Force Stubborn Biceps TO GROW With This Exercise! | HELP FIX UNEVEN BICEPS TOO!

Force Stubborn Biceps TO GROW With This Exercise! | HELP FIX UNEVEN BICEPS TOO!

What’s going on Nation? Today I’m going to share with you one exercise to help with Stubborn Bicep Growth And if you have uneven biceps you might want to pay attention as well because this exercise will definitely help you [out] now Throughout my lifting career I’ve always had a much easier time building my triceps my triceps which always responded really well to Weightlifting and although, I don’t have small biceps by any means I never really felt that same like satisfaction from my bicep workouts that I would get from my tricep workout And I’ll tell you what I started implementing my cheat and recover workout so my cheat and recover technique into my workouts the one muscle group I’ve seen the biggest results from has been my bicep, and I want to talk to those of you with muscle imbalances Too because you know last year when I injured my left bicep I could tell a difference between my left and right when I would flex you guys could even notice in some photos But I can tell you now They’re pretty much the [same] exact size again And this is what really helped me and so what I’m going to show you guys how [to] do is Implement cheat and recover on a barbell bicep curl, but I want to explain the science behind it first [alright] You no matter what exercise you’re doing you will always be 40% Stronger in the East centric portion of the Movement which is the negative? So if you take that advice, and you apply it to a barbell bicep curl There’s no possible way that you’re going to be able To lift the amount of weight you need to lift or in the concentric phase which is the way up in order to really [maximize] the overload on your biceps on the way down so if you can if the maximum you can curl for like a set of eight repetitions is a hundred pounds And which is a lot of weight don’t get me wrong and you curl a hundred pounds to hear you’re still [40%] Stronger and the negative so you’re not maximizing the overload on the biceps throughout the negative portion of the movement And that’s where cheat and recover comes in now I will say this guys cheat and recover is not for beginners Your muscles aren’t ready Tendons aren’t ready and when it comes to an exercise like [this] you have to have good core control in order to [have] Handle a maximum load on your bicep so if you’re a beginner Maybe wait [until] you progress a bit more before trying this so just so you know Now on a bicep curl [if] we’re going to maximize the exercise for Bicep Growth I want you guys to get a neutral grip on the bottle and obviously guys the reason why we’re using a barbell bicep curl for This is because I’m using obviously a bar I can place as much power into that bar as possible if I was using dumbbells I wouldn’t be able to lift as much weight obviously because doing one at [a] time is a lot harder to do So what you’re going to do is utilize a bit of momentum To help push through the concentric phase of the movement, and I’m not talking getting super sloppy and going like this I’m just talking a little bit of momentum. Just to kind of bring that weight up And then once you get the weight up guys you don’t immediately drop it down you get yourself into place you Take in a breath through your nose you get your core as tight as you [can] you get those biceps flex and then you control a Negative on the way down and all you need is like a two-second negative, so that would be one repetition Bring it back [up] Get into place Control on the way down [two] seconds bring it up get into place control On the way down, and you’re going to perform eight cheat reps Just [like] that as soon [as] you finish the cheat reps what you’re then going to do is lower the weight to a weight that you can [handle] a clean repetition so eight repetitions with proper form and the reason why I do the cheat and recover guys is because My body type as you guys know from my fitness genes report I have a higher ratio of slow twitch muscle fibers to fast twitch So what that basically means is for me to build muscle. Yes? I need progressive overload, but I also need a lot of volume if you guys want to know more [about] that I got links to fitness genes down in the info [section] below But so once I finish the [eight] cheat reps in order to infuse more volume into my workout I’m going to perform eight more petitions with proper range of motion and Because my biceps are already fatigued from the cheat reps It’s going to make the concentric phase of all these reps much hotter so I’m going to be really [benefitting] from the exercise And I’m training throughout full range of motion on the recovered set now There are some key things you have to keep in mind when doing a barbell bicep curl Especially during cheat and recover if in order to curl the most amount of weight possible And I’ve made videos about this before in the past you have got to keep a tight core some of you guys might even want to [use] a Weightlifting belt to help keep your core super tight, so you can lift even more weight when doing this exercise And I’ll show you what I mean if you’re using a lot of weight And you do your cheat reps and you [bring] the weight up to the top and you don’t take in a breath and Flex your core as you bring the weight down It’s going to bring you down with it, and if it brings you forward like this all the tension comes out of your biceps also Keep in mind guys. We’re not doing drag curls here Okay, a drag curl is when the your elbow get pushed back, and you come up your body like this And there are much how to exercise to do so you wouldn’t be using as much weight We’re doing a standard Barbell curl so when you lower that weight you [have] got to keep your elbows in [line] with your hips or slightly in front as You come down like that So it’s almost like I’m lowering the barbell away from my body as I do the curl so I’m not doing this I’m Bringing it up, and I’m lowering it away from my body Which is much how to do in places a lot more stress on the biceps? remember the key here is Yes, we’re trying to use more weight. Yes We’re trying to overload but the overall goal is the place as much Of an overload on those biceps as possible To spark some growth out of them and to be honest with you guys if I’m lucky enough to go to the gym and have a workout [potta] because my mic schedules so [crazy] sometimes what I like to do my cheat reps is Literally have my workout pot and stand in front of me my wife does this for me too, and [I’ll] literally have her basically pick the bar up for me well might be hard for my wife but [when] it’s really heavy, I’ll find somebody else but I’ll have them just literally pick the bar up for me and bring it to the top and then I just focus on the negative on all the eight repetitions During the cheat pot of the set because remember During the [cheats]. We do not care about the concentric phase our goal is to get as much [tension] on the biceps during that eccentric portion we’re [40%] stronger throughout the entire set of cheat reps So I hope this makes sense to you guys And if it doesn’t you [can] always leave a comment down in the comment section below And be more than happy to answer your question and yes I do have my program coming for cheat and recover you will see this exercise there as well as other Exercises to help you really fully maximize the overload on the eccentric portions of all the movements that you’re doing So that is coming And I will be placing putting out a video talking about you know an in-depth Cut going in depth on cheat and recover what it is and how it works in all the signs behind so that’s coming soon Too, but a lot of you guys been asking me lately about biceps and stubborn bicep growth and muscle imbalances with biceps So [I] just wanted to do a really quick video to show you guys an exercise [you] can add to your workout Arsenal right now and start to see some growth, so you’re ready to see some big biceps Please show some love and hit that thumbs up button subscribe if you haven’t already As always guys more good stuff coming soon

