How To Build A Bigger & Fuller Chest! (MORE UPPER CHEST ACTIVATION!)

How To Build A Bigger & Fuller Chest! (MORE UPPER CHEST ACTIVATION!)

What’s going on Nation? I’m Scott from and in today’s video I’m gonna share with you an advanced training technique to help you guys place a bit more emphasis on your upper chest if your upper Chest growth is lagging and if you try this technique in the gym, and it starts to work Make sure you come back and tap that like button and if it don’t work well I guess you guys can go subscribe to some other channel. Just kidding. It’s gonna work But before we get started make sure you tap that Subscribe button and obviously to make sure you don’t miss any future video uploads from me Make sure your notification settings are set from occasional to all. All right guys, so there’s a few different things I’m gonna explain here But then I move through it quite quickly so you can get right to training because that’s why you guys come to my channel I cut right through the BS and I get to the tips First things first. This is gonna be a superset of two different exercises I’m going to be incorporating principles of overloading and volume into this superset Which also means that because we’re doing a lot more work in this one set here We’re gonna be resting a bit longer to make up for that So normally I rest like sixty Seconds to ninety seconds in between my sets But because we’re doing a lot more work We’re gonna be resting about two to three minutes between sets. The first thing you have to know is we’re gonna be combining It’s not a flat bench press it’s a 20 percent incline bench with a full incline bench now the reason why we’re starting With the 20 percent is if you guys remember correctly from my video 67 percent faster chest growth By placing the plate underneath here What we’re doing is we’re raising the bench up just enough so that we’re not completely flat where we feel a lot more Triceps coming into the movement and we’re also not at a complete incline where we feel a bit more Shoulders coming to the movement in my opinion this places you at the optimal level to really activate the entire pectoralis major Now the pectoralis major is divided into two heads You have the sternal costal head and you have the clavicular head now with this workout It’s going to do is for the first exercise. You’re going to overload as heavy as you possibly can for 6 to 8 repetitions Basically trying to fatigue the entire pectoralis major. All right Any exercise that you do for chest is gonna activate both heads This is gonna place a lot of overload on both of them at the same time And then after we overload as heavy as we can We’re gonna attack the upper portion or place more emphasis on the upper portion of the chest with a lot of volume Doing some burn sets and I’ll go over that in one second So a lot of people I feel like have a hard time building muscle in their upper chest because when they do an incline The shoulders do tend to take over and if you have poor mind muscle connection And you’re not used to really feeling where you’re supposed to feel it when you do exercises Doing something that you’re already used to like a flat bench to get that overall activation is gonna improve your mind muscle connection So that when you move into the next exercise that area is already kind of lit up Your brain is already sending signals to those muscles to activate and you can take advantage of that in the next exercise To try to place a bit more emphasis on that upper portion So what its gonna look like is something like this you guys are gonna go as heavy as you possibly can All right, you’re gonna roll back I suggest using my trick if you didn’t watch my video on how to do my trick to pick up and dump heavy dumbbells Make sure you check it out But tuck those elbows in arch your back shoulders packed all the way down All the way up as heavy as you possibly can for 6 to 8 repetitions and if you don’t have anybody to spot you and you get stuck just turn your elbows in and Then dump and then as soon as you finish six to eight repetitions You’re gonna come over here And you’re gonna raise it up to an incline now depending on the bench that you use make sure it’s not Too much of an incline because if it looks like this you’re basically turning it into a shoulder press so make sure the incline Isn’t too high. Make sure it’s just right for chest And then what you’re gonna do is a burn set and a burn set is basically a glorified drop set that I invented way back in like 2009 for those of you guys who remember my original workouts and What you’re gonna do is drop the weight twice. All right. So now go as heavy as you can Roll back, and now that we’re doing incline, we’re still activating the entire pectoralis major We’re placing a bit more emphasis on the clavicular head or the upper portion of the chest All the way up all the way down Same form, but now we’re doing eight to ten repetitions What we’re doing is we’re putting more volume into the workout after we just got done Overloading as soon as you get 8 to 10 repetitions, you’re gonna drop the weight usually by like 15 to 20 pounds roll back Eight to ten reps all the way up all the way down and then you’re gonna drop the weight one more time for the final burn and at this point usually you have like 15s or 20s maybe sometimes even 10s if you’re really tired all the way up all the way down and then the pump at this point is gonna be absolutely Insane and that’s one set and then I want you guys to complete six to eight sets of this and then that is it For your chest workout and you have to understand you’re doing two exercises at once and then you’re also doing a burn set It’s a lot of volume there and that burn set alone You can do about 30 repetitions if you hit 10 every single time, okay? So in reality You’re doing more than eight sets because you’re combining two exercises and all the burns themselves If you want to get this chest workout a shot Incorporated into your week twice a week if you guys that have a lagging body part You have a train it multiple times a week to take advantage of multiple growth periods And again, it might seem like a simple workout to you because you’re only doing six to eight sets I guarantee if you do this twice a week You were gonna start to see results Also, keep in mind if you want to train a muscle a few times a week. You need to hit it just hard enough so that you can hit it again a few days later too many of you guys go to the gym and you absolutely annihilate your chest Let’s say on Monday to the point to where you can’t even touch it until a following week because you’re too sore You don’t want to be like that if you’re getting to that point in your workouts, I wouldn’t say it’s overtraining but you’re training too hard to the point where you can’t take advantage of the most important thing which is multiple growth periods throughout the week and Remember, it’s overall volume over time that’s gonna build muscle not just beating the hell out of it on one day So be sure to give this workout of try in your next chest day and then after you do it Comment below and let me know how you feel. Hope you guys have a great day And as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys. If you guys like my tip of placing the plate under the bench for a bit more chest activation Then you’re gonna love the entire 67% series and you can watch all the videos by clicking the playlist link over here They’re all tips that you can take and implement in your current workouts right now. Pretty much no matter what you’re doing So make sure you take a look And for those of you looking for a full 12 week programs to help take you to the next level Click the link below download my app and try any of my muscle building workout programs. I’ll see you there

