HIIT For Fat Loss | Lose Weight and Build Muscle

HIIT For Fat Loss | Lose Weight and Build Muscle

I’m about to uncover the most effective workout
for burning fat you will not want to miss this. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from nuvisionexcel.com. If you’re new to the channel then it’s a pleasure. Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification
if you want to excel your health and your life and you’re going to be well on your way. In this video we’re talking about high intensity
interval training for fat loss. It’s such an effective exercise when it comes
to both losing weight but also preserving muscle growth and I’m going to go into the
science of it. But first let me tell you what high-intensity
interval training is. First of all, it’s something that I have used
in my exercise routine for five plus years ever since the science became very clear that
how effective it is. I started utilizing it right away. Now what high-intensity interval training
is. It’s simply a workout that is done at a
very intense level in a short duration of time. So versus steady-state cardio where you would
go and workout or run for 40 minutes at 50 to 70 percent of maximum heart rate, high-intensity
interval training training will be done in 20 to 25 minutes in a very short duration
of time but at 85 to a hundred percent maximum heart rate. So it’s going to be very intense. It’s designed to be intense within a short
duration and I really love it because it’s very efficient when it comes to time. When you look at exercise some people say
they don’t have the time to do it. Anybody has 20 minutes to exercise on a regular basis
and once we go over the benefits of it you’ll want to do it anyway. And so when I do high-intensity interval training
what I like to do is I like to do it in a sprint fashion. So what this means for me is getting on the
treadmill. I’ll turn the treadmill up to about 12, on
some days I’ll put some incline in there, some days I won’t, it really just depends
on how I’m feeling. I’ll increase the speed of the treadmill
to 12 and then I’ll jump on there and I’ll sprint for 30 seconds on and then i’ll take
a 30-second break and then I’ll sprint for 30 seconds and then I’ll take a 30-second
break and I’ll continue to do these intervals of sprint’s for about 20 to 25 minutes. At the end of this I can tell you that I have
complete exhaustion. So it’s a really great workout. Let’s go ahead and jump into why it works
so well. So the first reason is because during the
exercise you burn stored sugar. So you burn through your glycogen stores. So with steady-state long-term cardio what
that means is a 40-minute run instead of burning sugar for energy you’ll burn fat for energy
during that workout. But when you’re doing high-intensity interval
training you’re going to burn through your glycogen storage you’re going to burn through
your stored sugar. And what this means for you is that because
you burn your stored sugar during the exercise you’re actually going to burn fat for 24 to
48 hours post exercise. Now the reason that you burn sugar during
the exercise, you burn the stored glycogen is simply because it’s like a survival mechanism
of the body. So, when you’re in this fight-or-flight survival
mechanism the body needs quick energy. Because you’re doing this exercise at an intense
level, the body says I need energy and I need it now. So what does the body do the body goes to
sugar it goes to glycogen stores and it burns that for energy during the workout. And as I said, the great thing is, is that
you burn through those glycogen stores, those sugar stores, then from there you’re going
to burn fat for the next 24 to 48 hours. And now that is a solution for fat loss. The next big reason it works so effectively
for just preserving good health preserving good muscle mass but also burning fat is because
it increases your growth hormone levels. The reason it works so well is because you’re
burning sugar and because the workout is very intense the body’s going to raise growth hormone
levels. And the reason it does this is not only for
repair purposes of the body but also in order to help replenish those energy stores in the
body. So when you have raised anabolic hormones
like growth hormone and testosterone you’re going to burn more fat because the body needs
to turn that fat back into energy. Then you’re going to be burning that fat for
the next 24 to 48 hours as it raises anabolic hormones like growth hormone and testosterone. Now the reason that growth hormone is so effective
and really awesome to have raised in your body because it has many benefits. It has a muscle building benefit to it, it
has a bone building benefit to it, it has an anti-aging benefit to it, a fat burning benefit. You see all these different actors and these
people in Hollywood that are getting growth hormone treatments in order to actually feel
better and look younger and build muscle at an older age. No matter what age you are growth hormone
is going to benefit you in a great way. So doing high-intensity interval training
has been scientifically proven to boost those growth hormone levels. So the next reason that high intensity interval
training is so effective for fat loss is because it increases the excess post-exercise oxygen
consumption. So when you’re doing this exercise and working
out very intensively then your body creates this oxygen debt and this debt has to be repaid. So over the next 24 hours and post-workout,
essentially what happens is your body is going to have to oxidize fat for energy in order
to replenish this oxygen debt which is owed. During this time essentially what’s going
to happen is you are going to turn your body into a fat-burning machine as this debt is
being repaid. Now the next thing that happens and it works
very effectively is doing high-intensity interval training will help keep your cortisol levels
low compared to doing long term steady-state cardiovascular exercise. So what this essentially means is people who
are marathon runners, people who are training for races that require them to run long distances,
you know athletes. Essentially what happens is because of this
intense training in its long duration essentially the cortisol levels get boosted and boosted
consistently so any athlete who’s truly trying to take care of themselves and who is running
a lot of distance is going to always be concerned with trying to keep their cortisol levels
lower. Now when you have high cortisol levels in
the body, you’re going to have more inflammation in the body, you’re also going to not be able
to burn fat as well. Cortisol will have a catabolic breaking down
effect on the body. It’s okay in short duration in short-term
but when it becomes chronic it becomes an issue. So long-term steady-state cardio doing it
on a regular basis is going to boost those cortisol levels. However, doing high-intensity interval training
is going to just boost them gently but not do it in a chronic way. So that’s why high-intensity interval training
is better off than a lot of long-term steady-state cardiovascular exercise because it’s going
to keep that cortisol low. Now high-intensity interval training is a
form of exercise I like to do on a weekly basis. You know because I actually compete in races that require
me to run long distances I still get some of that in but I love the benefit of high-intensity
interval training. It allows me to also to burn fat but also
maintain muscle mass as well, because I like to lift weights as well. Because I try to do all the different forms
of workouts high-intensity interval training is one of the ones that really fits the model
of not only the physique that I’m trying to build but also the athletic performance that
I’m trying to build as well. So, the last thing I want to mention here
is be sure to check out my other videos on fat loss. I have some super powerful videos
that help you lose weight. Now the other thing is be sure to give this
video a thumbs up I’d greatly appreciate it. Post any questions that you have in the comments
section below, even other video recommendations, I’d appreciate that as well and then until
next time folks make it a great day.

