41 thoughts on “Gym Class Heroes: Taxi Driver [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  1. Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

  2. I play this song every time I get close to a girl but right now I'm listening for memories of Gym class heroes

  3. All of the bands mentioned in this song except 5 I was already familiar with when I first heard about this song.

  4. Happy 10 year Anniversary to Fueled by Ramen's web ops stealing this clip off of my server. Another example of massive corporations stepping on small time operations with no $ or time to fight for what is theirs. Thanks TWM for the cease and desist.

  5. I probably would have thrown in something about a punchline or the "cutie" being my paramour. Or viewing a very cinematic sunrise. Or running from some stray light. Or being startled by the sound of animals fighti–I should stop. Having some D.R.U.G.S? Wow. I'm not much for the SOUND of the song, but this is hilarious. Took me twice to catch that SOTY reference at the end there. And the "ramen" made me laugh as well. I love this, this sounds like something I would have written. Wish I had. WHY have I just now found this?

  6. lmao at ugly chick in the passenger seat, and um…its crap quality on purpose for those who are simple minded..

  7. "…it's honestly a feat of emo science that four people could write a song where they namecheck 26 bands they love and the best one is My Chemical Romance–unless you count accidental word bands like "kiss," "can," or "ride." I'm gonna use my check from this article and buy these guys a Neu! record or something. You can find something that rhymes with "Neu," right?"

  8. Loving the 240p. Always an awesome feeling of nostalgia coming back to this song, makes the guys seem so down to earth; just a couple of guys having fun.

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