HOW TO  CHEAT MEAL ? WHAT I EAT  + Back, Arms, Rear delts Workout !

HOW TO CHEAT MEAL ? WHAT I EAT + Back, Arms, Rear delts Workout !

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video ! So today, we wanted to have a little “cheat meal” today, so we are going to bring you with us ! to show you 3 ways to have a cheat meal and stay pretty clean and stay in your total calories We showed you how to calculate your amount of calories in a previous video about nutrition that I am going to link here if you want to watch it, click on that link we are going to show you what do we do in terms of “cheat meals” We bring you with us for the first one, we are going to the fast food Buuuuger Kiiiing and we are also going to go the gym after and we are gonna film you Seb’s back workout I don’t know her ! We just got home, we bought our first cheat meal, we are going to explain to you a little bit how are we going to do, and how did we do I must calculate on an app What’s interesting to do when you have a cheat meal, is to use all the carbs we’ve been eating around the workout So all the energy we had thanks to the cheat meal we will use it as fuel for the workout what’s interesting is to eat this 4 hours before of after the training like this, this energy this energy will be consumed during the training yes it will be used during the workout, it’s more interesting than doing nothing after and store uselessly this energy Here we are going to use it ! It’s one of the first tips to soften the damages while you are cheating to limit the damages ! after all, you have to listen to your appetite because I ate my big buger and now I am not hungry anymore so I am going to eat my salad and my little ice cream And I’ll keep the 2 small burgers for later and I’ll show you in my app what it represent in amount of calories but I think it’s okay especially that I didn’t eat this morning We just got home from the gym We are going to shower and.. Everytime I speak, my finger points automatically at the camera It’s like an OCD We just got home from the gym We just got home from the gym, and we are going to shower, and right after we’ll get back to you, to tell you about our sensations during the workouts regarding the cheat meal at lunch we are also going to tell about the composition of this cheat meal see if it fits our macros we are going to take me as an example, my macros and then.. and then we’ll show you how do we do to end the day and see what food we choose to stay in our macros regarding the earlier meal and we let you watch the training : back/delts and triceps In the shower ! we are showered ! We are clean ! so you’ve seen my training it was pretty intense about the sensations me personally I am not a person who sweat a lot, during my workouts today was a legday so it’s more intense than an upper body workout, at least for me and today I sweat a lot more than usual ? yes clearly more than usual I felt that my body had energy but I didn’t feel at my best either I don’t know about you but.. What I felt was weird it was like I was a bit slack like sleepy but I had energy, I had strength But I wasn’t too much into it We’ve noticed that we are going to watch on the app for example, for Seb, we noted in the app all the things he ate at lunch to see all the macros So I didn’t ate the 2 small burgers I only ate the big one and we noticed that Yes, so in my total calories Since I didn’t have breakfast we noticed that there was a lot of fats I am 71,3 gr of fats which is a little bit higher than my usual daily amount of fats in one day I need to eat 68 gr of fats so no more fats for today about the sensations it feels good in the moment in the end.. tomorrow we are going to film you an alternative to fastfood and that’s maybe more pleasant it’s tastier and also cheaper because the fast food it’s instant it’s good in the moment but after.. during the training and at the end, it was like I still was in digestion whereas we went to to gym a while after we ate it’s pretty crazy we were not at our best ! I still haven’t digest, I’m not hungry at all ! I did a legday, and I’m not hungry So I tried to note in my app all the calories I still can eat tonight regarding the cheat meal at lunchtime So I am going to eat tuna, aspargus cherry tomatoes, two whey shakers and one banana, so I decided to.. and some rice too I decided not to put all my carbs in the rice only So I have a small portion of rice so I can have a bowl of oats with rice milk and a little banana little crackers tomatoes and aspargus with all this I am supposed to reach my total calories I am even a little bit under the total so it’s okay so here it is the fats, I am under 10gr of extra so it’s perfect So here it is, I had a nice burger at lunch but it fits my macros ! Clem did the same we are going to film you, you should be seeing images of our food ! Clem prepared herself an “orange bowl” ! Carrots, sweet potatoe, cherry tomatoes and one shaker of whey protein one shaker ok it’s a chef meal for you ! in the end I can eat in a good quantity So we showed you one way to enjoy yourself with a cheat meal at buger king or in every other fast food And today, another way to enjoy is to prepare an homemade meal with ingredients of your choice we chose to prepare homemade protein pizza with “pleasure ingredients’, like cheese and ham etc but we have a protein oat flour for the dough, in which we are going to add egg white so it’s higher in protein Hello everyone so it’s sunday night and I would like to prepare things in advance to eat this week I already cooked basmati rice and sweet potatoes and now I am going to cook little carrots and Seb told me earlier ” I’d like to eat KFC” So instead of going to KFC I am going to prepare little nuggets with oats So I am going to show you all this I am still cooking I just prepared my pancake for my breakfast, tomorrow it’s here and now I am cooking my carrots really simple, only with coconut oil, we let it cook and I prepare the chicken Only 3 ingredients for the chicken nuggets chicken, 1 beaten egg and oat bran or oats Little Valentine’s day dinner ! Are you hungry honey ? Yes ! Bon appetit ! All this is for me ! You have this alright.. well..

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  1. You guys are really doing a great job vloging.👍❤️❤️
    what are those books in your shelf?i keep forgetting to ask that every time.
    And what games are you into?

  2. Elle a l'air trop bonne la pizza !! Et les nuggets !!! J'en ferai pour mon prochain repas en amoureux avec frites de patate douce et tomate je pense…..

  3. Vous etes trop mignons !!! Clem toujours soudée à Seb ! Vous respirez la gentillesse et je me marre bien avrc vos story insta 🙂 super voyage que vous faites 😍

  4. I love your video I have been very sick my friends love you cheat more of you cooking healthy things to yes please

  5. Ummmmmmm cuanta hambre me dio este video amigos jejejejejejejeje me encantó el video como siempre. Que buen almuerzo tuvieron amigos me encantan sus videos besos y abrazos y gracias por los subtitulos…..!!!!!♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆

  6. GREAT video guys!! This was a GREAT thing you showed us. Fast food isn’t good for us, even if it tastes good.
    Clem, what protein powder are you using for pancakes and for your pizza? Can I get it here in the U.S.?
    Thanks & LOVE YOU GIRL!!! 😘❤️💙💕🌸

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