Gymnastics Moves & Routines for Beginners : How to Do a Front Walkover

Gymnastics Moves & Routines for Beginners : How to Do a Front Walkover

My name is Sibylle Walters. I’m the owner-director
of Flairs Gymnastics located in Davie, Florida. You can find us on the web at
Now we’re demonstrating part two, we’re doing front walkovers. Hailey please, hands
down, nice and easy, and go over slowly and come up, very nice. Krissie – down slowly
take your time and come up. A little faster this time. Over and ready and come up. Good
job. Krissie, good. Now we’re going to go this way over here we’re going to do a handstand,
bridge stand up. Ready Hailey? We go up we bend into a bridge and we come up slowly.
Very nice. Krissie please. We go up and over and come up and finish. Okay Hailey, the end
part is a front walk over. Ready – over, finish. Good. Krissie, over, finish. One more
time, ready? Over, very nice. Over, finish. And we’ll be right back.

100 thoughts on “Gymnastics Moves & Routines for Beginners : How to Do a Front Walkover

  1. k thats so lame expert my ass!! you gotta have the strength first before u even attempt this jeez stupid people dont know what they are doing

  2. like O_o.. who cares im a gymnast and i dont boast , its kids like you tht nnoy me . your the ones in compettion who sulk wen dey dont come first !
    soz seen to many comments like dat lol

  3. @PollyPwocket its pretty easy to do a front walkove. All you have to do is pretend your gonna do a handstand and flip over but one leg at a time it looks better then it sounds

  4. she doesn't teach us how to do it. People who look it up on youtube most likely don't have gymnastics equipment at home. SHE DOESN'T EVEN GIVE TIPS!!!

  5. I tell my kiddos that it is like doing a cartwheel only going forwards instead of to the side. We made our own rolls out of thick pool noodles. We bundled them together and used spray in insulation to help them keep their shape!

  6. i no i sound kinda rude or mean but this looks more like they girls learning than someone actualy teachingg people to do a front walkover?

  7. how to: do a handstand, don't go back – go forwards. and land on your feet. <– DO NOT land on your back!!!
    If you don't have a block or something like that — use a friend. Or make sure you have a lot of pillows around you. 🙂

  8. THIS is what a HATE! Smaller kids always get better treatment than older ones! This is one of the reasons I don't get into gymnastics, I am way too old to be with little kids

  9. Ahh, this is perfect, because my house is a dug-out tunnel underneath a nice clean gym full of little girls to use. I mean blocks to use.

  10. they have mats i dont. the have those roll thingys i have a 15hh horse. i can see im not going to learn it this way

  11. @BakerGirl5678 yea thts unfair she may b small but still the older one is smarter than the smaller one

  12. obviously its easier if you have a friggin roll helping you, I dont know about you but typically you dont just have one of those laying around.

  13. This taught me absolutely nothing. Sure I saw that these two girls knew how to do it, but it didn't teach me how to keep my legs apart or how to land.

  14. no then your arms would probably be strong enough to hold your weight so no. unless your training for the olympics or something.

  15. Patty kiernan most gyms have teen beginner classes it is never to late just check out the info for the gym nearest to you don't worry

  16. If you think "she did not teach nothin" maybe you are more advanced than this. To someone starting out she did teach something.

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