hi guys Mike Thurston here I hope you’ve
all recovered from leg day – today it’s day two and we’ll work out shoulders
and chest. for me I find that my chest is probably one of my strongest points, I
also found my shoulders again it’s quite a strong point so what I tend to do is
I’ll combine both of them together into one workout so that means I can then
focus on my weaker areas and hit them twice a week. first exercise we did flat
dumbbell bench press and this one I was keeping the negative reasonably slow so
from top to the bottom of the movement it was three seconds slight pause at the
bottom stretch the pecs and then pressing the dumbbells back to
the top I won’t press as heavy as I possibly can, if I do it just means
that my shoulders, particularly my front delts do the majority of work and I
can’t really get that squeeze compared to if I was doing a lighter weight so I
keep the weight in which I can keep the tension throughout the entire set so if
I’m doing ten reps I want to make sure that I can place the tension on my chest
for those ten reps we’re doing 8 – 10 reps and four sets with dumbbells I find that the range of
motion is greater so I can get much lower and when I bring the dumbbells
back to the top it allows me to really bring my elbows together and shorten the
pec next exercise we did a superset that was
dumbbell lateral raises superset it with a plate front raise. with dumbbell
lateral raise trying to place the tension on the mid point in my delt so
I’m thinking about keeping my little fingers higher than all my other fingers
and making sure that I’m maybe leaning forward ever so slightly and making sure
that my torso is static throughout the movement. the superset went on to the
front raises with the plate you know I’ll mix up sometimes I’ll do dumbbells
today we did the plate was 20 kilograms again just bringing it up to about eye
level maybe a little bit higher slowly on the way down I’m not going all the
way down to the bottom and resting because I will release the tension on my
front delt I’m trying to keep time with tension throughout this entire set so
I’ll bring it down nice and slowly and a couple of inches before bringing it all
the way down to my thighs I’m then going to bring the weight back up again sets and reps I did ten to twelve reps
on lateral raises and then ten reps on the plate front raise next exercise was the upright cable
press again superset it with cable fly. now the reason why I’ve used a
bench in this one is to ensure that I keep my torso as upright as possible and
to reduce any swinging backwards and forwards creating any momentum with the
press, I’m having the cable attachments about shoulder height keeping my elbows
high and when I’m pressing I’m pushing my chest out as much as possible and
having a little bit of an arch in my lower back
this again is to try and prevent my shoulders from coming forward as I press
so when I press I’m not thinking about pushing the hand my hands out in front
of me I’m thinking about bringing my elbows together at the top of the
movement so as I do this I bring my elbows together and squeezing my pecs as
much as possible so I’m going to go for 10 reps on that and then I’m going to lower
the weight by a couple of pins again to a weight which I can maintain tension
across my chest and reduce my shoulders from coming forwards and I’m going to go
into a fly movement at the bottom of the fly movement I’m going to bend my elbows
slightly stretch my pecs and then I’m going to push forward bring my elbows
together and squeeze as much as possible for another 10 reps next exercise was a alternating overhead
press so what I was doing with this one i was pressing one dumbbell up at a time the reason i’m doing this is because I’m
maximizing the time under tension throughout the sets instead of pressing
both up, i’m actually pressing up one at a time
so therefore almost doubling the amount of time my muscles are working so when
you’re doing this you’re not going to be able to press as heavy as you would do
by pressing both for muscles at the same time but it’s still very effective
nonetheless so again I’m going to keep my hands and always be above my elbows
in amount at what point in the press I’m at so one up bring it all the way down
as soon as I brought one arm all the way down I’m going to bring the other one up
so the arm that is not necessarily resting but in the bottom position
doesn’t move your delt is constantly under tension whilst the other one is
being pressed up so we’re going to go for 20 reps on that so it’s basically
ten on each arm so the next exercise went into another
chest one superset with a closed grip dumbbell press superset it with press
ups. the close grip dumbbell press I’m going to do this on a slight incline so
I can place a little bit more tension on upper chest and as I’m holding these
dumbbells I’m constantly pushing them together as hard as I possibly can so
the harder you push your hands together the greater the tension is
going to be a cross the chest, and bear in mind when you’re doing this exercise you
want to try and keep your shoulders back throughout so go for a lighter weight
and just remember the harder you push together – the better. once you’ve done
that we’re then going to go on to press ups or just basic press ups with very
strict form so I’m making sure hands about just wider than shoulder width
apart my whole body is straight and aligned at the top I’m going to do a
slight squeeze and then back down to the bottom again we’ll go to ten reps and
during the the last set maybe the second to last set we’ll go to failure the last one was a standing cable fly
the reason why I like to do this one is because the forces are acting slightly
different when compared to doing just a standard dumbbell fly, the hardest
point in the movement is when the cable is at 90 degrees to your arm so it’s
actually gonna be in this position so you’re just hitting the strength curve
with an angle keep your chest out shoulders back torso straight then we
know the swinging backwards and forwards to try and get the weight up you know
bring it up slowly slight pause at the top and then slow negative three two one
and then back up we’re going to go for fifteen reps on that one so because it’s
a it’s the last exercise I’ll do a bit more finisher and maybe on the last set
I’ll do 15 reps to drop the weight probably another 10 reps and then
probably hit maybe ten partial reps where I’m just going halfway up and just
bouncing up and down that was day two guys come back tomorrow
and make sure check out my back workout


  1. I know I'm just another commentor and he is a trained athelete but if he were to like to negate his shoulders more from his pressing movements he should probably lower his elbows, since flared elbows create more use of the anterior deltoid. again I've never competed and he has but just a tip, cheers

  2. Hello Mike, I enjoy a lot this Workout. I am your Fan and want to give you my Suggestion, please do not make the same mistake as the majority of the Bodybuilders that are obsesed with gain more and more weigh and build more and more muscles. I consider that you are perfect as you are in this moment, please try to maintain yoursefl at this Level. For me the Hulk shape is not healthy nor aestethic. Thank you for sharing your routines with us.

  3. If you were my trainer in person I would have a great body, damn its enjoyable watching you workout! So handsome too, your body is just perfection!

  4. on exercises with multiple sets do you do one exercise at a time until all sets are completed or do you do one set of each exercise moving on to a different exercise after a completed set then start at the beginning when those are done?

  5. can you do a split that hits muscles twice per week please? this split is good but your only hitting a muscle once per week.

  6. Bro awesome Work, Thanks for that!
    One important question, how many sets do you do for these super set(s)? Is it only one or more? Pls respond 🙂

  7. I wish these excellent training tips were printable so I can take to the gym. Hard to remember all the tips and then go to train.

  8. Dumbbell Bench Press (0:33)
    SUPER SET (1:48)
    > Dumbell Lateral Raises
    > Plate Front Raises
    SUPER SET (1:48)
    > Cable Press
    > Cable Flyes
    Alternating Press (4:10)
    SUPER SET (5:15)
    > Close Grip Dumbbell Press
    > Push Ups
    Standing Cable Flyes (6:27)

  9. Day2 Shoulder/Chest

    1. DB flat Bench Press. 4x 8-10 reps
    2. Superset:
    DB Lateral Raise (tut) 4x 10-12 reps
    Plate Front Raise (tut). 4x 10 reps
    3. Superset:
    Cable Press seated 4x 10 reps
    Cable Flyes seated. 4x 10 reps
    4. DB seated Press alterning 3x 20 reps
    5. Superset:
    DB Press close grip/flat bench .3x 10 reps + 1x failiur
    Pressups. 3x 10 reps + 1x failiur
    6. Cross cable flyes standing 3×10 reps + Drop (- 15%) 1×10 + 1x Partial to failiur

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