How to Do a Handstand Push-Up | Gymnastics

How to Do a Handstand Push-Up | Gymnastics

In intense gymnastics training students will
be required to do big conditioning skills. One of these happens to be a handstand pushup. This is a rather dangerous skill and it requires
a couple of years of learning exactly how to do a handstand first. Again, if you are doing anything with a handstand
you need to make sure you hit that handstand prior to doing any skill afterwards. When doing a handstand pushup you want to
make sure you have a spot to start with. You always want to make sure that you are
on a soft landing in case your arms collapse. You don’t want to be too aggressive on dropping. You want to slowly come down and push back
up, focusing not only on pushing but also keeping your body straight. As in if you start wiggling, if your body
is contorted and starts to twist or something, it’s going to be a lot harder to push back
up and eventually you’re going to fall over. The key in doing this is good body positioning. Keep your body straight and then slowly come
down and push back up. There are a couple drills you can do. One would be a pike handstand on an elevated
mat working on keeping your fingers and shoulders all up to your hips in a straight line. Your hips are over top of your head and doing
pushups like that. This will take away weight of your lower body. Also from that position you can lift one leg
up to add a little bit more weight and do the pushups again. And then eventually you can end up getting
spotted, someone holding you in a handstand and doing the pushups from there.

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  1. learning handstand doesn't have to take a year….u just go to to gym then workout..and when u developed a strong core, shoulders and arms it cn help u learn handstand faster…

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