Friday, January 17

Friday, January 17

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Give in to this feeling ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on you need ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy. Woot, woot. (audience cheer) Woot, woot, woot, woot ♪ How you doin’ ♪ (audience cheer) Thanks for joining us on our show. Say hello to my co-host. (audience cheer) And studio audience. How you doin’? Today, better than ever. Let’s get started, it’s time for. (audience screams) Come on. (upbeat music)
(audience cheer) Woot, woot, woot, woot, woot, woot. Thank you. Yeah, it’s a good time, it’s a good time, it’s a good time. No, sorry, the mint went through my eye balls. You know how you eat a strong mint, and it goes through your eyes? I love you more, thank you. On The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I mean, I knew this was gonna happen but I just kind of forgot about it ’cause me and NeNe talk all the time, but there’s a new guest appearance. Me. (audience cheer) Well, they’re in the middle of their season and there’s a trailer out for mid season trailer, and I’m on the phone with NeNe and I knew that I was being recorded ’cause she wanted me to come actually on the set. When she called me she was actually in New York. She’s like, “We’ll come to you or you come to the hotel “or something like that and we’ll film.” And I’m like, no, I got a purple chair. No, okay. And so, she said, “Well, can we at least have a conversation?” I said, sure, sure. And then you gotta sign off on that, it’s all a legal thing, legal, not illegal, legal. And I called Bernie and I’m like NeNe, let me just call Bernie first so we can talk about this behind the scenes and check with my real job. And they were like fine and I chose my words carefully and there weren’t many. (audience laughs) But take a look great. Freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze. The sisterhood. I don’t wanna be on this side, this is some bull (beep). What’s the great term for haters? Everyone in this group has torn each others heads off and drank their blood. Somebody pushes me Wendy, I’m gonna say some. (beep) Give these girls friendship and love. When you get mad at your friends you’re the first one to try and tear them down. The fact is you were a real. (beep) Oh my god. Deserts on me. I ain’t never gonna be what you want. Please go to jail again. You is a dumb ass bitch. You a big ass. You got too much money. Everybody. (screams) (audience cheer) So, all I said was, show these girls some love and some friendship. And I meant that ’cause grown women, we always have something going on in the backstory of our lives, and you don’t, this whole fighting and, I told NeNe I was mad at her. I don’t know whether she actual hocked, or whether it was just an act because there’s a way that you can affect spitting without spitting, I do it all the time. Well no, I’m just, no I learned that when I was a teenager. But look, so yesterday NeNe tweeted on her thing, I did the act, but didn’t spit. I wish I had though, no regrets. So she said she didn’t spit in the meantime, we’re expecting, snow, it’s gonna be a horrible weekend here in New York, it’s going down to like eight degrees below zero. I got my snacks all lined up. I talked to NeNe a couple of days ago ’cause she said that she and Marla were coming to the city, and I had to warn her, I said, well, just know it’s going to be snowing and no I’m not leaving. So you all come over bring a sack of food and don’t expect any hospitality. I mean my TVs are working though. My TVs are working and so are my ears and we can sit and talk and laugh and stuff. So means, I don’t know when I’m gonna see you and Marlo this weekend or not but either way, thank you for my opportunity. (audience cheer) All right, everybody calm down, calm down. Now if you see something, say something. Come on Odell Beckham, what’s going on? He’s a likable guy and he does sometimes less than smart things, but the years were less than smart runs into, you should have known better. Sorry Odell, I mean I don’t know you, all kind of cute though. (audience cheer) the thing is his hairline is so perfect. I’m wondering, sir, in the Norman section with the sparkly jacket that you clearly bought to come on the show. (audience cheer) Thank you. Now you look like a solid guy. Is that a Beijing hairline, or is that a real one? Mine?
No, his. I’m asking your opinion. Beijing.
You think so? I’m not sure, I actually do see hair there. It’s been filled in? Beijing, filled in. Beijing, what the Luther Vandross is going on with you? (audience laughs) Thank you for being here. Are you having fun so far? Where you from?