86 thoughts on “HIIT For Fat Loss | Lose Weight and Build Muscle

  1. This is so important as we age. So many middle age people underestimate how important this is. Thanks for this info. I need to practice what I preach more. 👍🏻

  2. There are a lot of myths surrounding fat loss. This dispells some of of them and gives you a road map for real weight loss.

  3. Great content!!! All of your videos are so inspiring !!! Makes me want to live a healthier life !!!

  4. Great video! I currently do a steady cardio 5k jog daily for about 45 minutes 7 days a week. How often per week do you recommend l instead use the HIIT training program you mention (25 minutes of 30 on/30 off @ 10-12/mph)?

  5. I do Hiit workouts and I am finally seeing results. My diet is the hardest thing to adjust. Being Of Haitian desert in my house means l cook rice everyday or else every other day. I haven’t had rice in 2 weeks and l do notice a difference. I’m able to fit dresses l haven’t been able to wear or zip. I’m losing more inches at this time than weight, but l am going to stick to it. I will change my diet and I will win💓🙏🏽

  6. Going to try the 30:30 workout just outside instead of on a treadmill.

  7. I wanted to try 30 sec walk/30sec wait up a steep hill this afternoon.The important thing is that your pulse go up your thoughts on this idea?

  8. I just got back from the hiit its a great method the 30:30 i managed 25 minutes the first time! Really is for everyone.

  9. https://youtu.be/rTdEgDrHBzE my first impression I have lost 14 kg the last 2 months thx to walking ans intermittent fasting for a week ( 2 days no food for 24 h) the rest 16h fasting. Just added the 30:30 I recommend it. My opinion is unbiased and I do not work for this channel.

  10. What is your view on BMI? Is it scientifically supported according to it i need to lose 25 more kg:s. It was kind of discouraging but i thought maybe its good to see where you are supposed to be according to it and then take it with a grain of salt since its how you feel that matters.