100 thoughts on “Force Stubborn Biceps TO GROW With This Exercise! | HELP FIX UNEVEN BICEPS TOO!

  1. This really helped my biceps grow. I know it will help you guys too! 😀

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  5. Inject sustanon right into it with a large long injector. it hurts it gets red but it definitely gets big and it gets big right away!

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  9. cheat sets have been around long before Arnold Schwarzenegger who made them famous. to me get stubborn muscle like the bicep to grow. have three weeks where only going to train your arms 2 or 3 times a week which includes a triceps and your forearms. something along the lines of a something along the day 1 tri set preacher curl 21 lying dumbbell curl 10- 12 reps 5 sets Day 2 barbell curl cheat set with 4 drop sets 5-6 reps 7 sets

  10. i like how you explain the breathing, cause i have a problem of knowing when to inhale and exhale during certain exercises

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  12. Yo, bro Scott . I'm Chase, I'm in a bodyweight workout routine for a month already. And I'm seeing little gains already . My workout routine is for an hour a day, and 5 days a week. School is coming soon , is it okay to stop my 1 hour workout routine , and change it into like 200-300 push-ups a day? Can I still, get my ABS, chest , biceps, shoulders or simply my whole body muscle bigger? Your response will be much appreciated and so helpful. thanks and salute! 🙂

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  14. Is it bad to do a full body work out 3 times a week when starting out and don't have time to go to the gym every day?

  15. Hey Scott I really like your videos. I'm 16 almost 17. I started going to the gym with my friend a couple weeks ago (he's been going for a year now). For now since I'm starting I've been following his program, since I'm a beginner, which consists of
    Monday: Dynamic Upper Body
    Tuesday: Dynamic Lower Body/Heavy Shoulders
    Wednesday: Rest day
    Thursday: Heavy Upper body
    Friday: Heavy Lower Body/Dynamic Shoulders

    On uppers we do bench, pull ups, dips, t-bar rows, barbell curls, and tricep extensions.

    On lowers we do squats or deadlifts, leg extensions, leg curls, hack squats (only friday), calf raises, shoulder press, and rear delts extensions.

    I was wondering if i should stick with that for a bit and then maybe start my own routine with slightly different exercises just so it's more based on my strengths and weaknesses.

    Also I wanted to know if you had any tips or anything to say about the routine. Sorry for the long comment i'm really curious because i don't want to do the wrong stuff for me

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  28. Rule number one don't fully extend your arm or else it will not only take the tension off biceps but you will feel it in your joints which you don't want to happen, tell your pahtner this too

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    I wonder if they make them in size 13
    Your vids are great! Thanks for the motivation

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