Gregg Valentino - Golden Era of Bodybuilding / Politics / Trump / Relationships

Gregg Valentino – Golden Era of Bodybuilding / Politics / Trump / Relationships

how you doing my name is John Sakura and this is Teresa chorus and we're the owners of tight medical center you have no idea what's coming what's going on guys welcome to my just get to be my favorite show here talk of smack because you know I gotta tell you the sport of bodybuilding as a sport you know like who wins the Olympia who's gonna win the Arnold Classic I can't brawl I could give two shits I'm really burnt out we just as you've probably seen on the Internet we lost the guy another body below you know old school body but I can't cure now a lot of you young guys have fucking no idea who is you know he was in pumping iron he was one of Arnold's boys okay he was even in the book pumping iron his trainer would Arnold this stuff and with the whole guys Danny Gable you know all of them Franco my boy was my very good friend Leon Brown you know I'm saying all the guys from that era of gold's gym raja khalid you know kenny wala sometimes for it no you know all those guys brought I mean you know IDI corny who I knew very well and I gotta tell you something you know you guys don't understand what I was just looking at can't you know can't u n– and I remember back in like nineteen eighty 180 and shit like that I'd be going to Gold's Gym and I'd be hanging out there he used to work the front desk okay so he was the guy be at the front desk and greeting everybody and everything and I gotta tell you something you ain't gonna find another error like that the error that you guys know what all these guys going to Kuwait and coming back after only training a couple years and everybody fucking math monsters and shit did we know what's gonna happen to those guys when they stop and they will stop because everybody has to stop eventually you don't have to stop training but you're gonna have to stop doing that amount the steroid it's gonna have to give you body break know what's gonna happen pee-wee Herman King comes in herbs or you know so that's what's gonna happen and it's kids it's the fact I mean this is you know you could like the sun's gonna come up tomorrow it's a fact okay Dorian Yates has talked about that a million times with a big grin on his face and you're Dorian and I don't know we see eye to eye on a lot of his you know things but I think he's probably the smartest guys ever fucking met and he definitely knows his shit anyway so till June died you know what I'm sick man I'm looking at a few pictures and I'm reminiscing and I'm saying how fucking lucky am I how lucky am I because I got to meet these guys the legends you know and I was a part of something that's difficult compared bro never gonna come back I mean I've met and talked with Vince Gironda you know John brennick you know yes some of you guys you young guy said like oh oh oh yeah no idea but you older guys know what I'm talking about I was in the gym with Arnold Schwarzenegger and he was sitting right there through cable rolls and stuff and I remember when I first walked up to now I had met him in 1976 for the first time but and this is late you know this is now like 1980 81 or something like that when it was in the world a gym together and I was still young and uh it was just one of the guys problem he was like anybody else you know I remember going up to him and shit I was a you Arnold and I was like you know you know doing the whole fucking you know fanboy thing there you know and he said to me don't get so emotional those are the classic words bro don't get so emotional but it you know I just thought about like why so I can't kill him passed away you know it's just eh it's just shows that you know did that era that era bro he can't get that back and the flavor of bodybuilding today he's just so drug oriented those guys train cristae love training they're saying they love bodybuilding in a different way they weren't all trying to be freaks each guys had a physique look at Frank Zane you know I mean it wasn't huge he'd be a fucking you know classic physique guy today you know half those guys would there wouldn't be no bodybuilders you know even Lila Prada and his prime might have been a classic physique guy you know it's just you look at those guys but each one at em physiques you you know magazines you stacks yeah I was gonna say c22 physiques I had a like a signature to it the magazine's actually would show a body part sometimes back in a day some of you older guys remember this they'll show a leg say who's like is that or whose torso was that her who is this you know and they wouldn't show the face and you would guess I that's the mirror but no you know what I mean you knew you know and I mean you you knew bite of the physique our cows talaq you know I know exactly all those guys bro I know more and I met them I knew them it you know it was a pleasure I consider myself lucky because you guys can know all these guys then yeah I know Ronnie Coleman and all this guy I know all the guys today but it you know the you don't a lot of new guys there's no guys coming in I don't know but um and I don't wanna know but it's mmm era you know of no Knowles cousin being around us guys and just seeing a passion for training and trying to develop their physiques in their way every physique will give it with a Boyko like to cut off his head you said wear it go you understand if I could have Samia bono said go Samir bono you know mom and Macaulay mama you know you knew you fuckin know ah that's Toni Pierson bro you know it you noodles physiques man it just it's it's an era that it's not around anymore never could be all these guys today yeah I look at big Ramy I always like to use him as an example because she sees the masked monster but today Hefty's little guys in it you know the – ganar knees and whatever their fuckin names I don't even know their names bro I can't even say their name okay but they all have that look you know what I mean they will have that fucking you're the same look like you know Gus listen to me I didn't compete I was announced you want to compete I think Imperial fucking retarded looking like I what I did to myself okay I took six thousand milligrams a test but I didn't take volt or more I didn't take i GF I didn't take insulin I didn't take none of this shit these guys were taken you know what I mean I didn't take any of that shit you know and I was already done training I just was you know I was already doing some work with the magazines that I just wanted to be a freak you know but I step onstage looking retarded like that you know I what I'm trying to say is these guys brought with the era era I mean I even knew Steve Reeves okay so you die I'll put two pitches here I guess I you know it's a pain yes cuz I gotta fucking scan some of these things you know but I know all the old-school guys bro and I knew them I got to talk to him talkative