  11. Hey Dr. Nick found your channel today. Just ordered your Heal Yourself Cook Book. Can you do this Hiit on an exercise bike and should a beginner work up to 25mins at 30/30? Thanks.

  12. Hello dr. Nick how many times do I need to exercise(HIIT) every week? I am 70 kg and diagnose of PCOS do I need to make it everyday? Thank you for the info I am watching all your videos it help me a lot! God bless

  13. I hve a questiom pls answer thanks in advance!
    I do Hiit Cardio by Fitness Blender for atleast 25-30mins. at 5am, And i fast from 6pm-10am. I ate 2 meals lunch & dinner and 2 snacks (Breads&Nuts) from 10am-6pm. should i change my routine?wt do u think? Thanks!

  14. But I weight 280lbs and I'm 55 years old…already lost 20 lbs doing keto over the past 3 weeks…I prefer moderate paced rowing on my Concept 2 Rower for 30m -60 minutes…I think that's safer for me, right?

  15. Hi Nick, how does the body remove the toxic heavy metals in the body fat whilst burning the fat?

  16. Dr Berg says to do hiit for 30 seconds then wait till your heart rate returns to its resting rate before starting the next set. 8 sets. This is supposed to train your parasympathetic nervous system to lower HR quicker over time. Thoughts?

  17. I do my HIIT on the heavy punch bag. 10 X 2 minute rounds with 40-second rest between rounds. I hit the bag after my weight training workouts. I also now do the 16/8 intermittent fasting. Im getting superb results.

  18. My fitness level is mediocre. I’m 50 y.o. Male 5’10”, 180lbs, approx 22.7PBF, BMI 25.5. I got my BMI and PBF from my weight watchers brand bathroom scale but they correlate closely with an InBody scan I had done in April just about 3 months ago. Iv lost 45 lbs in the last seven months down from 225. I was going to the gym but replaced it with 60 min walks because I’m eating in a caloric deficit. This morning I tried hiit as described in the video but could only do 6 sets of 30 seconds with 30 second rest by then my heart rate was over 120 and not really coming down much after the 30 seconds of rest so extended to 1 min rest to get through 10 sets. Should I set a maximum heart rate? I’m really looking to boost HGH and T.

  19. Thanks for all your responses, very helpful. Can I just add that your website in the description is not an active link for some reason.

  20. I do IF on 16-8 feeding window, starting at 1pm till 9pm, but I can only train around 6pm. I do weight lifting 2 x week. What is the best way to incorporate HIIT and weight lifting during the week to have the best effects of IF. Thanks.

  21. Thanks for the info. I started Keto 1/1/18 and list 42lbs so far. Added IF about a month ago, and finally started exercising 2 weeks ago. Question: Does dancing count as HIIT? It fits the description and definitely wears me out. I love Zumba. Just asking… Thanks.

  22. Dr. Nick, do you have any suggestions for HIIT when you have a foot injury? Right now I can't even really walk for more than a few minutes. The issue is with the ball of my foot so I can stand ok for considerable periods, just not walk or run. I was thinking I would need to do some type of weight circuit, but not sure if this would suffice. Thank you in advance.

  23. I use a heart rate monitor to make sure that I'm really doing high intensity. I frequently get to 100% of max HR and have learned through experience what speed that is on the treadmill. I've never been above 10 which is an all out spring for me but we are all different and treadmills differ widely. I then walk until my HR gets back to about 60% of max before I start the next sprint. I start the sprints at a slower speed so as to not shock the body and increase speed about 0.5 mph every sprint. I also walk around slowly post workout for about 10 mins.

  24. Hi,I am medicine student and I am trying to do ketogenic diet.I am very confused about exercising on keto because I think,when l do HIIT exercises yes l can get into ketosis fast but in ketosis,my glycogen stores will be empty so which energy source l will burn while l am doing HIIT exercise

  25. Appriciated for this informations but what i wanna know is that our MUSCLE glycogen levels deplete when we don't activate them for example when we are sleeping?

  26. How can i lose belly fat after 3 kids cus i Am finding it so difficult to slim down the belly. I do IF and keto and lost weight But not tummy.

