100 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Gym Leader Battle Remix 金と銀のジムリーダーバトルリミックス

  1. Kingdra looks like it's about to flop over on one side uselessly.
    That's what you get for using water pokemon on land…

  2. @DarkkrowRogue gonna have ta agree except 3 is da hardest o and im just puttin it out there, if that shit were real then daym! id fuck dat bitch, i guess most of you would agree, i mean, come on 😛 (Clair would be pretty good to in that tight shit she wears, jasmines petite so mehh)
    so its just occured to me, what the fuck did i just write…

  3. falkner – to easy
    bugsy – hehe you that your bugs were gonna stop me as if
    morty – fuck yo gengar
    chuck – were you trying?
    jazmine – why steel types :/
    pryce: kinda easy letdown
    clair – that damn kingdra

  4. Falkner: Easy at the beginning. Annoying to fight later.
    Bugsy: really Kakuna and Metapod?…Scyther!! WTF!!
    Whitney: STUPID COW.
    Morty: stop using freaking DREAM EATER!
    Chuck: Spams MindReader and Focus Punch
    Jasmine: 2 magnets and a giant metal snake. Sounds fair….
    Pyrce: Icy Wind has to be the most annoying move ever.
    Clair… I hate you…

    3.the devile
    6.stupid pallu
    7.badass looking

  6. Falkner is so easy
    Bugsy is the easiest gym leader ever
    Whitney is strong,but a Flaafy with a strong fighting move pwn her easly
    Morty is also easy
    Chuck can be pretty hard,not with an Ampharos and a Togekiss
    Jasmine is very hard,i have captured a Magikarp and evolved him to beat her!(A freaking level 30 Gyarados is the only way to win,Ampharos is too weak to beat Steel types)
    Pryce got pwned against my Ampharos
    Clair is also very hard,but my Gyarados knows Avalanche.

  7. I think whitney shud be with jiggly too and poliwrath shud do a barret from FF7 pose lol, steel girl shud stand next to or lean against steelix but i LOVE the art

  8. @lolliepop90 Wow was it a critical hit or something? Miltank is usually insane with it's defenses and HP for me (and most others it seems) at that point in the game.

  9. that moment when you use a super affective move on milktank and the thing has like 1 health and ends up using milk drink move >_>

  10. If you haven't played G/S/C, that Miltank trying to look badass looks absolutely ridiculous. If you have, it scares the piss out of you like only childhood horror can.

  11. @marioAWESOMENESS because you'd have to get lucky in that sense, since Milk Drink/Attract/Rollout could all screw over the Cyndiquil, being the only pokemon with Fire Spin at the time. It's often down to luck.

  12. @lockerz102 Kingdra and Scizor are OverUsed, Scizor is the most used Pokemon… You just had to rape Gengar and you would have been really stupid.

  13. U can get Pokemon normally only obtainable through trading by following these steps:
    1. You MUST have HeartGold or SoulSilver. (because it invoves the GTS) (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum works too)
    2. Deposit the pokemon you want to evolve. If it needs to hold an item, make sure it has it. (eg. Deposit Seadra holding a Dragon Scale)
    PS: to prevent losing the pokemon over GTS, request for an impossible trade.
    3. Do a random trade on the GTS.
    4. Take back the pokemon you deposited. it will evolve.

  14. alright lets go to goldenrod city's gym,
    *whitney sends out miltank*
    me: well this is gonna be easy
    *sends out quilava*
    *Makes miltank on red hp*
    *whitney uses super potion*
    Me : *put in in red hp again*
    *Miltank drink it's own milk*
    Me : What the fuck?!?
    puts in on another red hp
    *miltank drink it's own milk again*
    Me : BITCH!!! WHY WONT YOU JUST DIE?!?!?!?!?

    has anyone been through to the same story?

  15. I remember way back, when i was just a kid and pokemon originally came out…. i caught a lvl 3 pidgey and trained it all the way to a lvl 100 pidgeot. I was so fucking proud lol. still am!

  16. I rememberes I faced pryce and was overwhelmed from his Pokemon but I bested him but after I got the badge I realsied that he was piwerful and I aciddently forgot to challenge chuck and jasmine

  17. do not even fucking go there. im still trying to erase my recent failures against whitney out of my mind

  18. can someone explain this: I was fighting with my gastly against that miltank, that miltank used stomp but for some reason that stomp (normal type move) has hit my fucking ghost type 0_0

  19. Why does Bugsy have a Scizor instead of Scyther and Price a Mamoswine instead of Piloswine? I mean the latter wasn't even a Johto Pokemon!

  20. Falkner: Pffft, bitch ass bird pokemon. A pidgey and pidgeotto? Really?
    Bugsy: God this was easy, kakuna and metapod? Seriously?
    Whitney: A normal type gym? This'll be even easier than- Oh.. Oh god. Stop using rollout. Stop! STOP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  21. Miltank: The main reason that I took advantage of the in-game trade to get a Machop in the Goldenrod Department Store in HG/SS.

  22. I used Heracross against Whitney's Miltank. It used Attract and Stomped so many times, then Heracross fainted. I have to sacrificed 2 other Pokemon to Revive and heal Heracross to finally whack out the Miltank after several more Attract, flinching Stomps, and Milk Drinks. Screw you Whitney.

  23. In Pokemon Heart Gold, I actually got a female Wobbefet via Poke Walker and I used it in the Whitney Fight and went something like this:

    Miltank use Stomp


    Miltank use Stomp

    Counter again

    Miltank Faints

    Me laughing like a mad person in college silently in IT class. True Story

  24. these are not the leaders of C / G / S, are of HG / SS… here fredo has a Mamoswine, and Mamoswine is the fourth generation.

  25. The gen three version of Whitney's miltank was Brawly's makuhita. Not as aggravating but pretty damn close.

  26. miltank was easy, pick up tm 04 and a breeze, im probably the only person who finds morty's gengar harder… damn you hypnosis and dream eater…

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