in jaronda do you know definitely fucking I deal with that's like sitting there argue I argued I argued what Mike men sir I argued with him over over to training cuz he kept saying to me well if you're doing that many sets you know you can't be going all that one and I told him that's not true I am it's just you know I was talking about you know I feel like I got a lot of red fiber you know which is you know more of endurance type train you know more of you know volume you know a little twitch you know and any of the fest which muscle was more explosive to white fire but you know I feel like he had that you know we'd stay you know we didn't argue bad but friendly argument you know what I'm saying was in my gym the gym I owned okay the point guys the point I'm trying to make is that these this error today I I don't really care about bodybuilding anymore I you know I watch certain shows you know on YouTube I'm not gonna mention any names because I'm friends with the guys that do the shows but you know you know today Joe my pops you know and I'm sitting there going the winner of the Buckeye barbell classic you know up-and-coming you know up-and-coming bodybuilder you know whatever so I just you know fitness guys see you know physique guy you know who's gonna win I can't get that excitement problem I just I just can't get that fucking excitement it's not there I don't have it so you know I just feel like that you know what seeing can't you and I to Kang kyun was a schmoozer it's like me bro he doesn't shut the fuck up you know I mean he was sit there and when I would come in a gym because I'm a fucking talker and he's a fucking talker Omar on between the both of us bro like sometimes I would sit and talk to him for like an hour before it even before I didn't get through the fucking front area to the weights I didn't get to upstairs to change my clothes and then get to the front hair into weights it was a used to talk with him it he was a wealth of stories probably was a you don't realize do the bodybuilding national treasure died when he died he knew everybody's shit you know he was friends with everybody he was just a fucking national treasure and you can't say that about these guys today bro you can't say that about this cuz these guys back in the day it goes Jim everybody knew each other whether you want the world's gym which was like two three blocks down our street Oh goals you know every day all know each other problem they were fucking each other you know it was a different era it was a different time you know it wasn't like it is today it just wasn't like yeah you know I mean every single guy today is 250 300 you know yeah they've got guys in the 300s you know it's just even it's the little guys today hurry you know I do I can't even make the 212 I gotta tie it down again it's focused sick it's fucking crazy you know what's nigga completed he you know they had to over 200 mr. Olympian in the under 200 frankly he's doing he under 200 sometimes st. and then Schwarzenegger would win it helps what you know the over 200 but there was only a couple guys in Arnold all the other guys were in the fucking under 200 you know what I mean now today shit man fuck being here under 200 to be in a fucking bikini class okay it's a joke but what I'm trying to say if we lost another body building national treasure a guy who who had so many fucking great so I could sit there just like this and listen to his stories back in the day and now I got a lot of those stories myself cuz I was around privilege bro privileged is gonna look this Arnold it's the cable Rose you know what I mean doing fuck acai laterals that's it's Arnold's right there in the gym could you say that how many pros today can say that huh you think all these guys could say that you think to take you see yeah I talked to a Steve Reeves is good guy or I met John creme ik John Graham ik bro reg Park you know come on you can't get that tonight bro this I'm just saying is rest in peace man can't kill him rest in peace god bless you minute I'll tell ya I wish I could have sat and talked her to one more time you know I remember talking uh you know just before he died I was talking what's his name ed corny now here Ducks trunks or his talk to us you know and but he still man he still had some crew you know we could still talk you know we knew each other for long – bro I know him oh my god I think 77 is shit you know my god ed corny come on small boy bro good guy excellent guy great Arnold stories all of them you know what I mean I know a lot Arnold stories but I was a would Arnold in the fucking in a restaurant when he was eating the fucking hamburger used to call steak and eggs was a hamburger patty you know you know and he'd out with the eggs but it's his favorite food was pancake I do I know all this shit bro all this shit didn't even know the name at a restaurant these two coltd Germans I bounce it that was the real name I got it – I'd love to get right I gotta sit and talk with uh if you give my boy Leon Brown on here boy he's got the greatest stories I want him coming in his fucking house banging on his door 5:00 in the morning come on let's go through the gym let's go to the beach you know and in fucking Leon's I do it I was just fucking drinking all day fucking shot you know Arnold would walk right in and fucking pull the covers off of Michelle let's go come on let's go you know who's and to this day Arnold's still very close what Leon you know it's it's it's it's amazing hey you know I gotta tell you something i blast Schwarzenegger sometimes okay I don't like his politics you know what all that Democrat California fucking nutty fucking wacko thinking okay even though he's a Republican who acts like a Democrat I'm not crazy about that I don't wanna get into politics here but but aside from that he's a good guy I know him talked with him fuck around with him you know I was just again the last on clap not this one two years ago you know I had my girl with me and stuff and not you know I pranked him in the bathroom like you know we had a little fun time there you know I you know I it just came out of stole he was in there and stuff we were talking at the sink and he reached over to shake my hand I told my can I just have my dick in my hand he goes we'll just on the chicken hand then you know we're laughing we shook hands everything and uh but I did a little prank I don't know and I fucking I I upset somebody here when I talk about that I gotta hear the fucking mouth you know cuz of friends will somebody might anyway Gus but you know so I was asking him I told him listen where is Patrick cuz Pat my girlfriend loves patrick Schwarzenegger loves him you know I found count you know I mean how could you like that when you with this I'll say a fucking another word simmer down okay um so you know we happen to be my girlfriend's birthday is March 4th alright so and that in O'Donnell classic was that so he said let me get him a pad we