Hey what’s up everyone welcome back to
my channel and in today’s video we’re going to be doing a push up workout to
build your chest and your triceps and probably your arms too – all of the muscles up in there, and we’re going to get started right now All right guys so the first exercise that we have in this workout are 10 push ups now when you do your push ups
you want to make sure that you’re using the right technique and specifically targeting the chest so when you go down you want to squeeze the pectoral muscles Aight – you’ll feel it by the time we’re done Aight – Next we got 10 diamond push ups, diamond push ups like that You want to target your triceps and your chest Aight – Next we got 10 wide push ups so wider push ups are going to be slightly harder but you got that cause you know you’re… STRONG 💪 Aight guys so after that you’re going to take a 30 second rest Aight so after our rest you want to do 10 tricep extensions and they look like this we’re going to do them right now Aight so next we got 10 Pike push – aight you’re going to feel it a lot in your
shoulders this is a great exercise if you want to build up to that handstand so if you want to build up your handstand do these 😂 Aight – and after that you want to take a 30 second rest Aight – so after your rest you want to do 10 Shoulder Tap Push Ups – Let’s get it 💪 Aight – I’m kind of feeling it a
little bit if you’re not feeling it that means two things one you’re either
really strong or two you’re just sitting there watching the video all right so
you need to get up start working all right so after those 10 we’re gonna do
10 normal push ups Aight after that you want to take a 20 second rest you’re
gonna need some um… WATER all right after you rest you want to get
in 10 explosive push ups all right that’s the last exercise we got in this
workout so if you can do these – you solid Aight that’s it for this workout if
you enjoy what you saw I know you did cause um… That’s how I feel if you enjoyed this video go down
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other workouts that you want to do and if you didn’t see that how to get a six
pack video I’m gonna put it somewhere up here in these corners I think it’s that
alright I hope you enjoyed the workout and thanks


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