How to Do a Back Handspring | Gymnastics Lessons

How to Do a Back Handspring | Gymnastics Lessons

I’m going to show you guys how to do a back
handspring. Alyssa’s going to demonstrate the skill for
us first. Nice. There are many things that you can do before
you do a back handspring. The first drill that I’d like to show you
guys is just again, becoming comfortable jumping backwards. You’re going to jump onto a cheese mat. In this drill Alyssa’s going to use her arms
and her legs. Arms swing and she’s going to push off the
floor and land on her back. This just is going to get her comfortable
and prepared to jump backwards and land on her hands. The next drill Alyssa is going to show us
is a really good one and very important when you’re learning a back handspring. This allows you to lie on your back and push
off your legs. You don’t have to necessarily use your arms,
just yet. You’re going to push off the ground, slowly
go through a bridge walkover position and then you’re going to snap down to your feet. She’s going to lean backwards, kick off the
floor and snap down. Nice. Once you become more comfortable with the
other drills that I’ve shown you, this is one of the last ones, before you can do it
on the floor. I’m going to help her. You should use a spot when you first do it
just to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. You’re going to need to remember to keep your
arms straight, because if you bend your arms you’re going to hit your head on the floor. So really concentrate when you jump backwards
when you’re going to hit the floor to keep your arms straight and locked. When she starts she’s going to use the arm
swing and she’s going to bend her legs, push down, and snap. Nice. After doing the back handspring on a cheese
mat, you can move to the floor with a spot. Arms swing, push off the floor. Nice, and the last step is to just do it by
yourself, and that is how you do a back handspring.

96 thoughts on “How to Do a Back Handspring | Gymnastics Lessons

  1. That didnt really help because u have to have those tools or things so u should really make another one WITHOUT those ,just saying
    Great though

  2. that is totally not that easy. He shouldve demonstrated with someone that didnt know how to do it in the first place…but then again, its not my choice, i didnt make the video, and i dont know how to do a back handspring

  3. What if we don't have this equipment? Or we don't even take gymnastics lessons? You should have covered things we could do without the equipment so this video will useful so everyone.

  4. I'm 11 and can do HEPS like back hand springs and round off into back tuck and I didn't do ️gymnastics lol I'm self tourt

  5. For all the people who don't have home equipment (wich is probably 99.99%) that would like to try these drills, here is how I replaced the mats.

    Gymnastics Equipment Stuff that you can find at home

    1. Stacked mats for jumping back- a bed
    2. Barrel – A puff
    3 Cheese Mat – A hill.

    And there you go

  6. OK some please help i really have a lack of confidence and so i can do a back handspring on a mattress and on the floor (someone spots me) and so when i do one on the ground i fall back on my head and on the mattress i need someone to spot me first my brother doesn't know what gymnastics is and he spotted me and i did it which i can but that's why i cant do a back handspring any advice?

  7. where is your gymnastics place at cause my mom is gonna find and gymnastics place where where you guys can help me but how much is it

  8. Why don't they show people who can't do it, learning? It's easy to do it with a spotter there (who's not really helping since you can do it) and say look it's easy!

  9. why do they call it cheese mat its a mat not cheese mat omg the same thing on the other part back tuck and backflip what the hec is cheese mat dude were you get that from !!!!!!! alicca got it by her self

  10. Better to jump back in a sideways cartwheel first…. Thn keep on straightening the arms with each attempt…. Can learn on ur own this way

  11. For those people saying that they don't have the equipment to do this at home, have you considered that this is not a skill you should really be trying at home? It's extremely dangerous if you learn how to do it incorrectly, not only because you could land on your head, but you could also severely injure your back, arms, wrists, or shoulders.

    He also didn't show somebody who didn't know how to do it as you don't have to repeat each of these drills only once, you have to do them very many times before you can progress. It would be silly to show a beginner learning, because it takes weeks and possibly months to learn, not three minutes. Do you want a months long video? No, neither do I.

    I thought the video was succinct and helpful for coaches looking for drills to use. A wider variety would have been nice, though, these are really the bare minimum.


  13. Which works better… an octagon (used in this video), or a handspring machine ? ( like an octagon but in the shape of a pac man)

  14. I have zero fear of going back but i cannot land it. I can do back limbers with snapdowns perfectly fine but every time I do a backhandspring I can't block and end up landing with my hands still on the floor. I can also do handstand snapdowns but it doesn't help me at all in my bhs. Btw I'm a self taught gymnast and my only equipment is a 4panel mat and a trampoline. Any tips?

  15. Id prefer to do it like goku instead of landing on your hands straight and the landing back on your feet the push doesnt give you now distance in a fight as id would use the move for when. Ill land on my hands but bend them just enough not to much to hit my face the push myself diagonally to get distance

  16. Do not place your hands out like he demonstrates when locking out. Fingers should point in and form a triangle with thumbs as the bottom line. Dont try to learn this kind of stuff outside of a training facility, that's why our sport gets such negative/dangerous views. Join a gym, for your safety.

  17. the lady undercutted so much and she didn’t rebound. she shouldn’t be used to demonstrate if she can’t even do it right herself

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