[Gym Tutorial] How To Build a V-Shape Body

[Gym Tutorial] How To Build a V-Shape Body

– Hey what’s up guys? Today I want to show you what it takes to get a nice V-shape body from the front, and ultimately, the look from the back. So the first exercise you must do in order to get a nice V-shape body, is to train your lats. Now the lats is this big
piece of muscles at the back, and this gives you the
nice V-shape from the back. So this machine, the lat pull down, is what you need to get to train the lats. So to set this up, first of all, your grip, slightly wider
than shoulder width. So make sure you don’t lean too backward, keep your body straight, and pull, keeping a straight line between your forearms and your wrists. Pull down, all the way down, and up, stretch your lats. And repeat. Now, the common mistakes for
this exercise is two thing. Number one, is people tend to swing, leaning backward, right. This, backward, okay. Nothing wrong, but doing this, you reduce the isolation for the lats. All right, you wanna
keep the body straight. Pull as if only your
lats is doing the work. The second common mistakes
is shoulder stability. Well, as you do, rep-by-rep, you’re gonna get fatigue, and this is what happen to many people. And that is from here, when they release, the shoulder tend to shrug, but when they pull, the shoulder is maintain shrug. This is bad, because when the shoulder is shrug, you won’t get the isolation
for your lats, right? So, every time, when you pull, make sure the shoulder is always low. Stay low, pull, this is where you get a nice contraction. Just like this. Shoulder low, and pull. Right? Don’t shrug. Well, at the top, it’s okay, but make sure you depress. Recover shoulder back
to position, and pull. Not like this. Don’t shrug. No. So, the question is,
should you go ultra-wide, or should you go close grip? Either way, it works. But, for starter, go slightly
wider than shoulder width. That means not too wide. To get started, this is a
pretty good range of motion to fire up the entire lats. If you go anything wider, you will train your rear delt, and your teres major, the upper lats, which is good. So, play around with the variation. And you can even go close grip, reverse grip, but this
will takes a lot of biceps. The second exercise, and
also, the second muscle group you should build is your shoulder. Without a doubt, shoulder is
what makes you look broader. Especially the side shoulder. Front is good, back is good, you need all of them,
but you wanna look wider? Side lateral shoulder. So, this exercise is a lateral raise. Just like this. So, this exercise looks straightforward. However, a lot of people
make this common mistakes, and that is number one,
bending your arms too much. By doing this, you won’t be able to give much tension
to your side shoulder. Number two, is when they do this exercise, they tend to shrug. Once again, shrugging. They tend to shrug their shoulder, right? What happen if you shrug your shoulder? You will use your trapezius instead of your side shoulder. So, shoulder always low,
in control, chest up, chest high, shoulder always low, and raise it up. Keep your shoulder low. This is how you isolate
the medial delt, right? Okay. Another common mistake is
people tend to go too high up. All right, this looks sexy, and this looks like you do even more work, but actually it’s not really necessary, because, once again, your shoulder are work pretty good from here to here. Anything from here to here, you’ll be using your traps. You’ll be using your traps. The goal here is to get isolation for your side delt,
although traps is important, however, if you want
to train your shoulder, shoulder should get involved, not other muscle group. And also remember not to swing. Don’t swing. You’ll hurt lower back, and you’ll reduce the tension of this. So, stay strict, suck in your stomach, imagine
you’re a solid pillar, and execute a beautiful,
solid lateral raise. The third muscle group,
and the third exercise to give you the nice, solid, V-shape body is the trapezius. Now, the trapezius doesn’t
really makes sense, but it creates an illusion
of you looking better. So this exercise is a shrug. Everybody can do a shrug, just like this. When you say, “I don’t know.” So this exercise is also
one of my weak point. I’ve been doing a lot of shrug but I’m still building it,
still developing my traps. However, if you are the lucky one, you have a slightly longer
neck, broader shoulder frame, you have more opportunity to
build that nice, tall, traps. Traps is very important, just look at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, he have solid traps. This is what makes him
have the nice, ‘The Rock’, solid, diamond, V-shape body. So this exercise is a barbell shrug. You can use a dumbbell, you
can use a machine cable, you can use a Smith machine, but this is just the most basic part. So grip, standard is slightly
wider than hip-width. But in order to maximize your traps, try to go a little bit wider. And if you go wider, you
don’t have to lift too heavy. So from here, just pull your
shoulder to your ear level, just assume that you’re
shrugging as high as you can. Squeeze at the top,
give one seconds pause, or you can bring it further two seconds, relax down, and repeat. So the common mistakes
for this exercise is, people tend to use too much of arms. It becomes like an upright row. Make sure your arms fully straightened. You can pull a little
bit, a little bit is fine. But at the end of the day, you want to focus on your shoulder. At the lowest point of your shoulder, and bring them to the highest point almost to your ear. And also, when you do this, try not to push your shoulder forward. This will hurt, because shrug, you can lift very heavy. What happen if you lift heavy
and you carry on your back, this will cause lower back
pain and shoulder impingement Chest upright, body solid, pull. Don’t bend over. This is like a row, you’re not rowing. Body upright, shrug. Okay, I don’t have the
best trap out there, this is why I do not have a nice V-shape but I’m still working hard for my traps. So that’s pretty much for these exercises, these three main exercises, that gives you the nice, V-shape body. Now, before I end this video, today, I’m feeling generous. I want to provide you
another two bonus exercises you should do that will
enhance your V-shape. Exercise number four and
muscle group number four is going to be a bench press. Now, this is an inclined
version of bench press because bench press in inclined degree helps you to train the upper chest. Now, the upper chest is what gives you the nice, broad chest. It gives you the illusion
of having a smaller waist, that leads to V-shape. So this is how it look like. So from here, make sure
your chest is upright. Shoulder low, bring
them backward, chest up, This exercise helps me a lot in developing the nice, broad, overall chest. Now, you can use a barbell, or you can use a machine, or even cable, go low pin and push upward, whatever it works, as long as
it trains your upper chest. And last but not least,
in order to get a nice, V-shape proportion body is, never skip legs day. Legs will make your waist look smaller. Illusion. You can do whatever legs
exercise that works for you. Squat, leg press, leg
extension, leg curl, lunges, as long as you train legs, all right? So just to prove to you
that I didn’t skip legs day and from here, you can’t
tell that I trained legs. I’m gonna go naked right now . So there you have it. This is what it takes to
get a nice V-shape body. And one thing to remember
is your body fat plays a huge role also. So make sure you eat right,
and train consistent. Now, if you need a full training program, check out my Iron Mastery, check out the card over here, that’s where you get all
access to my training app. So keep training, wish you all the best. Peace.

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