coming out of bathroom to get a you know and we were outside talking for a minute and then here comes Patrick and he's like hey Patrick come here you know when I already know Patrick but you know I know Patrick very well and I told him listen II my girlfriend's over here I'm gonna show I'm gonna shock her just I'm gonna have her come over here he says because he had a good bathroom toast so he goes sorry I'm gonna go to the bathroom it will come out like Dee ambushed her you know and he's like happy birthday he comes over he kisses her and shit you know I have and you know cuz I told her come you know I wanted to talk to about some so I brought over near the bedroom we're talking issues she had no idea what the fuck I was doing you know now she did see me talk to Arnold over there me and Arnold were there for a couple minutes talking and then all of a sudden fucking Patrick comes out of the bathroom in her eyes like this and I'm like hey Patrick it's her birthday if she comes over and kisses earlier and she's like this look all stiff she doesn't know what to fucking do and I took a look at you you big fuck you got a big fucking mouth always fucking out Patrick's with it he comes over he kisses yellowy I'm like a fuckin you know any parent or if you're a parent or if your parents did this to you you have to say did you say thank you say thank you I mean I'm basically like you know I take the guy you know he's like a thank you you know I'm like holy fuck normally you get that big fucking mouth now all of a sudden you know but it was fun she had fun and you know she was thankful it's just that she didn't expect that you know she what's Negus son Patrick's a good guy but so you know I mean you know Arnold is still Arnold from he's still Arnold with his boys that's the whole rant of this shit you know when I talk to me he's a good guy you know he's he's witty he's the good guy you don't turn down anybody you know what I'm saying he's not a prick he has pricked Wali's with other things you know what I mean but not with his boys bro he never forgets his boys I got to give him those props he does not forget his boys does not forget his boys still very close with Leon Brown Leon Brown would tell me the best fucking you know he's got the fucking inside stories he's no he knows Arnold since Arnold like did was he 19 or some 20 when he first came over he hey you know yeah oh no came over you know I think he was think he was he was 21 I think it was 20 or 19 when he came here I don't remember ever it was when he was that young the first person he met was Leon you know I'm saying the first bodybuilding hey they hooked up right away and uh you know Leon would tell me all kinds of shit crazy crazy stuff you know Arnold was a maniac in a car drove like fuckin you know 100 miles an hour Franco would be there you know I think I've told some of these stories before two guys you know one time did you know you know they were all trained to get a Franco or you know Leon Brown Arnold you know sometimes that corny all those guys you know Aldo train together and uh Leon and Franco were actually training partners you know and uh you know Franco's a dick I know I know Franco too and he could be a real dick you know it gives us fuckin guineas a bad name anyway so uh Franco fuckin you know Frank so one concept oblivious to mr. world Franco went up against leon and leon beat him and fucking Franco will come into the gym it would still was still training Willie amber wouldn't talk to him and when an Arnold is a fuckin ball buster bro that he's just like what are the guys and Arnold used to say did he used to fuck his say you know what like you know he would be like why just watches today guys and Franco you know Franco be there you know setting up the weights and all sunny Leone and come in a gym and uh Frank you know Arnold go Leon and Leon will come over he go hey Franco look look who's here Leon he that's tonight a beat you in a contest wait wait wait he won right you know even fucker alley he would fuck it anyway he said that Franco would get so fucking upset you know he would toss around weights and they would they would do sets you get I know like on a bench you get on I get on you gonna but he wouldn't talk he would just like look we just be like this you know he said for six months they trained together every day he would train you know Arnold working it in it he would talk to everybody but he would not talk to fucking Lee huh cuz Leon beat him eat cocksucker anyway and Leon is a fuck it do it that's a national treasure right there Serg Olivos stories you know what I mean the fucking the dude it's the best the better you you guys will never did not like this anymore bro it's not like this these fucking guys or chemical fucking jaggernots Paul they've not it's not like that these guys Schwarzenegger I told you guys my tone they didn't fucking train you know like that they would train but they would not take drugs all year round you know they wouldn't do that there was not take steroids all your there was never did cycle that shit go off you know what I mean they weren't walking around on a 275 in the old season on the contrary it was small in the offseason it was smaller they weren't bigger it was smaller you know Italy um properly I'm Brown would do chest he had a fucking wicket he would do chest and Arnold would do this sometimes though they would do just took three to three days in a row they would pick a body part sometimes and he would do two three days in a row I've been there I know I was with Leon in two three days and he did chest every day he was said told oh you did chest yesterday I know doing it again you you can't make this shit up bro you can take the passion for training the love for treinta just love to Train and it would do they talked in the gym it was social they got the work done but there were a group they were unit they were friends there were a community bill grant not a one wrong are you Billy I know Billy a woman I don't Billy really well he's a good one too many good guy good fucking guy great stories another one very close with Leon dude I know I'm so lucky to say I know these guys personally that I've been around I've been in a gym with him you know what I mean you do do you know what that's like the original world's gym I'm up there and it's a fucking dude it's small its tiniest Bertil Fox over here it is I mean it was just give my dude yo yo you're working out in a Muslim fitness magazine well back then I was muscle builder but I'm working out in the middle of a muscle builder magazine you know what I mean I shit his Arnold tears fuck it you know what I mean I mean when I saw Arnold wasn't wall shit man well I got let me make that clear wasn't goals was worlds okay but it was it was still it was great who's Rick knows walk-in he look like a fucking basketball player didn't you know that's in March I flew back to new New York and like 1981 I flew back to New Yorker 82 I