Gymnastics Moves & Routines for Beginners : How to Do Gymnastics Jumps

Gymnastics Moves & Routines for Beginners : How to Do Gymnastics Jumps

My name is Sibylle Walters. I’m the owner-director
of Flairs Gymnastics located in Davie, Florida. You can find us on the web at
And now we’re going to demonstrate our jumps. We will be beginning with our long jump. Hailey
and Krissie, jump as far as you can and come to a stop, very good. Knees are bent, your
back is straight. The next jump will be a squat jump and down, and jump back, arms up
and down. it’s important that it starts all the way down. One more time and up and
down. The next jump take three steps back please. Now we’re going to do three tuck
jumps without stopping. Make sure your arms are under control, your back is straight,
ready and go. One, two, three and stop. Again, stop. Bend your knees, hold the position,
very good. Take three steps back, now we’re going to squat and stretch and push. Squat
and stretch, make sure your back is nice and round. Again and stretch and in and out, one
more and stop. We have one more jump to do; this is called a star jump. And ready, arms
open and up. A little straddle. And we will be right back.

21 thoughts on “Gymnastics Moves & Routines for Beginners : How to Do Gymnastics Jumps

  1. i use to do gymnastics.. from age 4 to age 10. i got to level 5 team, and i loooooved it. but i had to stop because we couldnt afford it :'''(

  2. actually im 13 😛 and i love gymnastics, and ive never been in gymnastics before but im gunna start soon 🙂

  3. I go to Ying Li Gymnastics Academy in Booragoon. It's pretty good but I've only just started in the adult classes.

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  5. this is dumb. i mean, if u are from singapore, you have to do this every year of PE test. except, you dont have to land like that.

  6. lmfao im lookin @ these comments , and everyones liike , "i know how to jump . wtf.?" lmfao makin me laugh , they jump becuase it teaches balance . some people when they jump , they dont land straight . so they do this to be able to land straight after a stunt .

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