London. London, is that your girlfriend, are these your girlfriend, who’d you come with? These two. Okay, how you doin’? Prince Harry over here. What? Prince Harry. (audience laughs) No sir. (audience laughs) But thank you for being here. (audience cheer) So there’s a warrant out for Odell’s arrest, okay, have you heard about this? So he went to this college football championship game in New Orleans, same school he went to, so of course he goes back to cheer his guys on, and after LCU won, security went into the locker room to warn the players, look, don’t get out of hand now you guys, now your winners, you better not smoke a cigar. Odell was in the locker room too, and the cop, who’s in uniform, Odell slapped on the butt. Well that cop wasn’t playing that. And so now Odell’s facing battery charges and up to six months in jail. Norman, you already said you can’t do six months. Not six months in jail, not six hours, not six days, none of it. (audience laughs) Here’s my thing about that slap on the butt, and I get it and and I love the sports players. By the way wasn’t Victor Cruise fantastic? (audience cheer) Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. He was really good. I like him as friend of the show, I wonder if he cooks or has other talents, I’d have him back to do other stuff. He was really nice. Yeah, this Mrs Cruz you raised a good one, aha. (audience applauds) So anyway, Odell, at 27 years old, you’re old enough to understand political correctness in the times that we live now. You can’t just slap people on the booty. Yeah, of course, he probably knows it’s not right from a man to a woman or woman to a man, but you can’t even do that locker room thing. That cop wasn’t playing that. I mean, you’re lucky you only got battery. What if he filed for sexual assault? If the cop does, he’s not down like that, the cop was in there with two loaded guns, mace and a taser. It’s not like he was in plain clothes, Odell, come on, you can’t play that clown mess. So security guard wanted to turn around and punch him in, the cop, wanted to turn around and punch him in the face, but he didn’t, he held his head. Odell. And then also the other part is that Odell gave cash to a player after the game. Now you know that’s illegal. But before you go to jail I need that hoodie, it looks fly right? He’s a good, like oh man, Odell I hate to have to talk about you, but this is your fault. And you should know, Suzanne, do you know what I’m saying? He should’ve not done that. Something should’ve clicked, I’m not suppose to put hands on a police officer. Or anybody, there’s no slapping on the bootie anymore. Yes.
Whether it’s man to man, woman to woman, woman to man, dog to cat. (audience laughs) There’s no more bootie slapping everybody. Now bootie clapping, that’s a different story. (audience cheer) When we take off at commercial break, believe me you, there’s bootie clappin’ goin’ on all behinds scenes, it’s two shows in one, one you watch and the other one is just for me and the co-host. (audience cheer) And the tickets are free. Okay so, country music star, you know Kasey Musgraves, we know her. Well she is mad at Country Music Radio for sexism, and like, Okay, what is the story? But you know what? She’s right. And editor from variety tweeted that he turned on Country Music Radio, which we often do sometimes, I like those bluesy songs, you know what I’m sayin’? My doggy done died.
(audience laughs) My girl left me.