don't remember you was I fly back and his fucking Ferrigno put on 75 pounds he's there to fucking night a champion flexing with the beard he had the first time he had to me because she was doing that Sinbad movie I mean while I was just in the gym with the fucking guy you know what I mean I used to go see his father you know in Brooklyn it's brother Randy still friends his brother Andy can't can't make this shit up bro it's just I'm lucky and we're Cena can't Coon does guys I'm sorry I'm Anton like this but it's Jay I just seen Cancun die I just the stories the stories I could sit there and tell a million I don't I don't know where to begin you know what I mean I don't know where to begin you know it's just I could say that they were trained and then it would all go out to eat they all did they went out to eat you know and they would eat fucking like cottage cheese the fucking eggs hamburger patties they called it steak I told you aunt uncle to the steak you know they would all go out to eat then they lay on the beach they were bodies bro it's not like today not that these guys are enemies but they're all over the world you know these guys would gather who's he it was it was team and he they weren't all about the drugs you know they weren't all about the drunks I would say it you know I I do know that you know Leon would go with Arnold to a clinic where he knew some nurse I think it was every Tuesday or something like that they would go when they would you know they would get the Bunya anyway did we get the Bob Anya and uh some nurse had a fucking hots for our noble drivers little white Volkswagen he said in you know they would go drive to the beach and on it'll go up these fucking hills and drive 100 miles an hour and come on ball would be hang at him I'll go fast okay and you know and and you got to know Leon Brown bro he'd shit and he said I shit my pants 100 times and about you I swear cuz Arnold will go in the fucking he's sitting over bumps in the fucking hole vmw would leave the air like this you know what I mean or he go around a turn and sometimes the thing was good you know any Aaron almost go sideways and there ain't no Arnold was the maniac with that you know he said one time they were at the clinic and they all got their fucking Bob Anya and a cop who was given Arnold the ticket and Arnold said told uh you know Leon a Franco jumping a car jump in the car so uh Arnold you know they jumped in a car armed quickly jumped in the driver seat and drove off before the cop could give him the ticket you know you know today those fucking cops and how did you Danny be banging on your door and shit but he got away with the shit but he was crazy you know it was always one of the boys you know you know he said the nurses loved on they would be like Oh Arnold you know and he would fuck dude he was quite the ladies man you know but one of them would you know give him whole extra boob Anya you know and Leon little extra Barney and she get a lecture Frank oh well because Arnold you know bro I love that everyone's get a hard-on talking about that shit I I know all the stories I they can't kick it I have to write him that got kiddin remember like I'd have to say it would about the time of this what about the thumb of that you know I I know them all but you know I it's like you give a million of Boombah Boombah Boombah Boombah boom man it's just crazy you know even doing a movie stay hungry there's a lot of fuckin shit behind the scenes you don't even know about that stuff bro but I fucking I happen to live all that shit and know those guys and was around and Gold's Gym you know what I mean I was there when fucking Julian blue Martin who was the fucking I was right there why the punch almost I mean if a Jew and bla Marat was a Dutch IFBB official and I saw Mike mensis friend knock him out and simply he hit him so hard he went through the wall and it would happen to be filming pumping iron or women that day there were filming interviews there at the Gold's Gym you know Casey viateur Casey viader Raymond sir okay dude you don't get that shit bro I'm gonna put a picture here all right let me do this I'm gonna put a picture this was taking a Gold's Gym it's the same day as they took the famous picture outside Gold's Gym a little pros then they took one inside with all the people I'm in the picture I'm the guy right I'm gonna show you where I am okay I have to just gonna make making this video a little bit harder but because that means I got to go cut shit up an editing shit and everything but I got to do it I got to show you okay small fucking people in here you know what I mean hey just the school gym I don't know I was 81 82 this before he be some marijuana Olympia you know I used to pal around with him a little bit you know what I mean you know no I remember he was doing a cable course it was actually lifting him up off the air you know uh poster guess I started doing it like that where I would do the cable crosses almost jump like this see you know I don't do him like that no more but you know I tell everybody is another story I'm over there fucking my Christian was trying to make some Scot all he was just mr. California I'm over there doing press downs and he's training somebody right next to me and they doing pull you know pull downs lat pull-downs and I'm doing fucking V bar press downs and I was using so much weight you know what I mean cuz I actually got this from Samir but no he was doing that side did it you know so he's doing the fucking press down like this and him it was actually like so much weight that almost weighed more than me and will lift me up a little bit and my Christians like this he's training the guys helping the guy down with the bar and he's looking at me like this you know and it looked at me and when I stop he stops his set you know stuffs the guy stops a set you know today's train it was it means is what the fuck are you doing what is that you know what I mean I said well Samir showed me down and he said what Samir does what the fuck are you crazy you know but I got big triceps from cinematic you know it is those days bro toast victim Victor rich is walking in there you you know I've already told you guys what the fuck a big boo him and I had with each other and our friends the fucking biggest motherfucker dose was Roy little Meyer oh what a what an impressive body like tapered belly you know that tapered fucking small waist he come in there you know he's a tall guy you know taller we know most bodybuilding show it he pulled a guy with your fucking big deltoids and fucking around fuckin bellies on his arms and stuff beautiful body Rory little Meyer a fuckin monster I love that guy and he was training with you know John Aaron eita he was shown in Rudy Hermosillo that's the kid that was like 25 years old one at teenage from America you know and Sylvester Stallone was already put the fucking thing on his head you know what I mean though he won a bowl for the