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All right,
Islaam, talk to the people, man. Let them know what’s
getting ready to go down. – Y’all already know, I’m out
here with Thats Good Money, RipRightBodyTight, what we about to do is show y’all how to gain muscle endurance for doing push-ups. And there’s one way that I got for y’all that’s going to blow
everything out the frame, and that’s the isometric holds, and this is how I gained muscle endurance for doing push-ups. Now, I’m going to show
y’all three different ways, if you can already do a
push-up, this is good. But if you can’t, and you
got to do lady push-ups on your knees, that works as well. So the first way is to
do an isometric hold to your max, everything is
going to be till failure. So, you going to get up
in the push-up position, and lock out. And you going to hold that. Whatever your isometric
hold till failure is, then you’re going to hold it till then. And that’s what’s going
to build your endurance. And right from you holding,
where there’s one minute, two minutes, three
minutes, or four minutes, however long you can
hold, right after that, you go into your max push-ups. So let’s say I held it for
two minutes was my max, I’m shaking, it’s time to go down, then you’re going to max out
with your push-ups after that. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. And when I say max out,
I want you to not be able to come up on that last
one, I mean struggle, that’s what’s till failure. So anytime you’re doing till failure, you’re going to build muscle, and you’re going to
build muscle endurance. That’s with isometric holds. So that’s one way to do it,
to hold your iso till failure, and then do push-ups till failure. Now the second way, is
also isometric holds, but you’re going to hold
it in between push-ups. So we’re going to do a five second hold, one, all the way up to ten, but I’m going to stop at five. So this is how we want it. Isometric hold up top, one,
two, three, four, five, one push-up. Five count again. One, two, three, four, five, two push-ups. So this is the pyramid,
then you hold again, one, two, three, four,
five, if five is too light, then go to ten. Now three push-ups. If the hold is too long,
then, drop your number. One, two, three, four,
five. Four push-ups. One, two, three, four,
five. Five push-ups. So that’s the second way
to build muscle endurance. It’s the same thing with iso holds. But, you pick your poison, whether you’re doing it before or in between,
or you’re doing it after. So now the last one is we’re going to do the isometric holds after
we do a max push-up. So after we max out till
failure, then we going to hold and isometric hold as long as we can. And when we say failure,
remember, we talking about until you’re shaking. Here we go. So those is the three ways to build muscle endurance doing isometric holds. I hope you enjoyed the video, and we out here with Thats Good Money. And remember what I said,
everything till failure, the holds as well as the push-ups. All right
man, make sure you subscribe to my man’s YouTube channel, follow him on Instagram,
check out his gear, link’s will be in the description box, you’re going to be seeing more from this brother soon, thanks a lot Islaam. – You all ready Good Money. All right.

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