(audience laughs) The worst stuff that they talk about, which is not even the worst, they might little moonshine and smoke a joint, but it’s all about love. I mean, ask Delilah, if you don’t know who Delilah is, than you’re just not, everything is not for everybody. Norman was like who, who? I’m still like who. (audience laughs) Co-host, clap if you know who Delilah is. (audience applauds)
Okay. Delilah is a radio star and she breaks it down, I don’t even know whether she’s in the national radio Hall of Fame but she needs to be there too. All right. So, look, they guy who was listening from variety magazines to Country radio, was surprised when they played two female songs back to back. Why was he surprised? Well, in response, a Michigan country station tweeted, we cannot play two female back to back, not even Lady Antebellum or Little Big Town against another female, I applaud their courage. In other words, the station buck the system and played two women back to back, the station then deleted the tweet, but not before Kasey saw it and commented. Smells like white male expletive. And yet they can play 18 dudes who sound exactly the same back to back. Makes total sense. And that she’s big tongue in cheek. So other female country music stars jumped in to support Kasey. And I gotta tell you something Kasey, there’s a rat going on and I dig what you’re saying. Once upon a time there was a girl named Wendy. And back in, I would say, between, maybe, 1988, and 1992, there was something going on with rap music. And I was caught in the crux of it, like I’m always caught in everything. (audience laughs) Couldn’t play two rap song back to back, number one, you know what I’m saying? This is when the RnB was the big deal and Vanessa Williams’ and things like that. But they played two sapsucker slow songs back to back, which I’m like, are you serious? I’m dying over here. I don’t want to hear back to back, slow songs. And also about rap music back in that day, rap music was only allowed on the radio, at least at the point where I was working ’cause I did the six pm to 10 pm shift so I was the night girl, always am. (audience laughs) But look, look, look, they would not play rap music in the morning, they would not play rap music mid days and they will not play rap music in the afternoon. So this is not a woman woman thing but I understand how, radio was really shifty and crafty and you all listen to radio, sometimes you might get mad at your personalities ’cause they’re not playing this and they’re not that, but believe me you, they are puppets on string and they got families to feed so they gotta obey, but now I’m not there I feel free to talk. (audience laughs) I’m free, I’m free. Yeah. I mean, I used to lock the door though and play back to back rap music and not let ’em in and then at the end of my shift, Wendy you’re suspended without pay. I’m like, it’s okay, I busted off five shots in a row. I had Eric, EPMD, I threw in a little Naz, all back to back to back, and deleted all the slow songs. I’d be popping and locking behind a closed door. Anyway, so I was out yesterday taking care of some very imspecial business, imspecial that means important and special together. But I got home just in time, the whole night, I’d go into the Waverley Inn, I ordered a really good salad, they don’t have duck salad, but they serve duck and they serve a salad and I said look I don’t want the full duck, if you could just shred the duck and throw it on the salad and it was delicious. And I’m eating with indigestion, I have good company but I’m looking at my watch, I’m like, wait, now hold on, Richard Pryor’s about to come on, ABC, two hours, I gotta get in there. So I get in the house just in time. And I’m watching and it was really good, but the whole first 45 minutes I’m watching and I’m looking for a, Mike Epps, you were really good and I love seeing Dina Shore, that was that white lady you just saw. When I was a little girl I shouldn’t even been watching talk TV, I guess I was meant to do this ’cause I was a fan of hers, even when I’m supposed to be watching cartoons. I know about Richard lighting himself on fire and all that, I know that he was raised in a brothel and he saw his mother horing and his grandmother being the head of the brothel and stuff like that. But 45 minutes in, I was quite perturbed and disturbed and needed to talk to Lunelle, my comedian friend. So I dial her up, she’s in California, now Lunelle is a girl at a certain age. She’s prior Paul Mooney and by the way, Paul wasn’t there either. Like, how are going to do a Richard Pryor thing and not have Paul Moony in there. (audience applauds) I saw a few comedians and people that were really credible, but I was just missing certain people. Tracy Morgan wasn’t there. Tracy is young, but he’s old enough to raise in the Pryor way. Like who doesn’t remember Richard Pryor? The worst who ever did it in a good way. (audience applauds) I’m on the phone with Lunelle and Lunelle and I are talking about it and we’re watching it, she said I’m watching the same thing. I was like, Lunelle, perfect. All right, let’s watch together and talk. And so she’s telling me about the comic world and they disrespect woman, and woman are the last thought. But there was a woman there, Boozer. Elaine Boozler.
Boozler. Boozler was there, she talked good, she talked good on this. But other than that, most all the women that were there were the ex wives, and I don’t trust the one with black hair, last night Lee, he married her twice. Jennifer.
Yeah. (audience laughs) Did you watch? No, I did not watch. I was watching something else. What were you watching? Something else, it was on Netflix. The inside of your eyelids? What?
The inside of your eyelids? By nine o’clock.