winning the Nationals and I think it was mr. America back that I remember but anyway put the fuck the ball on his headstone this is after he did the movie Rocky was running like a white Leisure Suit as what I think I think I don't remember but if I was there you hope you say that you know I don't know I'm rambling on I wasted this I guess I wasted this whole video talking about this shit I hope you guys don't mind I just want my plan again the clipboard right my bullshit on it but I I don't know I just start ranting about the shit out I could talk about this I could not haven't really been given story I can say hey tell story after story after story after story you know alright the first picture here is me and Joe Weider alright it's 1979 then I'm in a gym it was like a t1 this is Samir been new Larry Opilio Larry Opilio played a he-man on Universal Studios that's John Graham ech okay this is later on the eighties but I knew these people way before this Steve Reeves again that's me and Steve Reeves okay now again this one right here's Dave Draper but I knew these guys wait if I knew in the 70s Larry Scott that's Rachel McLeish my boy dollar dr. Colin Coker alright that's me talking with Rick Wayne and Frank Zane it was 1983 that's me and Schwarzenegger I don't know it's like 81 or whatever it was then later on me and Schwarzenegger by the way I was dieted down for a show in that one contest in a black-and-white picture that's Arnold's son who's taller than Arnold he's like 6-3 that that's my that was my boy this is a surge new Bray ok that was Patrick as Schwarzenegger here's my girl Gladys Portuguese her and I were very good friends were into Xenon's discotheque together my two boys bill grant and Alessandro Sava and myself okay and there's Franco Columbu – dick and fucking Alessandro sauvé and this picture pause this let's pause this for a second okay this is me on the left you'll see it where it says GV this is gold Jim's like 1981 you can see if you look up front you could see men sir and all of them we're all in the gym to get a Bob Paris all of the role in there okay Andreya scowling Raymond sir you got to look real close at all the door all mixed in throughout that crowd that's the crowd from Gold's Gym but that's taken in Gold's Gym okay all right is it just so many pitches I had all right I just want to talk about a few things here you know just listen to my whole rant before you you know think you know what I'm gonna say cuz got a few things you might gosh shit here listen to the end this you would have to say all right so now switching channels a little bit here it's gonna get to maybe a little bit of stuff we've talked about a little bit like in the last in the last in the last video I did what to help focus Mac I talked about like relationships and not lying and all that stuff and a few guys drew some comments down in there like you gotta lie to you girl so you taking drugs you gotta lie to ego if you're taking steroids you got a lot of heat girl it's not good to tell her the truth because one day if you guys break up and there's trouble she can use that against you and maybe raccho I just gotta tell you something if you feel that you would have girl that you can't trust Edie you got trust issues or she's no good and that's the wrong person you're dating if you're worried that your girl's gonna fucking rat me out or go on fucking Facebook and tell everybody the song so let's take a steroids or or whatever you'll with the womb girl you understand or maybe you're just a fuck up you know what you're so fucking paranoid and shit but if you can't tell the truth brought to your girl through half the lidar and you feel that you're scared to tell the truth Daniel with the wrong person bro or you're just something unreal like I said so well lying is never good so the few you guys who made those comments and stuff and I even said to you there dude you dude you're in a you're in a relationship a relationship has got to be will you have equal mutual respect for each other when lying starts like blowing violence and jealousy brothers or killers those are killers man they're they're really bad and if you if you're into that shit and you know and you're not telling your girls what you're doing your own relationship if you find out she was lying to you by something you wouldn't like it you know and I don't like those kiddie games we you know this one's gonna rat on that one or this one's gonna go on Facebook as they hide or whatever but yeah which also here we understand sir a few questions like so that's about that okay and it's funny because we're talking about lying and my boy one of my boys on here like I said gutter breaks he asked me about you know cuz I talked about the herpes and shit like that in the last video and he asked me about like how do you you know how did you tell you girls she no no of course my girl knows I'm here talking about this shit all over the fucking planet you know and he's video so everybody knows and um you know he you know I do like girl a long time so even though she's fucking 27 years I'm gonna make but um yes she knows how do you tell her I told her from the very beginning listen not for nothing but you know I get the fucking herpes shit and it comes on when it comes on man it's like somebody put a cigarette out on your fucking cahoots with that you know and it's not you know it's not the most pleasant thing you know so what you know he gotta be honest I'm honest about everything you got it especially for the beginning in a relationship I tell right from the get-go he out of the gate you know what I mean and uh so I told her you know and she understood she doesn't give shit you know that it has no effect on her I mean if it was active if I had like an open if they don't want it hitch in he hit that opus or on air or something like that and you stuck it inside her you know I mean you know yes she can get it but it's it dude I had fucking gonorrhea was when I was young I was fucking around them strippers bro and that shit was way worse than any fucking herpes bro herpes is when you get a cold sore inside your mouth that's the same as our baseball it's the same fucking virus it's the same thing you know it's just that it's on you fucking you know officially got there you know so uh you know so you gotta be honest so I you know I told her and you dealt with it it's no big deal it's really nothing I mean the VD was lot worse to gonorrhea you know such STD I'm touching a base on what you guys are asking me some of the comments and I figured maybe you know you know I'd like to you know if you just get some like comments about some of the past shows I've done it you want to clarify stuff you know I want to stop putting pictures I don't really use guys gotta remember I have a flip phone so I don't really do too much on the Instagram I guy I'll tell my girlfriend put this picture up or dude acid do that or you know she'll throw a little something up