you can achieve the BBL brazilian
butt-lift results brazilian butt-lift body in the gym if you give
it some time put some energy into it a little balanced lifestyle make working
out your lifestyle get the assistance of a personal trainer if you really need to
you can hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s your girl marie from today i’m going to be talking about the brazilian butt-lift
versus going to the gym and right now I know I was seeing some trending topics
on Twitter and also there’s a few videos here on YouTube talking about a post on
Twitter or a tweet on Twitter that a lady said there is no way that you can
get bbl results in the gym to be honest I am
not sure if half of the ladies so far that have got their email have actually
tried to work out and get use results in the gym and if I had to guess I would
say probably two out of ten maybe attempted and realized hey my genetics
and my bone structure and everything that’s going on with me I would just
never be able to achieve the body goals of a baby oh now I’m going to show you
how I look right now I definitely need to hit the gym and I’m going to get into
why I’m doing this video so just take a look at my body I mean I’m definitely
and highest weight that I’ve ever been in my
life and it’s a bit embarrassing for me but as of right now when I hit my um my
scale a couple days ago it said that I weighed 191 pounds and why they usually
I weigh about anywhere between about 45 to about 55 a buck 60 was my highest and
I was cool with that you know because as you can see from this footage here I’ve
always been lower body heavy I’ve always had you know pretty good chunk of ice on
there and my waist have always been smaller and proportion to my hips and my
booty my upper body was always smaller now I guess I can blame it on the fact
that I’m getting older but I mean I’m only in like my mid-20s whatever any
help it shocked it up to the fact that my
metabolism is slowing down but you know what there’s things that I can do about
that and I haven’t been up until now so I thought that I would go through my
weight loss journey with you guys online and hopefully I can persuade and it can
become a trending video that you can achieve the BBL brazilian butt-lift
results in the gym and I think I might use this as my intro you can achieve the
BBL Brazilian butt lift results I equals Brazilian butt lift body in the gym if
you did it some time put some energy into it live a balanced lifestyle make
working out your lifestyle get the assistance of a personal trainer if you
really need to you can I mean if you want your waist to be all way out here
your stomach always sorry if you want your hips to be all the way out here and
your waist to be here and you’re already a little bitty thing
I mean maybe you should try and find something that you will be happy with
now of the gym and you work out you might be so surprised at how your body
looks and you’ll learn to love it you can develop the booty you can develop
the waistline you can even firm up your breasts you know you can get your arms
toned get those calf muscles together you can get yourself a little shape in
the hips all you need is a little shape you don’t need the cartoon character
look you know to be sexy beautiful whatever it is that you’re going for now
just to put it out here I’m not saying that anybody that goes and gets a
Brazilian butt lift that there’s anything wrong with it
I’m not having fashion I’m going to drag anybody that’s done that but I just want
to raise one question amongst other things have you tried to work out in the
gym and get your body to its ultimate fitness level its ultimate physique and
then take a look at yourself and say hey do I really want to look like this girl
and speaking of this girl you guys say I can never achieve this body in the gym
you mean this body and this body and this body and this body no why would you
all lots of look the same we naturally don’t all look the same but once again
I’m going to put it out there you can get the Brazilian Butt Lift results
images I wrote down a couple things that I’m hoping that I can debunk through my
weight loss journey and my journey to achieving the Brazilian butt lift body
in the gym and I’m gonna read out a couple of them and as I go through I
hope you click the subscribe button because I think this is gonna be as
close as you get to see if it is true that you can or cannot achieve a
Brazilian butt lift body in the gym now this is not going to be instant
gratification you’re watching me on the same timeframe hair whatever date it is
today is whatever day and I’m going to be uploading this I haven’t gone through
the process and then edited all my videos and now it’s a year later and I’m
showing you my results you’re gonna be going through this with me step-by-step
so the first thing here that I wrote down was surgery up from the tweet it
was like surgery first gym to maintain later I mean I could show you pictures
if I can find some of how I looked two and a half years ago and you know how I
look right now I definitely have put on I think at
least 40 pounds in the last year and a half
mostly because I think I’m now settled in a job etc but let me get into this if
you are not already working out and gym is not a love or a lifestyle for you
right now what makes you think that you’re going to stick with it and you
get a Brazilian butt lift that’s number one
okay another argument is hip dips now they say that you cannot curve out your
hips and remove your hip dips in the gym now I would say that is 15 percent true
and the reason why I say is 15 percent true I’ve been doing a lot of research
I know personal trainers as well and I’m seeing women working out and they look
great okay your hip dips are there due to the muscle due to your body structure
etc but you can build muscle in these areas and your hips will be less visible
and may not be totally gone to the point where you’re just a solid round circle
on your hips but you
have enough hips to the point where you be satisfied okay next one instant
gratification and I think this is a big one a lot of people okay summer is
coming I have my wedding coming I just broke up with the boyfriend or
girlfriend or whatever the case may be and there’s like you know what I just
don’t like you know the body that I’m currently in right now and I want fist
Anita I want to go under the knife I’m I get elective surgery I want to take all
the risks I know all the risks just so four or five hours later I can pop off
the table and somewhat look like this girl but it’s probably gonna take