Yeah, I know, I know, I know, I know, I rode it out until 11 o’clock. And me and Lunelle talked for like a half hour but. Shout out to you Lunelle, thanks for picking up the phone. Richard Pryor, rest in peace. (audience applauds) Can you think of your worst date ever? Clap if you can. (audience applauds) Okay. Everyone plus Luther Vandrose over here. So look, Charlize Theron, beautiful girl, Oscar winner, she spoke out about her worst date ever. She was on Jimmy Kimmel and here’s what she said. So I went on a date in my 20s with this guy who was a really super handsome, I was really into it. And he picked me up for dinner. We went and had dinner, it was lovely. I was like, this is going really well. He pulled over by my house, and we started kissing and a really good, and then he pulled away and whispered, make out with my nose. I started giggling and then. It was good so I didn’t wanna mess it up, so I gave him a little peck on the nose. And he’s like, no, make out with it. (audience applauds) (audience applauds) The thing is that everybody has their secret thing, but you’re not supposed to let your secret thing out on the first date, third date, or even the first month, can you please keep your thing to yourself. As long as your thing doesn’t involve something life dangering. There’s nothing wrong with kissing a nose, I don’t know about making out with. That’s not my thing, I find it very, a kiss on the nose is very endearing but not a kiss up the nose, or in the nose. I would exit the date, and just say, I gotta get up early to do the show, but I like you, I wouldn’t curse him out, I like how she handle it. I like a strong nose, I’ve said that to you all my life. You know what I’m saying? A man with a small nose does nothing for me I like a KERS one, that’s a full ham sandwich. Okay. Hi, Chris. But you know I like your nose, and that I mean that in a good way. Kid Capri has a nice nose. Yeah, DJ Khaled has a good one. Billy Eichner, he’s got, yes, it’s long and then it flows up, adorable, hi Billy. But the thing is is that you don’t want somebody to suck your nose on the first date. How weird? In the meantime, we specialize in weird. We’ve got more great show for you. (audience cheer) My friend, she’s so smart, Kate the chemist is here. But up next, it’s time for the hot five so grab a snack and, you got it. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Welcome back. It’s time for hot five. Here to count down the hottest things in pop culture right now is people now, our friend Jeremy Parson. Welcome back.
Hello. We’ve got a lot to count today. Of course.
Everybody’s excited. Friday.
Friday, ready to go. You ready to break this down?
Go. There’s a lot to get to. Number five is Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue. So let’s talk about this. The cover has Eddie Murphy. Here we go, the cover, and a little round of applause for this, come on guys. (audience cheer) It’s really a good cover. You got Eddie Murphy, we got J Lo. we got Renee Zellweger, it features people who really made a splash this year of everything from newcomers to some icons, in depth interviews with 23 stars hearing things that we don’t normally hear. Laura Dern, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson, Antonio Banderas, Daniel, so many great stars, Awkwafina and someone that we hear a lot about, look. (audience applauds) She’s had an incredible year. Obviously we loved her in Crazy Rich Asians, Oceans eight. But now she became the first Asian woman to win a Golden Globe for lead film actress that was for the farewell, I don’t know if you guys have seen this. (audience applauds) No, but congratulations. Lots of love for her momentum. She’s also got a new series on Comedy Central. It’s called Nora from Queens, it starts Wednesday. This things already been picked up for a second season. (audience cheer) That’s a funny title. Her real name is Nora it turns out. Okay.
It’s kind of based on some things about her life and fast fact, if you happen to be in New York City over the next few days, Awkwafina’s voice will be making the announcements for the stops on the seven train, which goes. So she’s literally everywhere. Cannot escape her. Little cross promotion across the city. Let’s talk about this, Eddie Murphy. He’s had this huge resurgence with Dollarmite is My Name. He opens up about why he decided about eight years ago to take a step back, he said that he was emotional, he was going through a lot and was kind of making movies and on fame and decided that he wanted to take a step back, sit on the couch and be a dad for a while to his 10 kids. So he took some time to do that. (audience applauds)
That’s right. He took some time to do that. That’s smart though, you gotta know when to hold them and when to fold them, like Kenny Rogers says. And now he’s had this big resurgence with this movie. He’s back in the game doing his thing. He’s everywhere. He’s everywhere. And looking good. Looking really good, yeah. I mean Jeremy. (audience applauds) You’re secure enough to say, that’s a good looking man. I’m secure enough to say that he’s a very good looking man, yes.