there because she has the smart phone I don't but I should probably start using it more so I could put some pictures of so many people and talk I talk to you guys about when I tell us all Tamar tell story or even a lot of you know the pictures you know I could put pictures of the stripper decide went to yeah I was young you're gonna see me like you know anywhere from 18 years old to twenty-one like that but still you know so uh you know anyway another thing I don't really talk fault okay you know I know Joe beat arrow here no this is his channel everything's this is my chance this you know this this is my amount channel ID I guess stuff too more videos on there but you know muscle sport mag Joe you know I know he in his very he likes to talk about the politics of some of his shows and you know he's very avid I don't really like to talk to politics much but one of you know I said some about trumpet a lasting and it Charles gusto said to me you were Trump fan I like what it was with that you know he wasn't asking me he might pick something I don't know you know in mind patron maybe you got a watch when you say something about politics because you can turn somebody who like support you you could turn them totally off so I really don't like to talk about politics here um uh I I will just quickly briefly go over that just touch on that so sim it down if this is going to like stevia clamps just listen what I have to say before you fucking go Banzai here ain't one of the haters okay listen to me you don't have to like the guy when when Trump was a reality star and let yet I said he was the biggest dick okay ironically my brother-in-law my sister's husband works for him and does you know he's one of his security guys but he mostly you know he's worked dawn but he mostly works with Eric the son okay uh you know and my sister knows him and you know my friends you know I'm good friends with Charlie Gasperi know who was my childhood friend all right and he grew up you know he you know we grew up to get his little boys and stuff his brother by the way one of you guys asked me his brother was my only workout partner I've ever really had you know what I mean that one took a be on my from Marco and I we go to the gym together but I don't she trained you know we don't do set set with each other and all that stuff you know so what I'm trying to say is that uh you don't have to like the fucking man but you know it's the office you gotta respect the office even when I wasn't a big old bomb a fan but even when he was in there I rooted for America because this is the way it works out because where I come from when you root against your own you get your fucking either hit in the head with a bat or worse you know what I mean you don't fucking go against your own if you don't like something eat know do something about it what you can you you know you can be she you don't say what I'm saying right I can't I'm not gonna get too into the politics here but you know I just feel like you know this is just something you know I own my mouth so I don't want it you know piss anybody off I don't I don't think that I think that people too passionate today but their hate you know I'm not he don't hate anybody you know what I mean I wasn't a fan of Obama but I didn't hate the god I hate the guy you know I I you know it just doesn't work like that the point I'm trying to make is that um you know politics is a funny fucking thing it's a funny thing you know my girlfriend's Mexican her whole family is you know often you know I was gonna say off the boat but that would be tight yeah they're all immigrants since what more illegal you know her mother was deported you know under Obama so what I'm trying to say is you know now my mother's back obviously but you know um and now she has a green card and everything like that but what I'm saying is you can't there's a lot of bullshit out there we need the own politics these people like dig up dirt and they fucking you know it makes you laugh when you see the same people you know who partied with Donald Trump before or his buddies you know doing a roast on a Trump roast didn't you like that and now they like fucking like Snoop Dogg and fucking hypocrite Cox are like that you know what I mean I don't like that um I'm a straight-up guy if you know if you don't like somebody that's okay listen fewh one that's that's fine that doesn't mean we have to form you know we have to agree on everything you know what I mean I I don't like broccoli I don't need tomatoes I'm a Guinea and I don't need tomatoes you know what I mean I don't like them I don't like garlic I don't like onions I don't need you I don't need garlic or onions and I'm an Italian okay we don't have to agree on everything we don't have to fuck it all like the same shit that that's what makes up the world it's just that when you feel that your feelings matter more to somebody else's it's okay for somebody else like these people today to have you know the ante for everything they could say what they want but when you say what you want and that's not acceptable okay you follow what I'm saying you know you know we're living in a in an odd world today where you know male powerlifters are fucking competing as girls it's this is wrong bro it's out of control you know what I mean so Ben and I got trans gent in my family and I got gay lesbian and everything in my family and my my children are part black okay so you know my ex-wife was mulatto so let's you know before you throw stones no heat John Stone said so I mean not for nothing you know that's you know I have no vested interest other than I just care about like you know what happens in my country what happens to my family and you know like that and my son served this country and you know he served under a bum you know and he wasn't it these intelligence you know but you don't root against your own I don't care you know who you are what your politics are or whether you're Democrat Republican I don't I don't know about any of that shit well I just go by the person and if if that you you know that's your your your man out there you know what I mean it just you don't like Trump you don't have to like him put your fucking you can't be against the country you know and he we're living in a fucked up world right now I'm just you know oh you asked me who asked me that again Oh Charles gusto okay so Charles gusto you can see it's on the comments there he asked me and I feel like I got to tell you that you know we we just like I said well you all live in a different world I don't I'm Italian I don't need fucking scungilli underneath any gamma I don't need any of that stuff I don't like it you know what I mean I don't need fucking garlic I don't need I don't need onions I don't eat tomato you know it's funny I love peppers like sauces your peppers and stuff but can't even fucking peppers repeat on me so I don't need peppers you know sometimes I'll still eat it but if you know then you're