Gymnastics: Hollow with Will Johnson & Pamela Gagnon

Gymnastics: Hollow with Will Johnson & Pamela Gagnon

Alright, so what we’re going to do is
review the hollow-body position because today I’m gonna take you through the
hollow body but we’re gonna be bringing it a little more advanced to the handstand and starting of the handstand position. So let’s go down back on the ground. If you remember the way to get into a
great hollow-body position, we’re gonna tuck and we’re gonna reach for our heels and we want our belly button pushing through the ground and our shoulders off. And then I will direct you what to do
next. So magic sponge, we’re going to keep it in our heels and that way you are squeezing all your
muscles together. Knees together, good. I’m going to check on your back, so, no space under there—perfect. Alright, let’s go both legs out since we’ve already reviewed this before. Hold it. Five, four, three, two, one, relax. Good. You were successful with that so I’m going to see if you can get your hands up over your head. We’re gonna
take it step by step, though. Squeeze. Knees squeezed. Extend those toes so your quads fire up. Legs out. So we want this nice banana shape in your body, and now hands are gonna go overhead. Keep squeezing. Pull those ribs to the belly button, ribs to the belly button. Hold five, four, three, two, one, good. Alright, so we’re gonna kind of reverse the hollow body to the
plank position. If you remember what we did, what we’re going to do is turn around. So we’re going to go into this plank position. We want to retract our scaps, we want push our pelvis under, we’re gonna squeeze our legs together and kind of get the scared cat back. So this is a really stable
position in gymnastics— hollow-body position in a plank. I’d say the Number 1 fault for this is not
understanding how to retract the scaps, and the Number 2 fault is not
understanding how to tuck that pelvis under, butt’s either too high or too low. Ready? There you go. Big cat back, nice, squeeze your butt, hold it, five, four, three, two, one So you just basically took the hollow body and reversed it into the plank. Now we’re going to add a little bit of movement to it. We always like to go static before we go dynamic, for sure. So we’re gonna take our slider. So what I want you to start learning how to do is open and close your shoulders for this drill, and learning how to move
from shoulders to heels in basically one solid board. So this is what it looks like. We’re gonna come over here, we’re gonna get into this nice cat-back position, and we’re gonna open and then close back up. Open, close back up. When you open those shoulders, see how your scaps kind of came back in? I want you to constantly keep that back locked and loaded like a scared cat. Always reach me, good. And then close. Reach back up. Go back, go back, close. Much better, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, good. Return to that cat back. Relax. So, we’re kind of learning how to move our body through space a little bit. That’ll be important when we go to a
little more dynamic movement. Now we’re gonna take this to a higher level. Same idea. I’m going to stand and show you
where to be so you won’t go off the box. We’re gonna get into that cat-back position, and we’re gonna open and close. So we’re now at a little bit of a higher plane. This will be the starting position for
those handstand pops we’re gonna get to. I’ll stop your heels. Good. Tuck that pelvis under, squeeze that butt, two more. Nice. Alright, come down. The only thing we really want to focus on, too, is that elbows are straight in almost all gymnastics movements unless you’re trying to move into or on top of something. So we really wanna—a lot of people like to
bend to use that momentum, but what that’s doing is taking away your shoulder strength. Let’s try it again, more of a locked-out arm, just try one or two. It was good, you we’re in a nice hollow body. Scaps looked good, too. So really push that ground through the floor. Good, much better. So this elbow was really bending and it looks much better. Nice. You can stop.

9 thoughts on “Gymnastics: Hollow with Will Johnson & Pamela Gagnon

  1. The Crossfit Games would be left with a Hollow Body if they didn't bring in Josh Bridges to commentate and Interview the athletes!

  2. No disrespect what so ever. Just wanted to make the correction that she mean "protract" your scaps when in the hollow body plank position. Much love.

  3. nice video.. but she meant to say protraction … retraction is squeezing the scaps together… great video regardless

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