And please don't say "he can do whatever he wants", because no he can't, if he goes to a public gym.

  4. i doing a Dumbbell Bent-Over Row one handed, but í get the dumel to hit my chest.
    i know im not doing the "right" way, but i like is my way-
    but my qustion is, do my way destory my back?

  5. His form is all wrong for activating any Lat recruitment. He should be arching his back, at 45 degrees, and pulling the weight to hips

  6. He is not lifting the weight the correctly. This way it will not work out the lats. When lifting the weight up the forearm should always remain perpendicular to the ground.

  7. hey question during performing this movement I feel like I'm pinching my sciatic nerve in my back causing my down leg to burn and tingle what could I be doing wrong? and what is a way to fix?

  8. Watch out for your back when performing this exercise and especially the barbell bent over row. People have screwed their backs for life doing it.

  9. Hi Scott, I am stronger on my right side so is it ok to use a heavier weight on my right side and go lighter on my left? Or should I stick with a lighter weight for both sides or use the same weight from my right side on my left and just do fewer reps? This is kind of a longwinded question, sorry.

  10. i feel lile i have such a hard time engaging the muscle even if i do it slow. if i dont feel the contraction in the rhomboids should i keep doing the excercise?

  11. Hi @ScottHerman,

    Does this exercise target lats or traps (I am guessing traps more than lats since we are moving the dumb bell to armpit?


  12. Hey @scotthermin

    Is there any benefit of working out twice a day or is it doing more damage than good.

    Ps love the vids and great information.


  13. you are not lowering the dumbbell low enough to get the stretch for your lats. check out back training videos of pros bodybuilders, like Jay Cutler, Dorian Yates, Kai Greene, who have great lats.

  14. U should show at least one bad rep of people twisting their back on the way up people can get rly hurt here

  15. The comments on the noise he is making with his mouth are hilarious, but I think he does it to show you how to breathe during the exercise.

  16. hey I am jangchu pelden, 23 years old. I am 162cm and weigh 56kg. I wanna lose 10kgs and tone my body….how can I do that in within 3months? or more I guess???

  17. I have this incorporated into my back workout on back day. However when i do this it seems to be working my lower back instead of my lats. Is this a sign that im doing it wrong or bad form?

  18. should I just shrug my elbow up and use arms just as hooks? cause I feel this excercise in my biceps but when I shrugg it with my elbow i feel it on my arm and lats, like a burn feeling.

  19. athlean x reckons this variation is horrible as can cause injuries. what are your thoughts on this opinion, should i listen or not

  20. I always check out your videos whenever I have doubts about my positioning for my workouts, I really appreciate your help man🤝

  21. ScottHermanFitness This exercise can be dangerous and has a great likelihood of causing hernias. Do like Athlean X teaches instead.

  22. Does anyone have any tips for keeping your back straight (neutral) during ANY type of workout?? Serious problem I have during any day at the gym, worried i'm gonna fuck my back up bc of this.

  23. I have a question, i hope you can see this.
    Does it matter if i perform the exercise without bench? Is there any changes

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