gonna burp in a fucking foul air and shit like that you know is it affects me like that so anyway listen I just figured I tell you that we you know that's what makes up a world bro you know just like some guys like your girl with a big fat ass I like I'm skinny I'm a little barking out there nah just kidding I like I'm skinny you know so we all like something different that's what makes up a world bro you know what I mean that's what makes up a world you know I'll sit there and you know my friends will say shit you know I'll be sitting in a club you know or something like that you know and you know you know like my friends will say look at that girl oh man she's hot you know and I'll say I think that one's like well like something different you understand and everything in food you know my girlfriend loves to put hot pepper on pizza you know on everything for him I told her my eggs everything she you know Tapatio sauce which is like red hot sauce you know what is that shit you know the pepper flakes that but put a chain on at times you know they use it on on pizzas – I can't eat any that shit bro you know total opposites you know I can't even mess with your food or repeat on me that spice and I like shit too much I'm very bland eater okay that's what makes up the world oh I don't I don't stop my girlfriend from me that you know I mean I don't drink you know I don't drink because I grew up idolizing my father my father never drank and it's funny because my father you to make wine with his father and my father never tasted the wine that he made I think I told you that I said already I'm not sure but you know my girlfriend once ever cocktail one I'll give a shit that's our I don't have to have one right we all like something different and even in the country okay you never go against your family ever ever ever ever all right no not there's too many people here that are you know stepping on a flag you watch these girls that just want a soccer thing and stuff you know I got no respect for that bro I got no respect for that uh you know you make me instead of rooting for you hope you lose you know standing on the American foot why cuz you don't like the president who gives a shit bro your opinion about that shouldn't matter my opinion shouldn't matter to you it's personal it's a personal thing this country's too fucking told you that bullshit man right now stepped on flags you know burning flags you know I don't know 9/11 everybody was unified now all of a sudden everybody you know is stepping on a flag I have alright you know cuz I don't like who's in office he's a racist he's gonna say oh please give me a fucking break that's all bullshit so she wins the concentration camps you know Donald Trump's KKK you really well whose daughters fucked an Orthodox Jew and what are the KKK a worse than black people and people of color Jews please I didn't want to go there respect the office they don't have to like the guy just the way I look at it okay that's the way it is all right I support the family too so she always got it though so anyway I don't finish bullshit I'm ranting now now I'm just ready but hey you know how do you answer the guy's question um you know I don't like to talk about this shit too much to be honest with you because my political view should have no effect on you just like your political views you telling me I have a lot of friends who hate Donald Trump a lot a lot of my friends they hate that you know what I mean we won't be friends with a guy you know what I mean you should title to his opinion you know you like garlic I don't like onions so I don't I mean that's the way it is so all right this was a strange show today I know a little strange conversation but you know we had fun I like to talk about the old school stuff really to be honest with you you know because it brings me back and the passing of can't kill really you know so all right listen guys be good to you girl okay be good to your wife significant other you know to spin you know what I'm gonna tell you take care of those kids man pay the child support don't matter what she does with the money those are your kids let her dance it to them that's what will happen down the road trust me I've been there okay be good to kids be good to what be good to all my butt beat the Tisch self be excellent to yourself because you matter okay your feelings matter you matter we all go through those hills and valleys in life bro we all go true we're on the top you feel like King shit you know what I mean when you're on the top of a mountain you feel like shit like the king you're like I'm this shit you know I don't mean you feel like James Hillier get a shit we're down there bro that's Dan you feel like shit you feel low you feel like that why bother gotta keep climbin we all go through that you're no different than anybody else if you're out there and you're going to bullshit you are no different from me anybody else no different we all go through it just you don't fill a bathtub with pity and shit and then just go lay in there he gets us up okay every day to lyin on a prairie problem he's got to deal with shit bro some of the lion wants fuck around with his fucking lionesses you know what I mean Mel why not want to come in take his lioness kill his Cubs so we could start his own pride so you got a word attack and when he had a fucking met mine we got to eat the fucking either word about making a kill she could you know fill your belly you got a word about a lot of things but you still do what you gotta do bro that's the way this we have no choice against the life is full of hills and valleys and it's it's when you're low we all know you've heard it a million times it's when you down and it's where your strength comes increase yeah you have no choice yeah you have no fucking choice right if a car was on top of your mother and it was crushing her and you can give you at that pie you get on there and you do everything good to lift that car up right you put all your strength and everything in it yeah no choice you got to go forward all right so please be good to yourself don't bang it against the wall of the things that are out of your control that you cannot control you just gonna get a sore head okay the bitch will talk more about that another time but be good to yourself it matters to me all right you don't say it's not fucking around stop fucking around we'll see you next week you bunch of fucking Momo's I love you guys stop at Titan medical center we are here to make you feel better look better and perform better we're here to get you to your optimal levels in the most natural way possible we are a boutique style clinic without the boutique style costs all medications are monitored and prescribed by a physician let us help you get the results you've been wanting come to Titan medical center for the most cutting-edge therapies and the most current information on how to take the most natural approach to your health you

