FULL BODY HIIT Workout With Weights // 30 Minutes

FULL BODY HIIT Workout With Weights // 30 Minutes

what is up guys welcome to today’s
workout so a few of you have been requesting some longer hit workouts so
here you have it 30 minute full body hiit workout today we’re even gonna get a
little crazy and add some dumbbells so we’ll have some added resistance in
today’s hiit workout this one’s gonna be intense we’ve got seven different moves
forty seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest in between each one but here’s the
kicker we’re doing four rounds today guys
that’s right four rounds yeah it’s gonna be awesome this type of workout is one
of my favorite ways to burn fat and build lean muscle quickly it’s so
effective and I hope you love it if you do don’t forget to give this video a
thumbs up and share it with your friends okay guys I’ve got my timer set all you
need to do is grab your weight let’s get comment below let me know how
you’re feeling and let me know what kind of workout you want to see next awesome
work guys I’ll see you at the next workout

100 thoughts on “FULL BODY HIIT Workout With Weights // 30 Minutes

  1. whenever i exercise with weights i got really buff. I increase my weight too despite same caloric intake. My arms and legs get so bulky and I cannot fit into clothes. So sad when I work out so hard and people say you have gotten fatter….

  2. I found you about a month ago and i LOVE all your workouts! They are amazing…Thanks for all your hard work Heather…love from Australia

  3. Thank you so much for this workout! I love the HIIT with weights, it's killing 2 birds with one stone. Love it!

  4. Again a really nice workout.
    For me a bit too long resting time. So I did 55 sec work and 5 sec rest.
    I like your style: no annoying blabla, upcoming exercise and good music.

  5. That was truly amazing I am absolutely sweaty and I love car deals with weights just out of interest how heavy are your weights?

  6. Wow! I love this workout – you give just enough time between exercises and sets so I don’t get completely burnt out. I did this with the 12 minute recovery workout and burned 335 calories with an average heart rate of 148 and highest heart rate of 182. Ohhhh I love burning those calories.

  7. I enjoyed the workout. Quick and efficient. My only comment is I wish the circuits changed after a couple rounds of the same ones. It became a bit redundant.

  8. Hi Heather, I have completed that workout (again) this morning and I'm curious about the weight of your dumbells. Can you share that with us, please?

  9. O.M.G THIS WAS AMAZING, I've never been sweatin that way befor !!!! Thank you for this video. Could you pleas make more of these, workouts with weights ? I've used a 12 pound set for this one. I feel sooooo gooooooooood now !!!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your workouts Heather! Love how quick and efficient they are and that you always get a full body workout. I also love the music and the format of the videos – its nice that there is no talking 😉You inspire so many people and thank you so much for providing these amazing workouts – I hope they continue for a long time to come!

  11. your exercises look heavy, but I managed to finish this video and am proud of me.

    thank you

    P.S. a video it's enough to do the day to lose weight?

  12. Any workout that includes dumbbells without crazy moves, is my kind of workout!
    Controlled pace, so we can concentrate on form.
    Thank you!

  13. What is the weight that I start with?Any suggestions?Here in the exercise video..what should I start with and progress ?

  14. Good day Thank you for
    sharing this beautiful video and the awesome music excellent performance and
    beautiful scenery workout it. My dear beautiful friend Have a Beautiful Sunday much
    ԼƠƔЄ (((Hugs))) from Huggie xoxo

  15. I am sweating like hell yet my smart watch shows I burned only 24 calories 😭😭
    Loved the workout but will do 15 mins cardio(jump rope or jogging) before this I guess 🤔

  16. Hi Heather I just finished this workout from your 28day workout calender and on to the next one glutes workout.Sweatting buckets over here.💪🙂👍🥵thanks Heather

  17. Great workout! I had a small amount of time to get a hard workout in… So 5 mins in to another workout I stopped it and found one of yours. You always deliver a heart pounding workout. Thanks!

  18. I always use your videos everyday for my workouts. I downloaded my free calendar today so I'm excited to start my workout plan. THANK YOU♥️

  19. I now do this 2x/week. I get a great workout no doubt I have burned TONS of fat. I feel a lot stronger, started w/8lb weights. Now I use12lb. Highly recommend this work out. To best prepare I eat healthy carbs 2-3 hrs b4 this workout to make sure I have enough fuel…then drink a protein shake immediately after to replenish my muscles. I began approx. 1 month ago…difference I see I weight loss, I feel stronger, and have better stamina…..Im extremely busy mom of 3 w/a hectic schedule…considered obese(bmi). If I can do this anyone can. Just keep going.

  20. Just finished doing this and now seating in sweat. I like that I get breaks in between. Thanks for creating a wonderful workout 🏋️‍♀️ 😊🙋🏻‍♀️👍❤️

  21. As usual by round 4 I was feeling it. Especially love the renegade rows and cardio/strength alternating exercise format. Thanks once again!!!

  22. This is my first time doing your workout and I’m a beginner. I modified the jumps but I pushed through. It was challenging and I almost quit after 3rd round but told myself only one more round I can do it. Excellent workout. Might be bit too tough for beginners but I believe beginners can do this as long they take out the jumps and work hard. Love this workout. Thank you. Looking forward to day two of your 4 week workout plan. 👍🏻

  23. I wanted to follow this with Sculpted Arms but this covered it and I am exhausted like never before. Thanks again for an awesome workout. Have a great day!

  24. Love your workouts. Do you have any workouts for osteoporosis, bone strengthening? I feel like I accomplished something after doing you workouts. Keep excelling!!

  25. LOVE this one!! 💁🏻‍♀️although I do love all your workouts Heather. 💟 49 years young, working through injuries, but feeling great! Thank you!

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