Gyms In Chilliwack – Fit For Change – (604) 391-0064

Gyms In Chilliwack – Fit For Change – (604) 391-0064

Hi, welcome to Fit For
Change fitness club. We are a 13,000 square foot fitness
gym and we’re also open 24 hours. So why don’t you come along with
me and I’ll give you a tour. This is our group exercise room and
we teach many classes in this room. It’s quite big and spread out large
so it can handle a lot of people. We also have classes that run
in three levels from beginner, intermediate and advanced, and they run it all the same time so
that anybody at any level can participate in class. We also have air conditioning,
so in the summer you’re not hot. It’s nice and full in here.
And this is where the fun is. Well this is amazing indoor
cycling room. We have many, many bikes and the greatest thing about
these bikes is that they’re all fitted for each individual person. So when
you take the ride it’s comfortable, we also teach you the three levels set,
whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you can all take a ride and it’s an
amazing program to get in shape quickly. This is a really unique
Functional Trainer. It’s made that you can train outdoors
to do any event that you’re going to or want to participate in. Actually we’re the only one in
Chilliwack or the whole Fraser Valley. We have this whole setup that
has the ropes, it has the TRX, it has the kickboxing, boxing, it has everything that’ll get you in
amazing shape and it’s wide spread open so that you have plenty of room to
do any event in here to practice. Anything you want to work out
for, you’ll be in amazing shape. So this is an awesome area. This is our circuit area and
you can take a quick workout. It’s multi-functional, so every machine works two body parts
and you can just lower the pegs very gently, very easily.
We’re running classes. You can get a great workout in 20 minutes. And we’re having classes
throughout the day. So now we’re in our cardio area and this
has all multiple different machines. We have treadmills, we have
stair climbers, to gliders, we have spin bikes out, so we even have room to expand –
for amazing cardio in this room. So now you’re in our weight room. We
have a wide spread open weight room. We have plenty of free weights, all sizes. We have every machine in here fits for
every body part and you can get a great workout in. Okay, so now you’re in
our area that is our resting area, our lounge area. We have plenty
of tables, couches – sit down, rest – you can use our free Wifi. We also in this area have our tanners so
we have a two lay down and two stand up tanners. We have great
packages for tanning, so when you are ready to get your
tan on we’re the place to come to. And we also have very large
spacious change rooms. Fit For Change has everything you need
and we are focused on you having a great customer experience. Come and
experience the difference.

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  1. Fit for Change is an amazing gym with a huge variety of equipment. The staff is so supportive and informative. Holly's classes are truly the best workout classes I've ever attended. She gets anyone/any fitness level in the best shape possible, all the while having so much fun! I recommend this gym and Holly's classes to all my friends!

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