70 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The Protein-Combining Myth

  1. you re a fraud and genocide promoting clown ..nobody would want to look like you ..when was the last time you encountered mirror?

  2. So annoying I carried this in my head for so long from veggie diet info in the 80s… Not that I ever took much notice of it in nearly 40 years as a very careless vegan.
    My only diet-related issue has been insulin resistance through getting fat in recent years – empty vegan calories were so much more difficult to obtain back in the day… Thankfully I started cycling to work 30 years ago which kept diabetes at bay.

  3. I don't care about protein, rice and beans are a Brazilian staple and eating the set brings me a sense of home. Plus, delicious!!!

  4. Dr Greger,i would like a video about protein for vegan athletes.
    Covering the daily RDI of protein for an average person,who doesnt exercise is easy.
    What about those who train intensely and often,especially resistance training?
    How to structure their protein intake,even at times they are on a cut,trying to lose fat but maintain their muscle mass?
    How much protein powder is best consumed daily,if any?
    Is seitan a good source,or is it most likely an allergen?
    Thank you before hand 🙌

  5. I eat a mostly plant based diet. I like most of Dr Greger's content. However, you have to admit that especially as they age the plant based doctors have a low amount of muscle mass to the point where some would say they don't look very well. McDougall, Greger, Colin Cambell, Neil Barnard – all very scrawny. The 'studies' lose crediblity when compared to what we see with our own eyes. Does their body composition really represent peak health?

  6. But does this apply perfectly to weight lifters that are growing kind of fast? I'm leaning toward no since muscles are more in need of glycogen from complex carbs than protein especially if our bodies are smart enough to keep pools of it around..

  7. Shame Greger didn’t appear in this video for the irony, he’s looking like turd lately. There you go folks Greger says you don’t need to worry about protein – so don’t worry about protein he’s the man with all the science

  8. The only thing better than a good debunk…a good re debunk! I remember this 'protein combining' stuff from when I was a kid; my parents even had a book on amino acid content of foods. Thanks for doing the research and re posting!!

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  10. Thanks for the wonderful video today. This is such a pervasive myth that it was actually even taught in a nutrition class that I took. Thanks for setting the record straight for everyone. Your videos always inspire me to keep posting on my channel.

  11. The protein myths are so ingrained culturally even I need a reminder once in a while why they are false. Thanks Dr Greger!

  12. I used to use Cronometer and according to it I get more than enough protein and that's without even trying. Been vegan 9 years and have never once been concerned with getting enough protein.

  13. Wow this is so timely for me. I’m listening to an audiobook/lectures “The great courses: Nutrition made clear” and it said that many plant proteins can be incomplete vs meat proteins.

  14. Dude, yeah sure plants have all the amino acids, but DUUUUDE NOT IN THE SAME PROPORTIONS… You have to eat more to get the same results… Your logic is weird and confusing, and not the whole truth

  15. It’s amazing how I didn’t really understand this guy when I started listening to him a few years back and now it’s all as clear as a bell

  16. Amazing how many myths there are when it comes to healthy eating. But here’s one truth that no one ever talks about, especially the omnivores: My biggest problem as a vegan is that I systematically overshute my 2500 calorie nutrient targets by 50-100% except for calcium, zinc, vitamin K and folate. This would be fine except that the excess fibre messes up my digestive system. Excess: there’s a word you don’t see in the same phrase with fibre.

  17. Great reminder. 👏🌱
    When (not if) I’m asked how do you get protein I just smile and say *not having this conversation* and refer them to Dr Greger books and NFO site if they want to see transcripts or list of studies he cites in videos to read for themselves. 🌱

  18. I have been mixing different beans and items to try and get more than easential amino acids, the non essential. The only thing that seems to make a difference was mung beans + lentils taste better together with rice and chai seeds taste better with flax seeds. You can put sproutz on your pizza for better digestion and less constipation, but I found this just makes me eat more pizza. 😂

