Hawaii Coast to Coast Step (Quick Workout) HIIT Interval Step

Hawaii Coast to Coast Step (Quick Workout) HIIT Interval Step

Hi welcome to your workout in Hawaii
today we’re gonna do an interval step workout if you don’t have a bench you
can do this all on the floor that works just as well turn side get you warmed up
knees corner corner good job now while we’re warming up I’m gonna
tell you how this works today we’re gonna do about 30 seconds of hard moves
and then 60 seconds where we do active recovery so we keep it moving
okay good so now you know the pattern we’re gonna get you warmed up everybody
hams corner corner now remember on those 30 seconds where we hit it hard if
you’re not wanting to do anything that has high impact you can keep a low
impact just work with your body see how you feel some days you might want to
kick it up a little bit some days maybe not that’s okay four more ham curls – 2
more everybody kick corner corner good this is just a nice simple warm-up to
get those muscles warm help prevent injury right good keep kicking
keep kicking nice job now oh this is gonna be fun
today I’m excited when I say hard moves, two more kicks you’re gonna give me leg back corner corner when I say hard moves I don’t mean difficult all the moves are very simple
by hard I mean you can punch up the intensity
okay good let’s keep it here eight more seven
oh hey is your heart rate coming up a little bit good
then you’re right with me two more everybody side leg corner corner looking
good feeling good yeah I’m so happy you’re here with me today
we’re gonna do some good some good for you
okay everybody how about tap on the bench corner to corner right here pick it up
good good now this is how it works we’re gonna go right into this everybody so
the first move is a jump shot corner to corner so right now we’re tapping right
you can keep it here but if you’re ready we’re ready to kick it up jump shot
right here you’ve got thirty seconds of this right if you don’t want to jump you
can always keep those heels on the bench but make bigger arms if you like we got
eight more eight good how you feeling this is our first segment I’m sure
you’re doing great are you feeling strong two more
everybody tap corner corner oh yeah looking good okay so we have about 60
seconds of active recovery then we’re gonna go to the next move yeah does that
sound good so just make your move strong even though we’re doing recovery
you’re gonna like the 60 second recovery when we’re getting towards the end we’re
gonna work hard today so we have about thirty more seconds of this active
recovery okay I want you to listen for a minute we’re gonna get prepared you’re
gonna go ahead in two more everybody march on the floor turn to the side
I want you to step up on top of the bench and March
okay first set of side lunge tapping front and back for this section
coming up you ready side tap lunge here we go
remember 30 seconds make it big or smaller if you need to good how you doing are
you punching it up bigger arms if you like you got one more set on this side
good my nice job whoo feeling good heart rate should be coming up tap it front
back good four three two March on top March turn carefully step off your bench
walk it out good now listen tap and switch Legs now you’re marching left right
right yes I want you to tap corner corner here we’re just gonna do active recovery
so I’m keeping you moving even though we’re not punching it high now you know
the move we got to do side tap lunges facing this direction so we’ve got just a few more taps here nice job everybody how are you feeling judge and see how you feel to decide if you want to punch it or not everybody listen March on
top of the bench March turn, you’re marching strong remember side tap lunges hips
stay squared to the side tapping to the front and to the back in four three here we
go side tap lunge, now remember thirty
seconds good can you pop it up a little bit
that’s your choice you don’t have to bigger arms little tap
a little jump if you like you just got one more set breathing through it
good almost there ha ha can you believe it
we’re almost through this section 4, 3, 2 everybody March on top
March turn yes exit March what do you think give me just a tap and switch so
now you’re marching right again right got to be sure you’re muscularly balanced on both sides
give me knees corner corner oh yeah next section
now we’re gonna do a long repeater but not yet hold these knees corner corner
remember this is active recovery so we’re recovering bringing the heart rate down a
little bit but you’re still moving you’re still working okay we have one more set
of eight knees Corner corner and then we’re gonna
go into a repeater where we hold the knee repeater on this corner for the
entire 30 seconds what? let’s give it a try you ready coming up knee repeater
come on let’s do this knee repeater just stay here lift that knee tap down
lightly whoa how’s it feeling can you feel that leg working on the standing
leg can you feel that glute on the standing leg you got it here come on
we’re almost done burning it out how’s it feeling come on almost there good four three two
March March whew booty burn right good job
give me knees or corner wow I felt that one I don’t know about you but I
felt that one keep it here this is active recovery remember nice job now we have a few more of these knees then we got to do our long knee repeater on this side
not yet keep it up keep it up oh yeah are you sweating yet I’ll tell you what
I am okay it’s coming up you ready
focus two more long knee repeater come on nice posture whoa it’s windy
think about your posture nice soft knee on the bench right breathing it out Wow
booty burn come on hang in there yeah this is it we’re almost there
fight to the end right four three two and March whoo nice job active
recovery March keep it here getting ready for the next section – good job
so you worked hard you worked those muscles hard you got to do a few stretches so
just keep it right here I’m marching behind the bench when you’re ready
you’re gonna meet give me a step tap on the bench step tap nice heart rates down
a little bit if you need to pause me and get a drink do it I’ll always be here
whenever you need me let’s take it to a hill yeah oh yeah
little dance dance you’re awesome you’re awesome
good just still trying to bring that hurried a little bit before we get into
those stretches right four more three wow that was super fun
hold the right heel up turn side nice inhale up exhale sit back really trying
to push that tailbone back my flat back pick it roll it up find the toe back
heel to the floor hands on hips where I love this chest rips right here good and
release now I want you to curl that pelvis under press it forward here on
the fall of the back Oh follow the back foot then I want you to
take your hands pull them forward if that’s comfortable for you good good
step in step off off of the heel it goes up nice big inhale up exhale sit back oh
the back of the leg relax that was amazing today great job really
important to stretch so I’m gonna pull it up back heel to the floor calf
stretch here widen the legs a little bit of YouTube
back heel to the ground stretch again if you like oh yeah
and relief throw that pelvis under press forward hip flexor stretch or just
let it lengthen out please with pleasure so much when we step they get pretty
tight to when you sit down a lot as well keep it here
Oh release the hands step in step off just quick final swift legs so wide toes
turn out squat down drop one shoulder Swiss up over the opposite shoulder come
Center and switch oh yeah that’s a good such a beautiful place here go ahead and
roll it up a couple shoulder roll Oh inhale up for me exhale you did it
you’re awesome I’ll see you again soon

