Gun Shop  Wrong Sarah | The Terminator [Open Matte, Remastered]

Gun Shop \ Wrong Sarah | The Terminator [Open Matte, Remastered]

– The 12-gauge auto-loader. – That’s Italian. You can go pump or auto. – The .45 long slide with lazer sighting. – These are brand new,
we just got them in. That’s a good gun. Just touch the trigger,
the beam comes on and you put the red dot
where you want the bullet to go. You can’t miss. Anything else? – Phased plasma rifle in a 40-watt range. – Hey, just what you see, pal. – The Uzi 9 millimetre? – You know your weapons, buddy. Any one of these is ideal
for home defence. So uh… which shall it be? – All. – Then we close early today. – It’s a 15 day wait on the handguns but the rifles you can take right now. You can’t do that. – Wrong. [pidgeons coo] [couple talking] – Listen, I need you to come pick me up. Yeah, my bike just broke down. I don’t care what you’re doing,
come and get me! What the— [over phone]
Mark? – Hey, man… you got a serious attitude problem. [woman over phone talks] [birds chirp] [dog starts barking] – Sarah Connor? – Yes? [Sarah gasps] – I’m on my break, Chuck. Carla’s got my station. – Sarah! Come here! It’s about you— I mean, sort of. [woman over radio talks] —so incredible, you’re
not going to believe this. Sit down, you’re going to love this~ – Shhhh. – What? – …has been compiled from several witnesses. Once again, Sarah Connor,
35, mother of 2 brutally shot to death
in her home this afternoon. – You’re dead, honey.

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  1. This is "open matte" version, higher aspect ratio than the original blu-ray version. Frame comparison:

  2. The fact that John was alive to send Kyle back in time tells us, straight away, that Kyle succeeded in his mission. If the terminator was successful, no Kyle, no movie.

  3. I never understood why he even said anything. If I was the owner and a Guy like this comes into my Store i would make sure to give him what he wants and wish him a great day. I would have not said anything about the ammunition. Just have a great day. And try not to shit My pants. Arnold looks so scary in this movie

  4. Glad i dont live in america, so easy to buy a gun. Americans solution bullet proof white boards, metal detectors and CCTV in schools

  5. You got a serious attitude problem… said the man who just demanded his girl come get him i dont care what your doing hahahahahah

  6. The Terminator when downhill after this one. Same as Aliens after Alien, the only sequel to beat the original. After James Cameron made these two masterpieces no other directors could meet or excel since. Starving for something to meet or beat these two gems. Don't get me wrong there are great sci-fi's just not at this level, even as dated as they now seem.

  7. Yeah it's not a bad scene, but I think it could really be elevated with some diversity. Picture this, maybe the gun clerk could have been wearing a hijab. She's in the middle of putting up some Pride Flags in the window, when Terminator wheels himself in up the provided wheelchair ramp.

    Anyone else want to weigh in here?

  8. The remaster is great but why did they change the sound of the 45 longslide? It now sounds half handgun half ray gun. I prefer the original sound even if it's maybe not appropriate for the weapon. Though perhaps that was the reason for changing it.

  9. Wow!!…The quality of the clip is amazing…l am so sick of the low renderings you get with old movies…like the people back in the 80s were prehistoric or something…🤣🤣🤣

  10. I like how that little toy truck in 2:00 is very similar to the one T1000 hunts John in Terminator 2. It's like inversed easter egg.

  11. You could have auditioned a thousand people for the part, and no one would have topped Arnold as The Terminator.
    Man has scary charisma. He was never an actor, but was always a star.

  12. 2:47 – when I saw this movie as a kid, I was weirded out by why he would start shooting at her feet (didn't occur to me that she probably fell after that headshot).

  13. Why wait for the handguns if you can take the more powerful stuff right away? I'm not American and not versed in gun law.

  14. Do people see what happened …he asked for a weapon from the future which means the government already had it in the 80s! Mind blown

  15. The cyborg "buys'' weapons like a professional while the puny human saws a shotgun so it can fit on a jacket.
    Humans we're smart to create machines, now humans must be overly inventive to destroy it.

  16. What happened between this masterpiece of cinematics and the crap we use to see today?

    Wokeshit Hollywood happened.

  17. damn would be messy if you would bump against the terminator when you are walking out of the store. Especially if your attitude would be alpa like. I dont think the terminator would apoligize

  18. This film is GOLD. The Terminator was scaring me as hell when I was a kid, especially its endoskeleton. After I watched the film I had nightmares where this thing chased me in narrow and dark corridors.

  19. T1000 walks in the store, have you seen the T800. Just what you see pal. You are a good looking man. Are you trying to get guns from me?? T1000: No, I dont need them. Thanks for your cooperation. Stabs the shop owner, morphs into the owner and waits for the T800 to come.

  20. В Америке 80-х можно было так просто выяснить адрес любого человека в телефонной будке? Серьезно?)

  21. When I watch all The Terminators movie I always wonder where the fuck the police is? did anybody hear the shooting?

  22. Awwwww man that gunshot sound effect once again wasn’t the same as it should have been! It sounded way better back in the say

  23. Ну вроде как Арни ведет себя как киборг, но все равно косяков хватает, например когда застрелил первую жертву, во время выстрелов маргал

  24. Have a movie theory.
    murray futterman :after all that gremlin chaos ive decided to retire into a nice quiet gun shop. What’s the worse that could happen?

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