65 thoughts on “Gym Employees Answer Your Questions

  1. Who else liked the video before watching ?
    (I do hilarious pranks on my Atfrican mum)

  2. Interesting fact: Squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year simply by forgetting where they put their acorns. 🐿🌲🌲

  3. Some people can be rude in the gym. Especially the ones who spits in the water fountains. Like bro please stop.

  4. What’s the best part of working at a gym ……. the free membership 😀😀😀 Rest of video saying how they hate to work out at gym the work at 🤔🤔🤔

  5. I can't even go to the gym anymore. It's just to dirty. People sweating all over the machines. Farting in hot yoga class. I can't. I run, do my yoga from home now. Besides, the gym is the new bar. I go to work out. Not to meet a man.

  6. Bruh I never go to the gym like NEVER, my lazy ass can’t get off the bed so I’m just laying on the bed eating chocolate like a hero😂

  7. BUENOS DIASSSS umm I just wanted to say I love ur videos and keep doing what ur doing ♥️And to everyone else who's reading this I luv u too HAHAHA

  8. caught a meat head taking mirror selfies in the bathroom. He played it off and pretended to have a conversation on speaker lol

  9. I’m a lifeguard at a place that’s connected to a gym and I work out at a different gym bc I want to avoid the whole awkward situation of someone recognizing me

  10. I don't take selfies at the gym, I'm there to workout. However, if one of my friends has a question about a certain exercise, I do snap a quick picture of the machine that I feel will help them with that particular exercise. Then it's right back into the workout.

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