39 thoughts on “Gregg Valentino – Golden Era of Bodybuilding / Politics / Trump / Relationships

  1. Sorry about the loss of your friend. Totally in line with you on supporting the best for our country. Really sad state of affairs. Yeah, i was pissed at some of the soccer players.
    I can relate some to the old days. I was 18 years old back in '89, went to a World Gym in Largo FL. Little hole in the wall. Hardcore as hell, loved it. One night Eddie Robinson(Mr USA "89) walked in, you would have thought God came through the doors. Besides the music(they played the best music) everyone was quiet, just kinda checking him out, paying homage. Hulk Hogan was in there also on a separate occasion. The place had ONE cardio piece, an upright stationary bike. There be a female sometimes, but it was rare.
    The building is now a sandwich shop, been that for years. Damn shame. Guys today look at the gym as a meat market, sad.
    Great video and stories as always, thank you. Love ya brother, and everyone else here too!


  3. At 60 and still lifting/pushing I remember these golden days well..The analog days WERE golden..thanks Gregg for the memory.I feel very lucky also..

  4. Best videos ever. Love when you tell golden era stories. Im with you i give a fuck less about joe blow in today's bodybuilding. All them drug freaks today all look the same its so lame. Never heard of guys in there 20s dying from gear in 80s.

  5. I'm still alive. Just working graveyards and doubles..Robbie is nowhere to be seen. I guess working a regular job is beneath him.

  6. Love the stories of the Golden Era Gregg. You're a helluva storyteller! I could listen to you all day man.
    What I'd give to have met those guys. I did meet Serge Nubret in 91.

  7. You’re the man Valentino you’re the reason a LOT of us meatheads watch this channel bro💪🏻👍🏻🇮🇹 Start working on your own channel more we love you bro💪🏻💪🏻

  8. Zucky's Delicatessen – 5 th and Wilshire , Santa Monica, near the beach. ( they call it "the germans" ) The sign is still there because it was so famous, now it's a landmark. (restaurant is replaced with other business now) The guys from the gym used to come again late evening, from 10 to midnight. A 7 eggs omlette with cottage cheese was about 1 dollar or so. Big plate of " all you can eat " was 2.50 $.

  9. Do you resent the steroid factor in bodybuilding, personally. I mean, what would Gregg Valentino have been if there werent any steroids in the world. Who would have been on the final stage in a steroid-free Olympia etc.? (SGD)

  10. DUDE, fucking AMAZING Vid. Had me laughing and crying. You are so right man. Different era! Back when it was a real lifestyle that only a few bad ass dude and broads new about. Nowadays all these guys look like the Micheline Man…#MAGA!!! Love Trump bro BTW

  11. Gregg, did your friends ever give you shit for not drinking when you went out when you were younger? How did you deal with that and not give into peer pressure?

  12. i love the passion you speak with GV. And i can feel the love you had for that era in BB.

    I wasnt around back then but my brother was a big BB fan and trained. I remember he used to buy this supplement that came in a really cool box with athletes from different sports on the front and this muscled up guy in the centre. It had these little packets that had like 4-5 different types of pills in them… cant remember what it was called but it fascinated me as a kid. And then I got to watch his VHS videotape of total rebuild when arnie came back to win the olympia while he was doing the movie conan the barbarian. I was hooked from then bro

  13. Greg you got to get up and do the Pee Wee dance when you do the whistle!😂😂 Somebody has to do some interviews with Leon Brown you never see any of him!

  14. We're the same age and I've been a BB fan since the early 70s. At events I met a lot of people you talk about. I was a real fan of Casey Viator and made most gains using Arthur Jones methods. Let's hope we dont lose any more legends this year.

  15. Gregg, what is the real story behind Mike Mentzer's shoulder injury? There were rumors left and right, and despite me training under him for a summer, I never asked him

  16. Yo gregg, I was watching an interview of Arnold saying the terminator charachter was meant to be played by OJ Simpson. Very interesting.

    Btw there's something called 'orderly recruitment.' The body calls on the weakest muscle fibers to carry out a task. Itll first call upon the slow-twitch fibers. If that isnt sufficient enough, the medium fibers will be called (etc). If the resistance is heavy enough to recruit the fast twitch fibers, ALL fibers will be involved.

  17. Great show Gregg. It may be a good idea to sit Leone down and put some of those stories on tape or a book. Or invite him on show and shoot the shit for a couple episodes.

  18. Don't you dare talk down on my legendary friend Lui Marco, he is a self made boss you old synthol abusing geezer

  19. Hi Gregg, I graduated 🎓 yesterday 👍Never thought I'd do that, back when I left school with almost nothing.

    Gym session completed, good on plate and Gregg on YouTube 🍽️👍
    You certainly didn't waste our time, with this rant. These are really interesting stories. Keep therm coming 👍

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