Okay. Of course, unbelievable. Let’s talk about Renee Zellweger. Number four. Well Renee still in this, almost done, almost done. Okay. Renee having this big year playing Judy Garland, won a Golden Globe, and she’s considered by many to be a front row front runner for the Oscar. She opens up about kind of a lot that she’s been through and dealing with tabloids, right, talks about going through her first breakup publicly. It was all over the tabloids, her brother helped her through, she has this story about her brother buying up all the tabloids. She saw him looking at ’em, thought he was crying, turns out he was laughing hysterically at the whole thing and it gave her perspective that maybe she doesn’t have to take it so seriously or whatever. So it gave her a little insight, we get insight into how she dealt with it, all of that in Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue, hit stands, January 28, check it out. (audience applauds)
All right. Now we go to number four. Hot fun, number four, number four. Number four, the podcast Chasing Cosby. So a lot of buzz about this. (audience cheer) It’s about the rise and fall of Bill Cosby at this point over 60 women have made accusations against Bill Cosby for various sexual assault, sexual misconduct, or the first time ever, we’re hearing from some of them 14 women, opening up in this, including Andrea Consonant whose story was actually what ended up putting him behind bars.
Right, right, right. It’s a lot of insight here never before her details from her, from inside the trial, how exactly things played out in court and landed him in jail. It’s really revealing in this. How long is it, is it gonna be– It’s six parts actually. Okay six parts. Started this week, it’s produced by the LA Times and the author of the book Chasing Cosby, Nikki E. Nikki E is a former people reporters, she’s done really great work here, and we actually have a quick clip from this trailer, let’s take a look Yay, thank you. Bill Cosby often said I love you as if you were my daughter, I care about you as if you were my child. He was building trust. He said this will help me relax. He was right on top of me two inches from my face when I went unconscious. At that time in ’65 I was 17. We’re here to speak the truth. Why did you do this to me Mr. Cosby. This is Chasing Cosby. It’s really powerful. So Chasing Cosby podcast out now on Apple Spotify. Number three, you ready for this? Justin Bieber’s docu series is called Seasons. It’s on YouTube, 10 episodes, follows Justin Bieber and sort of the ups and downs of life lately some– I get confused with him because, I always read stories about how he wants to step back and have a private life. So when was this filmed? Well I think, well this has been over the past year, so, it involves the ups and downs of some of the things he’s gone through, and then his marriage and getting married to Haley Baldwin. So yeah, in this way. He thinks he’s got lupus now? Lime disease, it’s something that he’s been struggling with and he’s suffered from that, he opened up to fans about that recently. We actually have a quick clip from this series as well, let’s take a look. Okay. As humans we go through so many ups and downs, so many good seasons bad seasons. Sometimes we want to give up. He’s taken a very long break, and in that time he’s found his wife, he’s grown a lot. And he’s ready to express himself through music again. I’m excited, just nervous a little bit. This album is different because of where I’m at in my life. No one’s ever grown up in in the history, humanity like Justin Beiber. By watching this, people will kind of get a glimpse into his world. Yeah, I think a lot of it is him telling his story the way he wants it to be told, I think that’s some of it. Yeah, but it became really mushy ’cause they played the perfect background music. Okay.
When you watch TV everybody, if you notice the music that they play in the background, will really have you seduced. Like, oh. Well he does it well. And that docu series, Seasons, it’s on YouTube January 27 12 pm, you can catch that. Okay, okay. (audience applauds) Here we go. 12 o’clock in the afternoon? It’s weird.