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  1. You can't be afraid to try something new guys. If your chest has plateaued and is not growing, we need to introduce a new training stimulus in order to surpass that plateau. So for the next 4 weeks, I want you to make this superset your chest portion of your workouts TWO to maybe even THREE times a week (depending on fitness level).

    By upping your overall volume of chest training to at least twice a week and combining some overload and volume into one set you can take advantage of multiple growth periods as well as mechanical tension and metabolic stress effectively.

    Now remember, this shouldn't be your ENTIRE workout. This is just the chest portion. So if you're doing a PPL, Upper Lower, or 5 Day split, make sure you pair the other muscle groups accordingly.

    (1:30) – 67% Faster Chest Growth! ONE PERFECT EXERCISE

    (3:30)- BENCH: How To PICK UP & DUMP Heavy Dumbbells Safely! | NO SHOULDER PAIN!

    (4:20) – OG Chest Workout –
    Complete 6 – 8 SUPERSETS

    Rest 2 – 3 minutes between SUPERSETS
    (2:09)- Modified Bench Press: 6 – 8 REPS

    (4:23)- Incline DB Bench PRESS: 8 – 10 REPS PER BURN


  2. Can't wait to try it.. BTW i tryed your way of training "less exercises more sets" with main movements and i can see the huge transformation in my body so thank you alot for your content scott, the gains are back again💪🤘

  3. Hey Brother I personally love your physique ( not in homosexual way not that there is anything wrong in that) you have show us what is natural possible give me your blessings bro I trying to do body recomp

  4. Decline pushups on some sort of bars (for greater range of motion and the ability to use a degree of supination as well) gives a really good weighted stretch on the upper chest.

  5. Who else says “Before We Get STAAAHHHHTTTEDD!!!” At the same time as him?? 😂😂

    Btw scott i did ur arm workout yesterday and my arms r feelin sore but the pump was insaaane. I cant wait to STAAHT seein the GAIINZZZ

  6. Hello Scott,

    I hope that you are doing well.

    I am an old follower of your channel and i have been watching you for guidence and implementing most of your techniques, ever since back in the day when burn sets were the bomb.

    Since i came across recently to one of Doug Brignole's videos that describes, that there is not a practical way to target your upper chest in any means i was wondering, what is your opinion on that, since i find it quite interesting myself how he explains the overall mechanics of the human body.

    Again you can refer to the following video that describes this matter for further review if you like:

    Thank you for going through my submission and I am looking forward to hearing back from you!


  7. Yes I have always suffered from this problem , I train chest and it becomes completely dead along with my triceps and shoulders and I can only train back and legs and can't touch either my tris or shoulders or chest until a whole week has passed

  8. The modified bench press tip from the 67% growth video is by far the best tip I’ve heard for dumbbell bench presses. Easier on the shoulders and great chest activation!

  9. Scott I agree fully with you with training frequency and capitalizing on multiple growth periods. I've started to split volume lately and I've been getting great results. One question tho, I dont really have a lagging upper chest but my flat dumbell press is weak and usually when I pinch my shoulders back and press I get alot of tension in my traps and or triceps. Do I just need to practice the movement more and are drop sets useful in my scenario?

