Home Full Body Workout (Follow Along) | 2018

Home Full Body Workout (Follow Along) | 2018

100 thoughts on “Home Full Body Workout (Follow Along) | 2018

  1. I have muscle imbalance in my arms and shoulders and I was wondering if you guys could please do a video on how to even it out 😊

  2. Oye cuando uno está colgado en la barra y hace levantamientos de rodillas ,uno está completamente colgado de la barra en (dead hang) o está aplicando un poco de retracción escapular????

  3. Please please do a tattoo showcase video i think your tattoos are amazing and i’d love to hear the meaning behind them and see them all properly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Great workout! I loved following along with her. It was fun to have a female workout that was focussed on strength rather than getting skinny

  5. I started to excercise some time ago. I do this workout everyday. Fucked me up a lot in the beginning! So happy that im progressing and the excercises get easier from day to day. Big thanks to the thenx team you are awesome!

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