51 thoughts on “Gunfire erupts at a basketball game in Dallas

  1. Come on Dallas…This is getting out of control… Change the law, send these crazy guys to the front lines… Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq…..

  2. I've never heard of this happening at a game. Better make sure one of those Dylan Roof types wasn't in there. This doesn't feel right.

  3. There’s just a certain group of people that have ruined events like this , they congregate, they fight , shots get fired , that’s why there’s cops at games now , that’s why there’s more cops at the malls , that is , the ones that haven’t closed yet . And you wonder why the rest of us look at you the way we do .

  4. This is just sad people can’t even go freely to a basketball game people really need to learn how to act that wasn’t the time for that smh this saddened me

  5. All schools need metal detectors!! During, after and whenever entering the school!! No reason to not have it. All i see is remodeling but not adding this feature!! Maybe i dont know what im talkn about🤷

  6. Making up some more zit..
    Keeping the Eyes off 45 and Weinstein…
    Palm people sticking together.
    Boycott all FALSE narratives…
    Black people STICK together…

  7. Notice the cops running toward the danger, maybe show a little respect for officers. They put their lives on the line for us every day. If we lived in a perfect world, things like this wouldn't happen and they wouldn't have to risk their lives. I pray that everyone is going to be ok.

  8. Why are we avoiding the root cause!? I bet you the shooter came from a single mother home! In these single mother homes these boys are not taught how to control their emotions so they lash out!

  9. A black persons threat is another black man. Police aren’t the problem. They’re just someone for blacks to blame while they turn a blind eye to their own kind killing thousands of their own kind each year

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