That is weird. It’s usually 12 am right? Well, the 12 O’Clock news comes on. Turn off the news, turn on YouTube. Okay, what’s number two. Number two, Eminem’s surprise new album, did you guys even know this happened? Eminem surprised everyone last night, dropped a new album, it’s the 11th album, Music to be Murdered By. He did it with the tweet, and the tweet said, it’s your funeral. There we go, he’s coming up pretty strong, 20 tracks, this is a massive album. The album title and the artwork are kind of inspired by– Too many tracks. Well, I’ve listened to ’em, a lot of them on the way in today, they’re really good and he’s got a lot of collaborations in this, with the late rapper Juice World, passed away in December, Juice World looked up to Eminem. Is Mariah on it? I don’t believe so, no. Didn’t return the call, I don’t know. (laughs) He’s got a song with Ed Sheeran called Those Kind of Nights and Ed Sheeran and have have collaborated before, I actually love that paring. Is Elton John on it? No, Elton John.
Okay. I don’t believe so either. So 20 songs, it’s been a while. A song with Young MA who’s gonna be on your show next week.
Yeah, yeah. We like her. (audience applauds) If the album goes number one, he will be the first person to have 10 consecutive number one albums, beating out Kanye who just now tied in with nine with Jesus King. So he might make history here with this. We’ll find out. You don’t care about that. Okay, well speaking of number one, these are the hot five, what’s number one Jeremy? Number one on the Hot five, it’s the movie Bad Boys for Life. (audience cheer) Everybody’s excited for this. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, 25 years since the first movie, isn’t that crazy? It’s hard to believe.
Yeah because they still look great, you can’t be reminded just looking– I know right, and this is something the fans are obviously here for, the newest one opens today, it’ll probably be number one this weekend. Reprising the role, Miami police detectives, they got a new case, there’s a threat on Will’s life, he pulls Martin out of retirement. Funny story that came out of this. Will Smith was talking about doing this movie. He said he wanted to get in there, do his own stunts, they started shooting, he did some of the stunts and he’s like, Ah, that was 25 years ago. (voice drowned out by applaus) So they’re in it. People are really pumped for this. They’re saying it’s the third and final installment in this series but if it goes well, the fans are there for it, I feel like there’ll be another one. Jeremy Carsons everybody, thank you. Bad Boys For Life, check it out. (audience applauds) Be sure to pick up your copy of People Magazine, it’s on newsstands now. Up next, my friend Kate the chemist is here. (audience applauds)
(upbeat music) (upbeat music) I’m a little disappointed. I like a mess.
I know you like a mess. And I love food and I miss you too. I miss you so much. Oh my gosh, okay, I love when Kate stops by. She’s amazing scientist, she’s a college professor, now she’s an author, she’s really smart, she’s married, she wants children but right now her career is first. Please welcome back to our show my friend Dr. Kate Beardrudolf. (audience applauds) How are you? So good to see you. You too.
Thank you. First of all, my goggles are ready Kate. You have blue goggles this time. Well, I like to mix it up. I know, you look good. Thank you Kate. All right, let’s go over here. I wanna talk about your book ’cause now you’re an author, you are really spreading this science thing. I am trying really, really hard. She’s a scientist.
I’m a chemist. I have a PHD in chemistry, I’m a chemistry professor at University of Texas. Thank you.
(audience cheer) Kate, and you have two books out now. I have two books, yes.
Now one of them is you in cartoon form running through the neighborhood, solving crime through science. Yeah, so it’s Kate the chemists, dragons vs unicorns and it’s a novel, it’s a fiction series, there’s four of them in a row, the first one comes out April 14, and it’s a 10 year old version of myself and I go around the neighborhood and use science like solve the silly problems that 10 year olds have to deal with, yeah. (audience cheer) But the better one, there’s a better one. There’s a better one. So the other book that comes out also April 14th is called the Big Book of experiment and it’s 25 experiments at home that you can do with your kids safely in the kitchen, all the materials are available in local stores. I feel like you feel. Like I could never have all the schooling, so I admire you for that. but girls, please do not let go of science. Right, thank you. And just, there are other things other than getting on Instagram and twerking. Yes, yes, yes, thank you. Okay, so Kate, what are we gonna do? Okay, so I have two cold experiments for you today. The first one is freeze dried ice cream, which is commonly called dippin dots. I like a dip and a dot. Yeah, a dip and a dot. Yeah.