  19. My wife is becoming a nurse and is currently taking a class on diet and nutrition and I was furious when i saw that in order for her to get certain questions on tests and homework right she has to acknowledge that plant proteins are incomplete and inferior to animal proteins. Should this not be illegal? Forcing someone to acknowledge false information in COLLEGE should be illegal right? They also want her to make examples of a "balanced" and "moderation" style meal plan that can't be vegan because then it's not balanced because there's no dead animal or cows milk… I tried helping her study but all of the information was so outdated that looking at it just made me mad. How is it possible that our government acknowledges the healthfulness and wholesomeness of a plant based diet but the education system does not? And why is a concept introduced in Vogue magazine being taught in college in the first place?…

  20. Just a couple of weeks ago, I read an article named "13 Complete Protein Sources for Vegetarians and Vegans" on a website that calls themselves Healthline and I sent the author a nasty note in response. There was even a little graphic next to the headline that said 'evidence based' and it had a little checkmark. They haven't gotten back to me. Maybe I should have complained to the editor instead. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/complete-protein-for-vegans

  21. es increible la cantidad de mitos que uno asume tácitamente sin cuestionarse su veracidad…..gracias Dr Greger

  22. Myths die a slow death. I recently read an article in a "health" magazine in which the myth was repeated by a registered dietician. "Where do you get your protein?" should be replaced with "Where did you get your education?"

  23. Imagine if this video went viral. It would save people from so much tons of frustration and it would change the way people look at plants and not think they “need meat”. As a vegan of 15 years, I’ve heard about this more times than I can count. And the vast majority of them don’t even know what protein is! 🤦‍♂️

  24. Thanks. Maybe this will help me break the decades-old habit of making sure I have a grain with my legumes! I love your videos.

  25. The complete plant protein thing got spouted by a doctor on the BBC the other day saying that plant milk isn't as good as Cow milk… his other reason was the "natural iodine" in cows milk, which comes from the industrial cleaner they use on Cows and in the milk tanks.

  26. Research: The longest living people have a commonality of often eating seafood.

    Vegans: Imagine how much longer they could have lived if they didn't eat meat.

  27. some dude at the gym who is about 2/3 my size told me he could never be vegan cause he couldn't get complete proteins so I told him I was and he was like oh yeah but you probably take a bunch of supplements and stuff and I told him I never have had any supplements and he was like well that just isn't possible so I guess I was just a figment of his imagination because I'm not possible….

  28. "All nutrients come from the sun or the soil". What about vitamin b12? That is almost exclusively found in animal products, not counting artificially manufactured supplements of course.

  29. I just thought protein combining was about hitting high leucine content for mTOR activation. Plant sources are generally lower in leucine… so if you are lifting and want to increase Muscle Protein Synthesis you would want to hit higher leucine plant sources. I think practical advice is to just hit high leucine plant based if you want to maximize muscle growth potential. The average person really doesn’t need much protein at all our RDI’s are very low and can be hit with little to no effort.

  30. I'm thinking to unsubscribe because my YouTube Channel list keeps showing a lot of non videos from this channel. This is YouTube, a video medium, please only have videos. Too many advertisements.

  31. Love everything you do! Joe Rogan just posted his self reported experience eating only meat for a month and it's difficult to listen to someone with such a huge audience succumb and propagate demonstrably false beliefs. Any way you can get on his show to set the scientific record straight?

  32. a bit off topic, BUT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER. My father is 350 pounds, is he supposed to follow the body weight rule in terms of grams of protein in his diet? How much protein should he eat, if he went by body weight, he would eating at least over a hundred grams, and that'd be a lot of food for a weight loss plan……..

  33. Thanks for this.

    Does anyone know what people mean by plant protein being less "bioavailable"? Where do they get that? Is there anything to it, or is it just like the "incomplete protein" idea?

  34. It's not that plant proteins are incomplete, it's the ratios of amino acids are not optimal for max absorption. Sure if you eat enough rice you'll eventually get enough protein. If you ate rice and beans though you'd get the same amount of protein actually absorbed in your body while eating less. This is why herbivores eat all day long. They eventually get what they need from grass but they need to eat tons of it. A lion on the other hand can eat once every few days.

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