  10. And you invented the burn set means the drop set …🤣🤣🤣
    But i like most of ir vedios..except ur neck popping out

  11. I'm confused, why is it called "MODIFIED bench press"? I'm not an expert but to me it looks like regular dumbbell bench press. God bless you .

  12. I hate you Scott. I hate your channel. I hate your stupid muscles. I hate your little dog…..god I envy you. I'm pathetic. Please like my comment. Please! It's all I have in this world

  13. I’m definitely going to try this chest workout instead of my current one! Monday’s and fridays, fridays I do shoulders and arms, do you think it would be okay to do it with shoulders and arms or would you suggest to do it on leg day instead? Thanks Scott!

  14. First of all i want to thank you for the awesome content you keep pumping out! Thank you for that! I think you look amazing however one thing that i noticed is that your abs dont look like they did in the past, for example check your abs in „2 Reasons why your Biceps wont grow“ and then compare them to now. What happened? Back then they looked really compact compared to how they look now. Dont get me wrong, they still look good but i think they looked more aesthetically pleasing back then. Did you change your ab workouts? Im just curious because im trying to achieve your „compact abs form“ 😄 Best regards from germany ✌️

  15. After the 6-8 sets , is it a good idea to add 3x sets of standard cable flys for 12x reps (dropset in the third set) and repeat on day 2 of chest?

  16. You've really been posting all these videos literally as I finish doing the day. Just did chest and triceps. Earlier did back and biceps when you dropped the arm workout video.

    You're killing my gains, Scott.

    Keep these videos coming though, I started your 5 day bodybuilding split routine a bit ago and the burns really, really burn.

  17. Scott, I don't have a spotter. So what do you think of bench pressing on a smith machine in order to get some heavy lifting in for the chest?

  18. If one day our technologies come to a point where people could morph their whole body to other particular body, it will be easy to identify the original Scott. His Vein and "Before We Get Staaaaaahted".

  19. I've done that technique to get the dumbells up for a dumbell bench press for years but I always struggle to do it when the bench is at 30°, end up having to half press it up which runs my reps. Is it that much harder to do when on an incline or am I missing something

  20. I thought a drop set was continually dropping the weight until you have no more weight to drop, pushing reps to failure each drop? Cause that’s what I do

  21. You got be from Boston with that accent 💪🏽 I been doing for while definitely gets you a nice pump started to see results after a month nice!

  22. You mention the mind muscle connection so often, but how is this useful? I mean in everyday life, you want to be good at movements, not just activating certain muscles; besides, I'm questioning what's so good or desirable about building muscle as the main goal, and I haven't got an answer yet. Sure, it may look good to some, to which I count myself, yet if that's the sole purpose of it, then people might want to spend their time doing something more meaningful. You could say that everyone has their own goals and morals, etc. Why do you critique others so harshly then? I remember how you said in a vid, that being able to throw a ball very far isn't that cool, or something like that, or that we should decide, whether we want to build muscle or try to impress dudes with how much we can lift. What are your thoughts on this philosophical question?

  23. You know, in my definition a drop set can consist of as many drops as possible. The drops have to be just big enough that you can pump out some reps.

  24. Looking fantastic brother! And great video my man! Can you make one to focus the outside and lower chest???? 😀

    Also, that last bit of info, with training a lagging muscle twice a week with only a couple sets/exercises, is a great piece of advice. I had to do that with my traps and now they are prolly one of my better features.

  25. One thing I respect about this guy is that he is truly a natural bodybuilder. If you look at some of his videos from years ago you can tell he had slow and steady muscle gains. Which is what happens when you do not use roids. Every muscle he has is a result of years of hard work and having a good clean diet. You can definitely respect this!

  26. Db presses don’t uses triceps too much though – if you look at the biomechanics, bi and tri will help stabilizing together, and therefor not too active

  27. Hey Scott, my wrists can’t bend full range backwards, I get to about 45° before my fingers start to curl and it burns down my forearm. Any help??????

  28. Scott, great video as always! Those shorts though, no. If yes, draw strings out. Those don’t flatter your figure at all. Thanks again for a great video! (#longtimesubscriber) Yes, I remember the drop sets. The worked like a charm!

  29. 2 sets in and my chest is on fire.

    80lbs modified dumbell press 8 reps
    50 lbs dumbell incline press 10r eps
    Then drop to 40lbs
    The drop to 30lbs for another 10 reps…

    2-3 minutes of crying I mean rest.

  30. So you do the modified heavy as possible, 6 sets, and the inclinded burners, 6 set, alternating? and do chest twice a week? Lol idk if i can do that

  31. Awesome workout!! it works 100%, in 3 weeks I started too see serious gains, my upper chest has grown so fast I can't even believe it 😄

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