Glute Workout (Perfect For Runners!)  | Trainer of the Month Club | Well+Good

Glute Workout (Perfect For Runners!) | Trainer of the Month Club | Well+Good

– Hi, this is Traci Copeland, and welcome to Trainer of the Month Club. So, we’ve been focusing on workouts that are great for runners. Today we’re gonna focus on glute strength. So, why are glutes so
important to runners? It’s all about injury prevention. We focus on our quads and
hamstrings pretty often, but the glutes are actually
gonna help stabilize our pelvis and actually prevent injury. We’re gonna focus on
that isolating the left and the right side. We’re gonna do everything
two rounds through. You guys ready? Let’s get started. First move, glute bridge. I’m gonna have you lying
on your mat on your back, arms by your side. We’re gonna lift one leg
up towards the ceiling and slowly lift your hips off of the ground, slowly lower down. And, you wanna keep your
head in a neutral position, staying completely
isolated through your glute slowly lifting and lowering. Now if you wanna make this a
little bit more challenging, you can always add a little
bit of a weight here, or if this is too intense, you can also just do both legs
together at the same time. Once you’ve done one side, then you’re gonna switch and
move to the opposite side. So, we’re focusing on isolating
our right and our left side. That’s unilateral movement, which is actually really great for strengthening your glutes. Often with things like
a squat or even a lunge, we don’t really isolate our
right and our left side, so it’s really great to do
something like a glute bridge with one leg up in the air. It’s gonna help you isolate between your left and your right. And you can actually
see where you’re weak, you can see where you’re strong, okay? you can see where those weaknesses are. Alright, we’re gonna stay on the ground. I’m gonna have you move
onto the next move. We’re doing a table top with leg lift. So, I’m coming into a table top position, shoulders directly over my wrists. I’m gonna go ahead and lift one side and I’m gonna stay on that one side, ’cause I’m actually isolating those medial glutes and that piriformis. So I want to also make
sure that my tailbone is tucked under, and I’m not
arching in my lower back. Making sure that my
fingers are staying spread. That’s gonna help protect my wrists. It’s also helping me stay
engaged through the core. Once you’ve done one side, now we’re gonna go ahead and move over onto the opposite side. (upbeat music) So staying completely grounded, pressing the ground away from you as you lift your hip and making sure that you’re not leaning too far to one side every time that you lift your hip. And you want to lift with the
same tempo every single time, and you want to lower with that same tempo that you lift with. (upbeat music) So we’re strengthening those
outer glutes, those abductors. Alright we’re gonna move up. We’re gonna come to a standing position, and we’re gonna isolate
left and the right side, we’re gonna do a little
bit of a single leg squat. So I’m gonna lift my
left leg off the ground, reach my arms forward, lower down, and then come back up to stand, okay? Now this is a little bit
of a challenge, right? Because you really have to focus on one side of your body. You really get to see where your weaknesses are. If this is a little bit
too intense for you, what you can always do is you can use the bench
right behind you, okay? You can sit on that bench and then you can come
up to stand on one leg. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can go all the way down and make it a pistol squat. Alright we’re gonna take
it to the opposite side. (upbeat music) Arms are gonna reach out (upbeat music) making sure that I, I’m really gripping
the ground with my toes every single time I lower down. And I can actually feel my glutes working every time I bend my leg. Maybe each time you lower down, you’re able to get a little bit deeper. We’re gonna be here for
just a few more seconds. (upbeat music) Alright, we’re gonna stay
with that single leg isolation and we’re gonna move on
to single leg deadlifts. So lifting one leg off of the ground, keeping my hips square, reaching for the ground, then coming back up to stand, okay? Now notice that my back stays nice and flat the entire time. Now what you can do if you wanna
make this more challenging, you can grab a med ball,
you could grab a dumbbell, anything from 10 to 15 pounds. That’s actually gonna help you lower. (upbeat music) Alright we’re gonna move on
to that opposite side, okay? Once again, keeping the hips squared, working on that unilateral movement. Notice how also I keep a soft bend in my legs every single time. That’s just so your knee
doesn’t hyper-extend. (upbeat music) So if you’re somebody
who does a lot of yoga, this is very similar to warrior three. (upbeat music) Staying nice and stable, keeping your eyes gazing
towards the ground or slightly out in front of you, making sure that the
heel is staying flexed. Alright, we’re gonna move on. We’re gonna go onto power skip. So, power skip is gonna
start with a lunge. I’m gonna step one leg back,
get a nice strong lunge, drive the knee up, and then land it. So, your glutes, that’s where your power comes from okay? So this is a nice, natural progression. We’ve worked our way up so we can do this. You wanna power through, drive that knee up every single time and maybe you can even get a little bit higher every single time. Alright, once you’ve done one side gotta take it right to the next side. Alright step it back, starting
