[Gym Tutorial] How to Maximize Your Chest With Bench Press

[Gym Tutorial] How to Maximize Your Chest With Bench Press

Yo, what’s up Today I want to talk about bench press, and how you can optimize your bench press to build a nice solid chest. So, here are five things you
can implement immediately and that is number one, your posture. See, posture is a most fundamental part in order to get a good chest. So the step to have a strong good posture for the bench press is first, you need to keep your shoulder low and bring your shoulder backward. This will keep your shoulder
in a correct position to minimize the risk of getting injuries. And the next posture you
want to pay attention, is your back, right? So, when doing the bench press, I would recommend you
to give a little bit, slight arch on your lower back. This will help your bench press to use a little bit of lower body drive, and to keep your upper body upright. And also your shoulders,
shoulders is very important always keep your shoulder
low and backward. In fact, by just adjusting
all this posture, you already look like you
have a good chest already, because see, everything is upright. So tip number two, is your positioning. Two things in bench press is number one, the placement of the bar. You should place yourself,
eye underneath the bar. And number two, is the width of your grip. I’m not a fan of going too wide grip, and I’m not a fan of going too close grip for a barbell bench press. However, this is just a variation there are close grip bench press, there are wide grip bench press, but today is just all about fundamentals. So a good position to start
with is to place your arms slightly wider than shoulder width. So the basic positioning of the bar is trying to place them in
the center of your chest. Okay, if anything is too
high,you’ll result in a high elbow, this will give all that
stress to your shoulder. If you keep your elbow a little bit low, it it great, it triggers more chest, especially the upper chest also. However, anything too low would trigger a lot of triceps, right? When you do a bench press, you
want to maximize your chest, it’s not only your triceps. So number three, is alignment. Make sure you place your
elbow and your wrist to form a straight line
when you do a bench press. I personally find that many
people actually overlook this, they just wanna get straight to the set. So from now onwards, pay
a little bit of attention of your alignment. This will definitely help you to improve your performance of your bench press. And the fourth tip to
improve your bench press, to maximize your chest growth, is play around with different equipments. So if you are in the gym, play around with dumbbell,
if you are lucky enough, you have a chest press
machine, work on your machine. Work on a cable, and also barbell, right? Do not stick to only one exercise. This is how you progress over time, training the muscles that you can’t see. Like the rotator cuff, the forearms, and ultimately get more
confidence doing a bench press. Last but not least, your
mind-muscles connection is very important, right? Studies have shown that if
you can engage your muscles, you can feel your muscles for bench press or any chest exercises. You will have better advantage, in building the muscles that
you want to train, right? So, one tip is, try to
flex your chest right, this requires practice and
also this requires muscle mass. So beginners out there, this is a little bit hard for you, because probably when just starting, you don’t have the
muscle to flex at first. But over time give it a try, I personally find that bringing
your arms close together and resisting them together
will give tension to the chest. And practice this, especially
right after your bench press. Spend about five seconds
squeezing your chest, do this, it’s not gonna be weird because you’re wearing
a shirt, not like me. I do this, then it’s definitely weird, because people can see my chest. All right, give it a try, alright? Practice makes progress, so I hope you find all
this information benefit and ultimately you have
to put it into practice. Now if you find this useful,
this is just part of, tiny bit of the entire training
program that I’ve designed. Check it out, link below. This is where I get my full fledged resistance training program and what helped me to
get this physique, right? And the good news is, now I’m offering seven days free trial
right, no commitment. Give it a shot, and if you love it, commit it. Ill see you next time, peace.

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  1. Hye bro im still 15 yr old but i love to build muscle…im do pushup every day with different type of pushup..im follow austin dunham if you know him..now i love to see Malaysian people like you build muscle.😀😀BTW IM MUSLIM and i workout after iftar with my dumbell at home

  2. hey beautiful people who are reading these comments i wish that you will be very happy and successful in your life because you're born to win
    best wishes from a very small youtuber 😀

  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=chWAHdCfkm4

  4. Boss hope you could make vlog for beginners like me .. I really don’t have any idea when im on the gym

  5. Thnx Pro but i need to build my triceps muslce arm dont fun on me i am from syria…but i love your channle 😘😘

  6. Alright jordan yeoh, i take note for that. Thank you for sharing the tips on how to use in proper bench press for build chest.👍👍👍👍👍

  7. I just wanna ask about ab work out.i'm doing tucked crunches,after doing it i'm having rubbing at the buttocks part.i can't do it again on the next day because its to painful

  8. Great channel. I just finished you tabata ab circuit 3 rounds lol it was super killer. I have you to thank when my 6 pack shows. Btw your teeth look amazing!! 😁💕

  9. 1. Posture: Shoulder low and backwards, lower back arched
    2. Position: Eye under bar, grip slightly wider than shoulder, bar should be at centre of chest lowered just above chest
    3. Alignment: Elbow and wrist in a vertical alignment
    4. Variety: Chest press machine, dumbbell or cable flys
    5. Mind-muscle connection: Feeling the muscles for targeted training

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