How To: Barbell Decline Bench Press

How To: Barbell Decline Bench Press

What’s going on nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a decline bench press First thing you want to do is you want to set up your pegs And your weight to a weight that you can do and make the pegs just high enough so you can get the bar off of Them when you lay down And you’re going to lay down like this Take your middle finger or your pointer finger and put it on the lines on the bar And then what you can do from here is you’re going to lift the bar off the pegs and You have to bring it over your body. Most people aren’t used to bringing the bar over their body So they keep it really high like this and when they come down They put a lot of touch around their shoulders and they end up hitting the pegs of the way up Okay, what you want to do is bring that bar over your chest like this What I like to do is pick a spot on the ceiling and aim for that every time Keep your wrist straight and they bring the bar down And you’ll see it’s hitting pretty much like the lower part of my chest closer to the nipple area And then make sure you push straight up And you aim for that spot on the ceiling that you picked out so you don’t push through your shoulders, Okay come down Breathe out on the way up Down, wrist straight breathe out on the way up one more down breathe on the way up And that’s how you do a decline bench press for more great information Please feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. Exercises work muscle groups as a whole, this whole sub-section myth is one of the worst along with spot fat removal.

    Studying sports science at the university of Glasgow helps but really a basic knowledge of biology will teach you this.

  2. so i can just do normal bench presses and pushups etc and get a chest like everyone else without doing different exercises which i think may work out my pecs minor & major?

  3. The shape of your chest is determined by genetics: some people have chest gaps, some don't, some people have symmetrical pecs, some don't.

    But yes, you can do whatever chest exercises you want but don't do certain exercises with the mindset of "I'm doing this to target this sub-section of muscle".

  4. pppppppsssssssshhhhhhhhhhh… another rep pppsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh another rep… pppssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh… lol

  5. dude…I can do that kinda benching in my sleep…dreaming about eating cheetoes sitting on a sofa. skills…

  6. You're idea is somewhat right and somewhat wrong. Workouts as a whole work different muscle groups together; however certain workouts such as a decline bench press target a main muscle group and "work it out more" than others. For example an incline bench press will work out your chest, triceps, biceps and shoulders. However its main target muscle is your upper pecs. Decline will work out the same muscle groups but it mainly targets your lower pecs. Genetics are the most important thing though.

  7. So my bench weight is 100, I plan on doing 3 sets of 8, should I do 1 set on an incline bench, 1 set on a decline bench and the last set on an incline?

  8. It really depends on what you want to hit more. If you need more work on upper chest, then do more incline sets. If you want to focus on lower chest, then the decline. If you want the honest truth all types of bench pressing hit all of the chest anyway, so if you aren't really lacking in either upper or lower chest development, you may as well just stick to normal flat bench press. But that's just my opinion I hope it's some help.

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  14. one major thing these instructional videos never show is what to do if you fail and you don't have a spotter.

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  24. I have a question what happens if i only do declined bench press? And not inclined. Will i have an uneven chest?

  25. if training alone  use either dumbbells or smith machine with pegs set to catch bar,or you will end up on here on gym fails

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  27. So I put 50 lbs on each side for the normal bench press. I've never done declining before. So what do I need to keep in mind? What weight should I use? I'm going to have a spotter of course.

  28. Thats the problem i have with decline. i know you have to bring the barbell to the lower part of your chest but my coach says that you should bring it to your upper chest

  29. Hey Scott. I tried the decline barbell press without a spotter and have been stuck under the bar for three days. Any suggestions on how I could get help? I'm hungry and need to go to the bathroom very badly.

  30. I know you know what you are doing… but demoing this without a spotter is dangerous to anyone watching who doesn't know what they are doing and thinks they can be a badass without a spotter.


  32. Hi,my bench only declines really steeply so my head starts to slide off toward s the floor,do I need a new bench?

  33. could u please make a video in detail as to starting position, grip position, body position along with the barbel and common mistakes?
    thank you Scott

  34. No mention of the angle of the bench… Is THAT the 'decline' bit? I was thinking, "i used to just call that bench pressing", until i noticed the angle when you sat up..

  35. Currently doing decline bench. I have no problem pushing the weight I have set up. I just think my form isn't grade A 100%.

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