Home HIIT Leg Workout (Follow Along)

Home HIIT Leg Workout (Follow Along)

100 thoughts on “Home HIIT Leg Workout (Follow Along)

  1. Ok let's get this workout:
    Each excerscise 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

    1) Broad Jumps

    2) Switch lunges

    3) Jump Sqauts
    Take your time if u feel like it, if you are not used to this type of trying you could get injoured.
    4) Box jumps

    5) High knee taps

    6) Butt Kicks

    7) Toe taps

    Try to lower down the rest time between excerscises. Although you want to stay save espicially with box jumps. Make sure you stay safe 👊😛

  2. I missed this girl! Guys Magga is actually really talented…. like dayum look at that body and she’s freaking beautiful! Definitely check her out!

  3. Hi Chris, could you please do a video on a routine that intermediate athletes can do and after a few weeks/months of doing the routine, people'll be able to perform a muscle up!?

  4. So there are sympathic women on Chris team (not like that other android like girl). You can see that she enjoys it and has fun.
    Nice workout.

  5. 1)Broad jump (0:39)
    2)Switching lunges (1:36)
    3)Jump squats (2:40)
    4)Box jump (3:44)
    5)High knee taps (4:37)
    6)Butt kicks (5:33)
    7)Toe taps (6:25)

    Do each exercise for 45 seconds

    Rest 15 seconds between exercise

  6. Quite nice hiit leg session but, she is just not going in a 100% on it. When you go really deep and jump as high as you can on all those jumps this session gets on a whole different level. I promise you wouldn’t be able to talk clearly within 15s rest during the first three exercises.

  7. Does anyone have any advice on warm-up exercises before starting the workout? Am quite new to all of this and willing to learn, thanks in advance!

  8. I’m new in youtube. I want to show you guys techniques that can help your body be more flexible. I have a lot more things I can do.Follow to my channel and I will always follow back. Thank you so much❤️.

  9. Missing the tutorials bro, like the old school ThenX vids in the old studio! Let's get some tutorials in here sir 🔥

  10. After doing a ab workout should you eat anything specific ui usually have milk and cheese for the protein is that food or no?

  11. this is the perfect workout, thank you sooo much! Your body is looking so amazing btw! I'm a fairly small youtuber as well and on my fitness journey! If you ever get the chance, I would looove if you checked out one of my videos if you have time! 😘

  12. You need to make a video because I have been doing the workout that the videos show me doing twice of what it says and I have been eating healthy and doing all of this for 3 months and I still weigh the same look the same

  13. I hate 🇨🇴, women are beautiful. I have two friends from this country. These girls dance a lot and this is terrific. I cannot jump because I always work in silence. I need a silent workout. I can do handstands push-ups, sit-ups, a kind of slow muscleup or dip with two chairs in my office.

  14. Chris – I’m at 11% body fat and wanna lose more bottom belly fat? And eventually wanna see my abs

    What would you suggest I do now to see the results I want?

    Please – would appreciate your advice !!


    You’re incredible

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