Força Lusitana: A História de Fábio Silva – STRONGMAN – Trailer 1

Força Lusitana: A História de Fábio Silva – STRONGMAN – Trailer 1

Fábio is just amazing. He is almost unique. He is a very strong individual… Very dedicated to training and strength, but in his personal life it’s the opposite of that. He is very friendly, very calm. People who know Fábio Silva know that, as a human being, he is spectacular! He is very calm… Even though he has this brute look… A guy that big always looks like a brute… He has been making this stable and consistent path He is a new athlete. By that I mean that he is fresh in this sport and also young in terms of age. He is one of the values that Portugal has in this sport, Strongman. He is a friend. Most of all he is a friend. Always eager to help. Always. He is very humble. Extremely nice. He didn’t know me but he made himself available to train with me and to give me a few tips and tricks. Since then we developed a friendship. He helps me and I help him. He is always ready to joke around. He is always ready to have fun. When you see him training, you can see him lifting a lot of weight or maybe you can see him two or three weeks just working on his technique. A guy that big, working out his shoulders with just 3kg. Just to improve his technique. Now Fábio is closer to become the Strongest Man in Portugal Against all odds. “And now is the time to decide the title, my friends…” “Are you ready?!” “Go Fábio!” Lusitan Strength: Fábio Silva’s Story.

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  1. Força Fábio, eu adoro fazer exercícios de força e tu deste-me bastante orgulho em saber que estás com motivação para representar forte e bem alto a nossa bandeira irmão, força estamos contigo, os verdadeiros estarão sempre contigo para te apoiar!!

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