Height and Weight lifting in tamil | Can Weight Training Stunt Growth | Tamil

Height and Weight lifting in tamil | Can Weight Training Stunt Growth | Tamil

lets talk about a confusion in fitness or lets call it a ‘myth’ will your height reduce if u do weight training? lets see what they say in scientific basis please do not skip the video or else you might not understand so what sthe relation between height and weight training spine is the important factor in your height so when you put weights over the head like barbell presses you may compress your spine due to pressure thats why all these talks are there if you take normal sports activities stress involved in those also causes your spine to stress your body will not know about
the difference between the stress by these
activities or weight training so if this is true all sports persons will be short so thats a wrong information and a myth if you take arnold schwarzenegger 7 times mr.olympia winner when he was 20 he was the youngest bodybuilder to win mr.universe he started liifting weights during his teenage so if it was trrue arnold would not have had a good height another bodybuilder to mention is Lou Ferrigno and also NBA players will be having good height when you see all these
stats you can know that weight training does
not stunt your growth so basically weight training is safe but you have to note an important word here ‘SAFE’ thats the important word here in our bones, there is an end called ‘growth or epiphyseal plate’ which has growth potential its because of this part only our bones starts to grow so when you put weight overhead there may be damage to this growth plates and thats many people’s concern thats why these 2 are related mainly during your early or middle teenage time heavy weight training may cause your spine to compress so growth plates might be damaged height totally depend upon your genetics depends on parents or your parent’s relatives height so you will only reach your destined height no matter what you do so thge correct question here is will I be able to reach my maximum height potential if I do weight training ? NOT if you safely train all workouts giving spine
compression should not be done overweight
for growing teenagers for 13 years do only bodyweight workouts dont use much weights in 13 years of age then when you reach 14 to 16 years you can start with weight training do light weights with high repetitions choose weight than you can handle for 12 – 15 reps…dont put overweight after 16 years of age you can do normal weight training with a certified professional trainers’s guidance so that you avoid any possible injuries so if you want to be safe you can follow this here we are training muscles using weights for muscles to gain strength, endurance and increase growth potential so this is not weight lifting..this is weight training powerlifting/weight lifting is different..Its done with heavy weights so avoid heavy weights overhead in growing teenagers will help especially in case of boys, when you reach 18 years you will reach your maximum height and will no grow after maybe even before 18 years so there is no relation between workout and your final height other concern is that will I reduce my height after I had grown basically its all senseless nobody can reduce from a full grown height so don’t worry about that and also there is no proper study relating weight training to stunt growth but due to safety concerns I am telling all these precautions this is basically the relation between height and weight training according to me…

44 thoughts on “Height and Weight lifting in tamil | Can Weight Training Stunt Growth | Tamil

  1. Bro but some people says that boys can grow up to 21age. Is that possible by doing proper workouts like skipping and stretch exercises we can grow our height ????

  2. Anna enaku romba naalave India doubt irundathu neenga clear pannitinga tq enaku opportunity 15 age na shoulder exercise pannalama

  3. Bro na already 6+ height iruken
    Fullups,skipping panna height increase aiduma, heighta stop pannanuna enna pannanu

  4. Bro I'm 17 years old and I'm 5'1 i think its too short but i grow than my dad i wish to improve my height more . I want to know that's possible or not. If i try i will grow ? please tell about it bro… thanks

  5. hi bro
    at now my age is 21 of weight 52 and iam 156cm height
    I started workouts as past 1month
    now aim ready to go for squard class.
    is this class makes my growth to get shorter.

  6. Hellow brother,cn u talk about important about lifting belt,so mny guy lifting weight without belt.. So they cn be effect on future… So hope your video ill be helpfull

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