another six months of you going through wearing your phone has your corsets your
you know your foam boards and all of these things getting your massages which
all cost money before I will actually really see the
results to look like her and all the other girls that look like her okay um
health risks and maintenance to be honest you see people celebrities etc
getting Brazilian Butt Lift and you see all youtubers and the influencers and
you’re becoming influenced by this to look that way because society is now
aiming this to be gorgeous you don’t have to go under the 19 to that extreme
to also be gorgeous now there’s a lot of women out here who people think are
gorgeous and if you look outside in real life the
majority of people you see out there that are getting married having children
how boyfriend’s have successful lovelace don’t necessarily look like her you’re
just living online on Instagram and on YouTube and the majority of these people
online who have the most followings not unfortunately because hey I’m not gonna
she looks good will look like her and that’s why but like real life you can
still have the same fulfilling life as her but looking like you okay and
there’s maintenance don’t think that was the point I was getting into don’t think
that you’re just gonna go and get it resilient uplift and it’s just gonna
last forever more than likely it’s gonna dissolve go away or you’re gonna start
the same habits you had before and you’re gonna look bigger than you
usually would because I can tell you I got a booty and whenever I put on weight
the bigger my booty gets the more I just look bigger in general for some reason
okay another thing I’m gonna skip a few if you’re getting like a cartoon if
you’re not even getting like a natural little bump and you’re already like this
you get a little bump if you get a big bump and all the hips and everything all
of that fat and probably about five to ten years is gonna droop and from
physicians information I’ve been told this friends have been told this I
research this online information you could find online your booty will drop
so therefore you’re gonna have to go back and get more liposuction and fix it
again pay another ten thousand dollars or you’re gonna have to standing them
all your life and I’m not sure how active you’re gonna be in the gym at
like fifty or sixty years old I don’t even know what that was a brazilian
butt-lift is going to look like when you’re fifty or sixty years old because
this is like kind of like a new craze phenomena coming on out and elective
surgery and you don’t really know how your behinds gonna look you might just
have that diaper movie you know by the time you get 40 45 or 50 you know and
your skin is not as firm and tough as it usually is you may not be able to
being the gym as much as you want and you’re gonna have that bagel booty that
was out there just sagging right down to your knees it’s not cute now genetics I
mean you might say you might watch this video and say hey you know what it might
be easy for this girl to go and workout the gym and achieve the results of a
Brazilian butt lift because she already has the booty I already have you know
naturally a slender waist right now I have my stomach Balaji and I’ve been
having some issues with that lately and I will show you how I look without this
on at the end of this okay yes genetics do play a major role so it’s easier for
some people over others to achieve certain goals but you can still achieve
that gorgeous body for you you don’t have to look like her okay next thing
money I know a lot of people are going into debt for lose this is ten thousand
dollars a lot of people are saying okay again what is it called a Medicare card
or something like that and you can put it on credit
I mean hey I love luxury items I like bags I like shoes and I even like cars
and I like some electronics but I will never ever ever go into that just to
happen things that I want and going into debt to get your body to look a certain
way and then having to maintain it on Twitter those talking about surgery
first maintain later okay I think you paid about sixty seven hundred dollars
for her surgery and then another sixty seven hundred dollars for an active
surgery care and I’m not sure if that has to do with your massages and all
your doctor checkups and all the gear you need to wear but it costs a lot of
money and then later on life if you have to do
it again it’s a lot of money instead of just going to the gym developing a
healthy lifestyle okay I have daughters I have two of them and
I believe the next generation the younger girls they’re looking at us you
know the role models for the younger generation saying hey they’re all doing
this and can you imagine at the age of 16 17 18 these little girls wanting to
get Brazilian problems because they’re gone and they’re not even fully
developed as yet you know I believe women don’t even fully develop until
they’re 122 or something like that and they want to go and get resilient butt
lifts and all of these things and you know I think that we should teach be
teaching them more of a healthy lifestyle going to the gym getting their
body to the most gorgeous physical fitness physique that their body can
manage or that their body naturally will form into so they can be unique and be
gorgeous because you know what nobody’s complaining about your body and when you
look at yourself in the mirror once you hit that physical fitness goal I
guarantee you you’re just gonna love what you see in the mirror you’re gonna
have your curves you’re gonna have your calves you’re
gonna have your mug lifted and firm you’re gonna have your back looking nice
your arms are gonna look nice your skin is gonna be clear now that you’re eating
better working out girl why you got to look like that you don’t know how to
look like you can look like you and still be gorgeous beautiful acceptable
and the marker of beauty that’s what you
wanna call easy options I think that this state says a lot about character
and once again I’m speaking about being role models for the younger generation
now I wouldn’t want my daughters to always be taking the easy way out if I
were to just go and get a Brazilian butt lift instead of working out this because
I want my arm not to jewel because I’m on my stomach to be smaller and not
stick out and I want that booty to pop up a little bit more right then I would
say that develops a person’s character and mindset and for the younger
generation that is still developing it’s it’s it’s a slippery slope okay it’s
