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(calm music) – Hey, guys, I’m Triana
Brown from SolidCore and this is The Right Way. Today we’re gonna learn
how to do a tricep push-up. When I teach class, I see things that go the
wrong way all the time but this is a great move for
your upper body and your core. So let’s go over some common things that I see that can go wrong. We can get our head going
up, our elbows too wide, our chest dropping down with
our butted lifted too far or the butt too low and
then an arch in the back. Now, let’s fix our form. This is how we do it correctly. Come to that high plank position. Rather than having your head
up, make sure eye gaze is down. As you lower down, your elbows are gonna
stay close to your body. Stop when your shoulders get
in line with your elbows. On the way up, hips stay in
line with your shoulders. Rather than too far up,
they’re directly in line. Rather than too far low,
they’re right in line again and then your tailbone,
it’s gonna stay tucked under rather than arching your back. So elongate out that long spine and squeeze your abs nice and tight. That was the right way
to do a tricep push-up. If you want more right ways, subscribe to Well+Good right now. (calm music)

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