in that lunge position, and drive, stick. That stick is gonna help you maintain control every single time. (upbeat music) But remember, it’s not about the lunge, it’s about the skip. It’s about the power that you’re creating every single time. Alright, we’re almost there you guys. See if you can go a little bit higher. Last few seconds, and then guess what? We get to do it all over again. Alright, you made it through one round, one more to go. Alright, we’re gonna
take it to the ground. You’ve got single leg glute bridge. Lying on your back, arms by your side, palms faced down, one leg lifts, and slowly lift your hips
off the ground, slowly lower. Keeping the eyes up towards your toe. And remember, you know how to modify. If you wanna modify, you can just go ahead and lower one leg to the ground and do two feet on the
ground, lifting the hips. But single leg is really gonna help isolate your left and your right side, making sure that you, you’re balanced. Alright, let’s take it
to the opposite side. Opposite side lifts, and you lower. Now as you lift, you also wanna make sure that you’re not over-extending, okay? You don’t want to just lift your hips all the way up as high as you can go, this isn’t a yoga class, this is about building that power and strength in your glutes. (upbeat music) Keeping the eyes up towards the ceiling, head in neutral position, just a few more seconds here and then we’re gonna take it to that table-top position with leg lift. Alright, let’s take it there, second move. Alright we’re back on our hands and knees, table-top position, nice flat back, tailbone under, and I’m lifting. I want to keep my weight centered every time I lift the leg. (upbeat music) Again we’re lifting with ease and control, almost like you’re moving through water. We don’t want to get stuck. (upbeat music) And it’s not about the height
that you lift the leg here, it’s about making sure that
you’re in proper alignment, making sure that, that tailbone is under, and that you’re moving nice and slow. Alright, let’s go ahead and take it to the opposite side. (upbeat music) Again, we’re focusing on
those medial glutes here, and even your piriformis
and those abductors, those muscles on the
outsides of your glutes. So the major muscles in
that glute or the maximus, medial glutes, but there’s
also those tiny muscles in your glutes that help
stabilize the pelvis too, and also your abs. Alright, just a few more and we’re gonna come back up to stand. Okay, two down, three to go. We have our single leg squat here. So I’m gonna lift left leg off the ground, get stable here, reach
the arms straight out, send the hips back. (upbeat music) Okay. And what you can also do is, you can also bring that
foot back to center if you’re having difficulty balancing. Once again, if you need to add a chair or a bench behind you, that’s one way that you can modify. You can always start
from a seated position, and then work your way up to stand. Alright, let’s take it to the other side. Opposite side’s gonna lift. I’m gonna stand nice
and stable here first, and then I’m gonna lower down, and I’m gripping the ground with my toes every time I’m able to squat, sending my hips straight back. And I wanna make sure that my back stays night and flat too, so I’m not rounding through
any part of my spine, okay? (upbeat music) Just a couple more. (upbeat music) And taking it to our next move, we’re gonna go into
single leg deadlift, okay? So, starting on one side, reaching for the ground,
hips staying square, and then coming all the way up to stand. It’s basically one of
your hinge movements, so crucial for glute
and hamstring strength. (upbeat music) Once again, ways that you can make this a little bit more challenging, add that dumbbell, but only if you feel like you’re strong enough. There’s no reason to progress there if you’re not ready. Let’s go ahead and take
it to the opposite side. Again, put in that soft bend in your knee, it’s gonna eliminate any knee issues. And again, one of the
reasons that we focus on our glutes, is to help prevent injuries especially in those
knees, ankles, IT band. You can focus on just doing
a little bit every day, in conjunction with your
other running workouts. Wow, you’re gonna save your
body, maybe run faster. Alright, we’re gonna take
it to that last move. That’s the lunge to power skip. So I’m gonna step back, starting in that lunge position and then coming back to stick. (upbeat music) So this is all about power. If those glutes are firing, then maybe you’re jumping
a little bit higher, okay? We’re just gonna be here
for a little bit longer. Use your arms as well, it’s gonna help drive that knee up. Alright, time to switch
sides, shake it out. One side done, one side
to go, you got this. Alright, take it back,
lunge position, power up. (upbeat music) Really drive that knee
up towards your chest, and remember how I’ve said before, cheek to cheek, drive that
hand towards one cheek, and then the opposite cheek, you got it. Just a few more seconds left and you’re almost there. And alright, you guys made it! Thanks so much for joining,
I’m Traci Copeland. You just did a great
glute-strengthening series, and you can do this workout in addition to your running routine. It’s gonna help you prevent injury, it’s also gonna help you run faster, and make your body last a lot
longer while you’re running. So here’s a quick tip on
how to activate your glutes while you’re actually running, you want to make sure that you’re drawing your lower abs in while you’re running and you’re leaning forward. Thanks so much for joining, and I’ll see you next time. Peace out. Want more Trainer of the Month Club? Subscribe to “Well+Good” right now. (fading music)

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