just the slippery slope it’s a slippery slope
that’s that’s all I’m gonna say now that will more than likely translate to other
things in life taking the easy way out okay working out is not instant
gratification so people veer towards they ease your option and that’s just
the truth okay we live in an age of instant gratification and getting the
body that you want and hitting your fitness goals is not instant you got to
work for it I don’t know what ever happened to working for what you have so
you appreciate it and you respect it and value it more and that’s why I’m saying
here you go I got the Brazilian butt lift throw it out some money are you
gonna take care of your body the best that you need to take care of it so it
lasts forever and it’s not going to naturally last forever and you’re gonna
want to go and do it again you’re gonna want to get around to around three and
what is it going to end and there’s a lot of roots people are even passing
away on the table moment of silence for all the people who
have passed away for videos from BB O’s you can also get defections especially
for those that are getting discount the Beatles going to Columbia going to the D
are those are the most popular ones that I’ve seen at this moment in time you can
get light bulb burns you know and totally just have burns from the
liposuction cannula on your skin you can develop what they call them little bumps
in your stomach area not cool and scars for me one of the biggest things that
would deter me from doing this is scars I do not like scars I do not like scars
and for me to voluntarily go somewhere to end up with scars out of somebody’s
left knee another thing that I wanted to touch on which i think is very unfair in
this generation that is basically you’re misleading people and falsifying what is
achievable and what is not achievable and when people try to look up to these
fitness and structures that we see online so I don’t know if there’s really
fitness instructors or if they’re just fitness models self learnt autodidact
fitness models you know you know it structures that are online selling
online plans etc they I look at them and I believe a lot of them have when and
got surgery have wedding got BB LS and then they come online and they start
doing all these workouts and they’re selling you a fitness plan stating hey
if you do this you can look like me too but they’ve went and got a BB L or some
sort of surgery to enhance their look to make them more appealing to you to in
flu to you to want to look like them we
should all know that we all have different body types different body
structures different genetics and what I do with my workouts may help you but you
will have different results you’re not going to look like me and you’re not
going to look like her unless you go under the knife and you just want to be
a carbon copy of her how about you be the best you that you can be I’ve seen
women like myself who do have the body structure and calm composition to look
exactly like maybe her or the ladies out here getting Brazilian butt lifts but
they still want instant gratification like I know myself if I apply myself and
hit that gym I can snatch my waist lift my butt up tone these arms tone my
breasts and get myself to look a1 okay like Brazilian Butt Lift even right now
at this weight if I dress a certain way in the way how I carry myself people
still ask me if my booty is real if my body is real and to be honest I’m a
little bit annoyed because when I was younger you know people be like damn
girl not that I’m asking for that type of response for any catcalls but it
wasn’t like this trending phenomenon where everybody was doing a people to
like wow you look great you look great never any complaints but now that
everybody’s out here and it’s just so quickly you can hop on a table hot box
right there manufacturing marquees you know now I walk down the street you know
people like damn it’s not real like don’t even know and to be honest I love
I and I’m proud and I take pride in the
fact that I am natural I love being natural I love when people look at me
and they’re like wow you look great today you look beautiful or you know
your boyfriend husband family members like wow you look great it’s a lot
easier to accept that and I think it’s good emotionally in your soul
spiritually and for your mental health when you know this is me I am this
person that they’re complimenting I don’t have to go through anything in my
psyche and my mental and say hey okay now people are complimenting me now
people say I look great but really and truly like I had to go the doctor for
this this is not even my real body I’m fake don’t let people fool you people
are still having issues you may look good physically but mentally a lot of
people are going through strife with the fact that they now feel the need to
explain themselves for basically being fake and that could be something that
you argue that hey it’s my own fat injection it’s not a silicone but like
you basically change the structure of your body especially if you didn’t
already look a certain way you just you know look like this and now you’re like
whoa you know I mean like you changed the structure of your body by doing an
elective surgery and it is plastic surgery regardless of whether you put a
silicone plastic in there or whether it’s just a fat transfer so you guys
know that I will be going to the gym to debunk the fact that you cannot get
facility on butt lift result in the gym I am going to prove you wrong and if you
want to stick with my journey subscribe follow me on Instagram
I need a little bit of support and motivation from time to time and I do
want to post weekly videos about I’d really like us to go through this
together why don’t you hop on board with me and maybe we can get natural bodies
trending again okay achieve the BBL brazilian butt-lift body
results in the gym have you tried that yet I don’t think
you have and I’m gonna do it right here because I haven’t seen anybody and I’ve
looked on YouTube or online who have come on here from start to achieving
their goal to debunk this whole thing about not being able to achieve a bbl
body result look in the gym and to be honest I’m here to say otherwise so once
again my name is Marie of wwm I am calm and please subscribe please follow check
out my channel to see the other things I post about as well but fitness is going
to be a new addition to my channel and I hope you follow along with me alright
bye ladies and gents


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