  27. Always always always use at least 1% incline. Treadmill movement on the flat with the motor pushing on you is not good. You need at least 1% incline to make up for the impact of the motor.

  28. Hello Dr.
    I just started 16 hrs fasting.Diet has been a struggle.
    I tried keto for a month, no progress.
    Currently doing HIIT class 3x wk, 1 day a wk with pt (lifting) and one day of yoga.
    And still not seeing results…. can’t seem to get rid of the stubborn belly fat!My weight is not the problem (118)
    Very discouraging!!Should I do more cardio? Been watching most of your videos on keto and thinking of giving it another go.

  29. 20 to 25 minutes how many times a week? Can you speak more to recovery time and scheduling against other exercise?

    Can you also speak to what constitutes high intensity at different stages of fitness?

  30. Dr. Nick what is the upper limit for HIIT? I start my warm-up at 12 km/h and stop at 20 km/h for 30 sec intervals and 1 minute of walks. A few times, I went to 22 km/h because I like to challenge my limits. My HR reaches 170 -175 BPM and I am 46 years old and very fit with ~12% BF.

  31. Thanks Nick. I do not have a treadmill but do have an elyptical. If I put it on max resistance and do the 30 on 30 off would it be the same? Thanks!

  32. This is the best video on HIIT. I just wish I could get myself going to start the program. I have a treadmill at home in my office. I have no excuse not to start
    but every time I think I'm going to start, I feel so tired and I just don't start. I've done it before and I know it works. This guy is good – will watch his other videos.
    Nick, if you have any other recommendations, would appreciate them.

  33. Tabatas are a superb HIIT workout- work full blast for 20 sec., rest for 10. Repeat 8x for a total of 4 min. You can do multiple body weight exercises, kettlebell exercises, cardio exercises, etc. Not exactly for beginners, however, you burn fat, build muscle, increase HGH and endurance, AND if you're doing a type of intermittent fasting also, oh boy it's game on. # Beast Feast Fast.

  34. i thought that with HIIT, you can go slower for a little while, and then sprint not an all out stop after the sprint. I've always done it like that, am I wrong.

  35. Hi Dr. Is there any age restriction to do HIIT? Im 41 years old female with 11mm gall stone. .. if I do HIIT, will the stone travel and block the cystic tube? And my husband is 48 years old with BP and cholesterol. .. kindly advise whether we both can do HIIT and intermittent fasting

  36. Great video. I am 68 and exercise a lot, but don't do any kind of high intensity exercise. I wonder if a spinning class does the same thing as this video suggests?

  37. Sorry Dr., but you're not doing HIIT in the most efficient way. HIIT training MUST be at a person's Maximum Intensity. That is what gives you the most benefit. Even though you are running at 12 MPH, I can tell you're not going all out. That is why you are able to do "HIIT" for 25 minutes. There are different forms of HIIT, some are for 20 seconds, 30 seconds, some are for 12 seconds; and then you rest. The rest can be HALF of the time you spent exercising or it can be double. Some even recommend you rest until your back to your resting heart rate. BUT, whatever the time length of the exercise and the rest period (these 2 together constitute 1 set of HIIT training), there is no question that the exercise must be done at MAXIMUM CAPACITY!!! Period!!! When HIIT is done correctly, even a healthy, fit athlete can only do a max of 4 sets! If you can do more, you didn't go to max capacity. Your average HIIT workout can be done in 7 to 12 min depending on method, so the fact you can go 15 minutes means you're not going all out.

  38. Thanks for the information, is priceless, some times we the humans tend to work out without having a clear idea of what we are looking for. This video is definitely an A++ video. Thank you so much for your time and your dedication.

  39. Not everyone can do HIIT. So how do i pace myself my body to gradually come up to perform HIIT? At present o can only walk 30 mins at 5kmph.

  40. Great info, no doubts. Unfortunately, these docs rarely answer your questions. They just want you to visit their channel and click around so it gets promoted in a Google Search. Also, they would want you to buy their acclaimed super duper products that allegedly fix your health problems IF you abide by their advice. If that doesn't work, it is your fault…sorry, but that is reality of most similar characters on YouTube…. if what is proposed works for you, good job ….if not, consult your doctor….

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