Gym Wala Pyar | BakLol Video

Gym Wala Pyar | BakLol Video

Why are you making this ugly face ? What should I do ? I have got no girl around me That’s why I am doing my timepass at road side Do you know what girl’s want to date ? Boys who go to gym Oh really ? My uncle also goes to gym So did you mean girls want him as well ? Give it a try man If this really worked then all the lovers would lined up outside gym Just give it a try You feel get energy in your body You better take 2 shots ! You will get amazing energy Your body will be in shape through gym As if you want to wear bikini in Goa If you will go there, your body will be buff up like this I will beat you and your body will buff up already Think about it It’s all your loss Do you want me to make you tiktoker huh Okay just come along with me I will take admission in gym As if you are going to do pee and want my company huh Go alone Brother please come with me Okay fine, let’s go..! There ! this way ahead Yes sir He wants to join the gym Who sir ? Where are you looking at first floor ? Look at the basement Sorry sir but we don’t allow gym for kids He is 40 yr old and you are saying him a kid ? 40 yr ? Okay you both wants to join ? No brother I don’t do such stupid things Only he wants to do Go ! do the gymming Wait ! What’s the fee ? 1500 per month 1500 per month ? Damn You will get 15 bottles of beer in the same amount Leave this place You better have the costly one huh Mind your language He will give you 1500 Rs but within 1 hour I want his body to become like Arnold Otherwise we will shoot you Sorry sir it’s not possible Don’t say stupid shit Honestly I don’t find anything good here Let’s leave this and get back to home Can you call the trainer once ? Call the trainer [Music] He wants to join the gym Yes ? You want to join the gym ? Both ? No only I want to join He can’t able to do gym Even I called him here so difficultly I told him to do gym so many times but he don’t agree Gym is the best thing Please tell him ma’am Gym is my life I even made tattoo ‘Gym is my life’ on my body Wait let me show you Oh my tattoo got vanished because I took bath with detergent this morning You are so funny So tell me how can I help you ? Can you call on my phone from your number ? I can’t able to find my phone He means to say I want to do gym Okay only you ? No Look at his face, do you think he ever saw gym in his entire life ? I managed to bring him here I told him that in gym there so many items I mean item as gym machines He will do gym and can look like Pankaj Sharma By the way who’s Pankaj Sharma ? Youtuber who runs the channel BakLol Video You also subscribe the channel Also you guys should subscribe the channel as well Watch the video till the end It gonna be so much fun Yes continue By the way I am Sweety I am Pankaj Pankaj Sharma I guess we are made for each other You are too funny By the way, Gym fee is 1500 Please pay Don’t worry We will pay for the next 5 year today, not just one month We will be there where ever you will be Okay come at 9 Ok Only 7 hours are left to hit 9 at clock We could have gone on a coffee date till then You gonna make us in trouble ? Let’s go [Music] Oh God ! Please make Sweety as my girlfriend I will recover the fee Where are you ? [Music] Hi ma’am Hello Your smile is so good First go there and do the warm up Then I will tell you the further exercises. Okay ma’am [Music] This steel is so heavy Can we sell it? This is Sweety’s gym If you will sell anything from here then I will sell you as well Is there any lighter dumbbell in this gym ? This is very heavy This is very light ! I need dumbbell of 5,000 to 10,000 Kg atleast I am not going to use this dumbbell You need to lift the dumbbell of 10 to 15 Kg only You just say, I can even lift you up What do you mean ? Joking Kidding Let me do the exercise Come [Music] Sir ! I guess something is wrong with this machine I am not able to lift it There is nothing wrong with this machine Let me play a song Then you will get energy and will lift He said right Song should be there ! [Music] Wait a minute This is an old mashup of I am Desi world When will be the new mashup come ? If I am Desi is here then new song will come also Oh really ? Is new song out ? The Haryanvi Mashup 8 is out on 24 at I am Desi World Channel Please play a little bit So that we can dance Are you sure ? Sure ! I will fulfil your wish [Music] Oh there is my Sweety ! Oh carry on with dance Ouch My Back is paining! My Back…! That is your back ! This your leg Ouch my back just got hurt Help me What happened ? I haven’t called you here Then why are you coming here to me I will hit you by this 5 Kg of dumbbell Okay pick it up Pick..! If I can’t able to lift this dumbbell then what ? I will take admission in some other gym Sorry..! Can’t we do a little fun ? Continue … Continue Get lost ! You too get lost..! Ouch my back ! My back ! [Screaming] What happened ? How did you fell? I was lifting dumbbell of 200 Kg Suddenly that dropped on floor And then I bent to lift dumbbell and I got injured my back But we don’t have any dumbbell of 200 Kg in our gym I carry it myself from my home I kept in my bag because of security reasons You are so funny If possible,Can you massage my waist with oil What ? I was kidding Listen, Would you like to go out with me to eat ? To eat what ? Chole Bhature No, that contains a lot of fat Then coffee ? No, that contains alot of caffeine Roasted Chicken ? I don’t eat non veg Hot dog ? No I don’t eat hot dog Then we can take only one thing Protein Would you like to go out with me to have protein ? You can buy protein from our gym I will give you in 4000 Rs with 20% discount Only for you Then give me 4 boxes Okay have it after gym Okay Did you notice..! She started to love me True love She gave 20% discount to me Only to me What is this stupid thing ? huh Stupid ? You saying true love as stupid thing You don’t even value the true love Get out from my eye sight Damn hit me ! Okay Did it Is it fun ? We did gym for 4 hours Now let’s go home No I don’t want to go home I want to stay here This is my home now With Sweety ! Just come ! [Music] [Music] She is so hot. Right ? But she won’t be your girlfriend I am already flirting with her since so long And she will be my girl friend only To get her, I pay all the fee here till the next year You won’t fulfil your wish here So you better get lost from here And don’t dare to show your face from now onwards You get it ! Right ? What are looking at like this ? She is my wife Hit me ! Beat me ! Hit me ! Her husband beat me so much That girl was fraud She didn’t tell me that she is already married As if you asked her ? So she should tell all this from her own side You already know that my time is so bad these days And you brought me to the gym huh ! Okay don’t cry now What ? These girls was fraud I won’t see any girl from now onwards All girls are fraud I hate all girls I left the old gym I am going to the new gym as a trainer Hey ! Yes..! Are you gym trainer ? Yes I also wants to join the gym Take me with you in your gym Okay come with me Sure [Music]

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  1. Ek number bahut mst vdo h bahut achaa concept h love u Pankaj bhai I wish aapke bahut jaldi 10 millions subscribers complete ho jaae 😘❤😍😍❤😍❤😘❤😍

  2. Agr ye humare gym m chale gye to gym trainer dono aise satting krayega life m gym word bhul jayenge 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…………..or bc Hume to life m kbi kisi gym m girl trainer nhi mile .jindagi jannd ho gyi bc …puri gym m 1-2 ladki achhi c aati h or wo bc gym m aate he phone pr lg jati h or bolti …( Mera babu kya kr rha h ) bc jab babu tha to humara dil kyu jlane aaye …tere pr ghr m na mra jata .🙃🙃🧐🧐🧐

  3. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. bahut shaandar video bnai h bhai
    love ur acting
    chote bhai sahab ka vo pulley p latakne vala scene mst tha

    aaap teeno ki acting bhut mst lgti h

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