100 thoughts on “Full Body Beginner Workout (Follow Along)

  1. Great video. I watched this alleast 5 times as I hit the Stairmille tonight. Will be doing this work out in my living room this week.

  2. You guys should put static stretching on the THENX app. Things for full body and how to condition wrists for taxing techniques such as planche

  3. Quick question Chris/ThenX : I want to buy your weighted vest but I live in Asia. Is there a way to buy it from here or should I wait Jan (I plan to visit my family in the US) and buy it in US directly? Help me out, weighted vests suck here : )) Dope video as usual 🔥

  4. Awesome beginner workour, Stefan! 😀As always, nice presentation. 👍So fluid on the half burpees and jumping pullups.💪🤩

  5. I really like how you keep improving your presentation and delivery Stefan. You get better and better with each new video you do. Not saying you didn't have confidence before, but it's really showing up now. Great job and thanks for the workout.

  6. I'm just now getting on to the workout scene, I'm trying to get myself ready for the military. I love your vids man, they're all awesome guides.

  7. 50 wide push up
    20 archer push up
    20 diamond push up
    Russian twist
    Hi,Chris HERIA this my daily routine
    I do right or not?

  8. My list everyday 👇👇👇
    1. heria workout
    2. T25 full cardio
    3. V shred

    i start already exact 3 weeks now
    when i start i am 81 KG. and now i already 76 KG. no kidding, just believe yourself. my immagination goal if i reach. 68 kg in 3 month i will be a hall famer. hahaha. just make a goal guys. remember.


  9. Let‘s show you some exercises for beginners…makes 15 push-ups…10 burpees…15 jump squads…handstand at the wall…etc. Sorry guys, your definition of „beginner“ is way to advanced…

  10. warmup:
    Jumping Jacks => 30 sec
    Mountain Clumbers => 30 sec
    Plank Knees to Elbow => 30 sec
    Push Ups => 15 rep
    Half Burpee => 10 rep
    Low Plank to High Plank => 30 sec
    Jump Squats => 15 rep
    Jump Pull Ups => 10 rep
    Tuck Lsit Hold => 15 sec
    Handstand Hold Against Wall => 15 sec

  11. WARM UP x2:

    ºJumping Jacks 

    ºMountain Climbers

    ºPlank Knees to Elbows

    (NO BREAK / 30sec each one)

    WORKUT x3:

    ºPush Ups-15

    ºHalf Burpees-10

    ºLow Plank to High Plank-30sec

    ºJump Squats-15

    ºJump Pull Ups-10

    ºL-Sit Tuck Hold-15sec

    ºHSH AW-15sec

    (Non/15/30sec rest between)

  12. Although the fact that Officialthenx guys are amazing bar athletes, there is a lot of repetitive content in this channel and, in my opinion of course, no real scientific approach.

  13. who the hell is this guy this guy can't even do your own damn videos anymore happens every time I find a good utube sell out and hire somebody else to do their damn you Channel

  14. I wouldn't say this is entirely beginner friendly, although it does target a lot of good areas of the body. It's also not home-friendly for someone like me who perhaps doesn't have a chance to invest in home workout equipment due to schedule and moving frequently. But all in all at least I discovered your app and I will give it a go, perhaps I can find home-exclusive beginner routines in there!

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