14 thoughts on “Hawaii Coast to Coast Step (Quick Workout) HIIT Interval Step

  1. Wow, what a marvellous view!πŸπŸ–
    I'll try this great exercise in the late evening, as at the moment it's extremely hot all over Europe during the whole day. 35 degrees Celsius and the temperature is still climbing. The fresh Hawaiian ocean breeze must be very refreshing, you're lucky. 😊😎 Thanks for this inspiring new short-version exercise.πŸ’Ÿ

  2. I have a suggestion .. why dont you have your workouts on app i the play store or in apple store so all users cant buy it very easily ..because in my country it is hard for me to buy it online ..it is not impossible but little hard .. like the JULLIAN app and WALK AT HOME app .. thanks again ..this doesnt mean i didnt workout .. i will have your workout even if it is 5 minuts πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜—

  3. I just did the full version on Prime! Good stuff! I feel like I have seen this view before. Is it the same beach you filmed your other Hawaii step?

  4. This workout is great for when I don't have much time… kind of everyday! Will you be posting some vertical step soon? I love those too! xx

  5. My 7 year old made me chuckle the other day by saying β€œMom, are you going to do your walking show again?” πŸ˜‰ Sometimes he tries it beside me. I’m enjoying your channel, thank you!

  6. Hi Jenny. I love love love this workout. I bought the full version on Amazon Prime. Do you have any other step videos that are like this with the hiit intervals? Thanks.

  7. Love this workout! So effective in the short amount of time! Will you be making similar videos in the future?

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