Okay, so here I have liquid nitrogen. It is 77 Kelvin or negative 194 Celsius. And what we’re gonna do is use this– What’s that in degrees. In degrees?
You always talk metric. I’m sorry. Let’s see I don’t know Fahrenheit ’cause they don’t use Fahrenheit in chemistry. So it 77 Kelvin or negative 194 Celsius, room temperatures 25 degrees Celsius, does that give you frame of reference? Thank you, thank you. 25 negative 200. Does that help? Okay, are you ready? Oh yeah.
Yeah. Isn’t that cool.
All right, what are we gonna do? So we’re gonna take these, these are basically melted ice cream, it’s a milk solution.
Chocolate. Chocolate, yes, so we want little squirts, little squirts, okay, those aren’t squirts. But Well done, well done, I like it, yeah like little balls, we’re tryna get little balls here. Like dip n dots, right. And so we’ve got chocolate, we’ve got vanilla, some strawberry and so if you ever go to space, like an astronaut, whatever. Oops, I’m sorry Kate. No worries, no worries. You could buy these in a vending machine in certain locations. Yes you can, absolutely. Dip n dots have become very popular. They have. And so the freeze dried ice cream is basically what you could have in space or anything. We’re gonna pretend that didn’t happen, no worries. Liquid nitrogen though is very dangerous. It is dangerous. The idea that that just spilled, I’m glad that I got on some thick sneakers. Yeah, you do. Okay, you ready? Uh-huh.
Alright so I’m gonna have you hold this for me, just kind of keep your hand right there. Okay, okay.
Perfect. And so you’ve got your cryogenic gloves on, which are gonna protect your hands. And then we’re filtering, go ahead and show your audience what you made. (audience cheer) So I’ll give you a spoon. And so go for the small pieces, the bigger ones might like, not burn your tongue, but they’ll feel cold. Oh, that’s so good, I love it, you wanna try it? You guys want some? Okay, I’ll bring it around after the segment, but isn’t it great? So it’s really cool to use this in the wilderness, out When you’re hiking. (audience laughs) You’re so brave, thank you for trying it, what do you think? It’s good, yeah? Yeah.
It’s good, taste like strawberry, it’s just freeze dried. So it’s like flash dried, it’s really quick. Is this recipe in one of your books? Well, it would be but this has liquid nitrogen and most people don’t have a liquid nitrogen tank in their bathroom.
Where do you buy it? Can you get it at the hardware store? Not usually. Usually you have to go to special place like air gas Praxair, they all have fantastic device. So this is fun for your family. It’s so fun.
Maybe if We put the recipe on
I’ll do that, that works for me. All right, another one for you. Careful ’cause it’s a little milky. Come with me. What’s happening? It’s not six fans, it’s about to go to, and some ice? And some ice, dry ice, yes. Oh god.
So we got some dry ice. So this is a little bit warmer than liquid nitrogen but it’s still pretty cold, it’s negative 78 degrees Celsius. If you lick it your tongue is gonna stick to it. Don’t do that, don’t do that. Okay. So what we have. Don’t you do that. What are we doing? You are so valuable, please do not eat dry ice. Okay, we have a bucket of water. That’s a pretty bowl by the way. I know, thank you, your prop team’s amazing, shout out to your team. So have six fans, or diva fans, ha ha, get it? All right, so you got your fans on, we already have one up here so we can try to make a dry ice tornado. So I’m going to take about 20 pounds of dry ice right here, and we’re just going to kind of see what we can do. Yay, yay, yay. (audience cheer) Where’d you go? (audience applauds) We’re here, we’re here, hi, hello. I got you baby, I got you, I got you. (audience cheer) It’s a tornado, look at it.
