Handstand Pushups Tutorial: come imparare i piegamenti in verticale! (sub ENG)

Handstand Pushups Tutorial: come imparare i piegamenti in verticale! (sub ENG)

Hi guys, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to do handstand pushups, like these. As always, you can click on the appropriate box, through which you can access to the part of this tutorial which is the most important for you. First of all, the necessary prerequisites
to start training handstand pushups are: 20-30 pushups on the floor and a solid handstand hold. At the beginning it’s not necessary to have
a perfect form while holding the handstand, the important thing is that you’re able to hold it, always, for more than 10 seconds. If you can’t hold a free handstand, here it is my handstand tutorial. After a general warm-up, spend about
20 minutes to warm up your wrists and your shoulders. So, start with wrists rotations, do some pushups on the ground and, in the end, gradually increase the weight you put on your wrists.
You can do this in two differents ways: doing pushups with feet placed on a high support, or doing planche leans. The first exercise you have to deal with is the v-pushup: start from the v-position, keeping your legs outstretched and your arms in line with your torso. Now do a pushup, keeping the v-position. Make sure that you’re not holding your breath while
doing these exercises; in particular, breathe in during the eccentric phase,
that is when you get close to the floor and breath out during the concentric phase, that is when you push yourself up. Once you’re able to do 10-15 consecutives v-pushups, you can start trying the next exercise, which is the handstand pushup with wall assistance. In front of a wall, start from handstand position. Now do a pushup, going down until you touch the ground with your head and, then, returning into the handstand position. Do not worry about the technique for now, just make sure that your elbows aren’t pointed outward during the handstand pushup, but that they are in line with the torso. So, not this, but this. Once you’re able to do 5-6 handstand pushups with wall assistance, you can start training the exercise which follows. The exercise I’m going to talk you about is
frog stand to handstand, so: start from frog stand position, place your hands on the floor and, resting your legs on your elbows, lift your feet up. Once you can do this exercise without problems, you can start training this: start from frog stand position, unbalance yourself in the direction in front of you, lift your legs up and do the pushup. The first time you’ll try frog stand to handstand it will be difficult to balance yourself. You’ll be better at this just training it. As you’re really comfortable with the previous exercise, you can do it starting from tuck planche position with bent arms. So, place your hands on the floor, bend your arms, unbalance yourself forward and lift up your feet. Now, lift your legs up and push yourself up. At this point, you’ve almost learnt how to do the handstand pushup. Now, you just have to complete it and then, if you want, to improve the technique. What we’re about to do is to add the eccentric phase, that is the descent towards the floor, to the concentric phase we’ve already seen. So, start from handstand position, descend till your head is close to the floor
and then, making sure that your elbows are in line with the torso, as I’ve already said, complete the movement as you’ve already seen for
the tuck planche to handstand. The first times you’ll try to do free handstand pushups, you’ll find hard to hold the balance once you’ve finished
the eccentric phase of the movement. So, your handstand pushups will look like these. To solve this problem, you have to think to counterbalance the weight of your feet during the eccentric phase, descending obliquely with your body. So, you don’t have to descend with your body perpendicular to the floor but you have to incline yourself, reducing the angle described by your body with the floor. Once you’ve understood this, your handstand pushups will look like these. Once you’re able to do 4-5 handstand pushups with the technique you’ve just seen, you have to decide if trying to improve
the maximum number of repetition you can do, or if training to improve handstand pushups technique. To improve the handstand pushups technique, first of all you have to improve the handstand technique.
For this purpose, click here to see the main points on which you have to focus. Once you have a good handstand technique, you have to keep the line of your handstand during the whole handstand pushup. So, start from handstand position, descend obliquely and push yourself up. These are the common mistakes while performing handstand pushups: to arch the back during the concentric phase, so that the handstand pushup becomes easier. To cross with your legs the imaginary line, which passes through your bust, at the end of the eccentric phase. That’s it. If you have any tips, questions or anything alse, write them in the comments section, or contact me in private. You can find all the links in the description, have a nice day!

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  1. Ti seguo da un pò, grazie per tutte le informazioni che diffondi, e per la chiarezza e completezza delle informazioni, gran persona, oltre che grande atleta

  2. ciao ho imparato a fare la verticale e qualche piegamento pero inarco tantissimo la schiena..come devo fare per tenerla dritta?

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