Go On, Git: TV at the Gym Playing TNT

Go On, Git: TV at the Gym Playing TNT

♪ -Go on, go on,
go on, go on git ♪ [ Laughter ] -Aw. -Go on, git! People who put a milk carton
that has just a few drops of milk left
back into the fridge. I went to pour myself
some creamy dairy in my coffee, but instead all I got was
a splash of disappointment. You knew that carton was drier than a Mojave Desert cactus
in July. So quit yankin’ my chain
and go on, git. [ Cheers and applause ] Go on, git. TV at the gym playing TNT. [ Laughter ] Who the hell made that decision? You got three TVs on sports,
three TVs on the news, and then one that’s
only ever showing reruns of “Charmed”
and the movie “Gladiator.” [ Laughter ] You think that if someone
doesn’t like news or sports, they must wanna watch
some random episode of season four of “Bones”? [ Laughter ] Go on, git, TNT playing “Bones.” Unless, that is, it’s
the episode with Cyndi Lauper. I did love that one. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Whoa. -Go on, git.
-Oh, my God! -Aioli. [ Laughter ] You ain’t nothing
but some dang mayonnaise that downloaded Duolingo.
[ Laughter ] Git! -Oh. Oh, no. -Go on, git,
silent R in February. [ Laughter ] You serve less purpose than
a squirt gun in a water park during a thunderstorm. So you get that second R
out of there. And actually, while we’re at it,
take away the other R too. You blew it.
So go on, git, February. And hello, Febuay. [ Laughter and applause ] Go on, git,
A-Ceet-O, A-Set-Uh. [ Laughter ] I thought I’d save some money by
not buying brand-name Tylenol. We all know
you’re the same thing, but now you’re giving me
a headache just trying to pronounce ya. So go on git, acetaminophen. [ Laughter and applause ] ♪♪ -Wow. -Go on git, chickpeas. [ Laughter ] The jig is up. You’re just garbanzo beans
tryin’ out a new personality. And that personality stinks
like deception. Legume?
More like le-go on git. [ Laughter and applause ] ♪♪ Go on git, soft shell crabs. Shells are supposed
to be hard, not soft. Go back to the shell factory
and try again. [ Laughter and applause ] Hard to see ’em go, but I’m glad
I got it all out of my system.

56 thoughts on “Go On, Git: TV at the Gym Playing TNT

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    Go on, Git! Says @FallonTonight
    Trying to make wrongs right! 👍🌼🌞💐🌸🌺🏵️🌷🥀🌷🌹 Flower Power

  2. Goofball.
    Would you believe that
    Acetaminophen is a leading cause of liver cirrhosis and is a component of hydrocodone ..

  3. Jimmy, let me tell you something very hilarious. People get to know what happened between us through your show. The milk story for instance and they tend to steal and own it. Seems like some people would never learn!

  4. All February is is "R's".
    an F, some R's, a B, some more R's.

    Also you could just say, "paracetamol"
    .. or 'liver failure'

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