Science is fun everybody. For more information on all this stuff, and on Kate, please follow Dr. Kate, go to Thank you Kate. Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience cheer) (upbeat music)
(audience cheer) All right. As if it all weren’t enough yet, it is now time for ask Wendy. Yes, thank you, co host. Oh, thank you. Oh-oh, come on. How you doing? How you doin’ Wendy? I’m doing well, I like the sparkles mixed in with your hair, subtle but cute. Thank you.
What’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? My name is Champaign, I am from Drama Town, Maryland. And I’m a co host of a podcast. C-host of a podcast. Okay but your name is Champagne. Evelyn Champaign Carter, yes. I’m named after the singer. Okay, how can I help you Champaign. Okay, so I have a good friend, we been friends for about 25 years now. She dating a married man. She left her boyfriend to be with this gentlemen. He keeps telling her he’s gonna leave his wife, his wife actually lives in the basement of their big house, ’cause he has a lot of money. So, I don’t–
Why does this sound like a lifetime movie? Really?
Really. How old is she? She is 40. Does she have children of her own? No, she does not. Would she like to get married to this married man? Yes
And she’s been dating for two years?
Yes. What the delusional– I don’t know. Girl is going on? And I don’t know whether to stay out of it. How did she meet him? They used to work together. And he keeps telling her that he’s gonna leave his wife? Yes.
So what’s your question to me? Should I intervene and tell him? No, let her stay stuck on stupid. And then when she comes over to you, are you married, do you have your own family situation? Yes, I’m married.
All right. Don’t let her just ding and Dong at midnight, ’cause we don’t play that once we’re married with kids and stuff. So don’t let her interfere with your lifestyle. Just let her stay stuck on dumbbell messing around with a married man. (audience cheer) Oh, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheer) (upbeat music)
(audience cheer) I was just thinking about my next meal, it’s chief’s birthday today, Happy birthday Chief. She’s my best assistant ever in life. There she is, gives the chief some light. (audience applauds)
Okay. I promised you I wouldn’t badger you today and right after the show, we’re taking you someplace to have some fun. Okay, and you like all the food, and you can take a doggie bag and have a bunch of drinks and go home and fall in the bed. (audience applauds)
Okay, all right chief. And we were playing one, two, step behind the scenes and you were getting it in. Thank you. Who are you, where are you from, what do you do? My name is Rohana, I’m from Los Angeles and I work for an operations and a beauty company. How you doin’?
Okay, how you doin’? Thanks for coming by. All right, we’re gonna play a fashion flashback. You’ll know this, you’re very fashionable, who is this? Do you want a hint? I need a hint. She’s black. This was at the SAG Awards in 2014. She was the presenter, she’s a big star. She’s got a lot of work under her belt. Uh-uh, not Angela Bassett. Lupeda.
Yes, Lupeda. There you go. Dinner for two at Fogo the Chow. They’ve got really good food. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheer) Brittany’s last name is dice, how you doin’? Good, how are you, Wendy, how you doin’? I love your look, it’s so simple and attainable, it’s time for eye candy. I love your eyebrow manicure by the way. Thank you.
Let’s talk about you. Where you from? Florida and you’re in the military. You shoot guns? No.
Blast cannons. No, I wish.
What do you do? Administration.
Okay. Yes ma’am.
Shuffle paper. Yeah, basically.
Okay. So look, I love your outfit. Thank you so much. Talk about it, please. Okay, so my jacket, I’m a baller on a budget. So my jacket was about $60, this top was about 30. That feels good. I love this.
I got a coupon for this skirt, so it was only $25. Seriously?
And then my shoes, they were about 60. Good for you, welcome to the show. Brittany, everybody, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheer) Huh, the weekend yay. Monday, a full hour hot topics. I love you for watching, see you next time in Wendy, bye. (upbeat music)
(audience cheer) How you doin’? Nice. (intense music)

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