Farmer’s Carries for Longevity

Farmer’s Carries for Longevity

Hi Dan was wondering your
take on farmer walks as far as being a longevity lift. I’m gonna stop you right
there because that’s interesting. The rack deadlift as we understand it now
and it actually it’s similar to Brett Contreras is deficit deadlift you used
to be called something called the health lift. So the second I read that I’m like
yeah I like with this guy’s head’s at. Is this the farmer walk a health lift. Now I do
think right there just before we even get into the question itself. I’m 62 and
I’m still the guy who gets called up to move couches. I’m still the guy who you
call up when you’re moving and I think Now I’m 62 and I think it’s because
farmer walks they work your grip strength they work your posture and they
work your work capacity. Now posture, grip strength, work capacity. We know that grip
strength is related to longevity you can tell by looking at somebody sometimes
and how old there and then work capacity is what keeps you around. That’s a three
for three to me on longevity but now let’s read the question. I
mid-20s. God bless you. I tell you mid-20s it reminds me, mid-20s when was I okay.
But already trying to think long term Thank you. Wear your seatbelt, don’t smoke,
floss your teeth, go to the dentist two three times a year, get a medical doctor
about your age and go to him as often as you can, sleep soundly, you know the
basics. That’s the biggest thing. Start now with good good habits.
He also does jiu-jitsu. I am also just generally burnt out from all the other
patterns of movement yet love the effect I feel from carries. I was a little older
when I did this but you’re a wise young man Connor.
I remember after I hit 500 squat I realized I could care less. I wish I had
never done more in 400 and now I’m starting to think of wish that was even
too heavy. Realistically could you look at this as one big movement to model
everything else? Would there be any drawbacks in terms of mobility and
movement? Huge fan thank you One thing I would argue, not even
disagree with you but just add, why don’t you do make sure you do some goblet
squats maybe that easy progression when you go
from goblet squat to overhead squat to maintain the squatting movement and then
probably throw in some hangs or pull-ups and some presses and in a weekly format
somehow. But I like where your head’s at. My only concern is you still do want to
do some upper body work in this in this kind of plane and I think you want to do
some kind of hinge and squat but hey man if you’re a little burnt out take farmer walks seriously, take loaded carries seriously, and let’s find out what
happens. I know this you know I’ve been lifting weight since 1965 that’s a lot
of weeks of work, thats a lot of weeks of working out. If I decide to say
for four weeks I’m gonna do this or that I can come, I’ve got plenty of time to
you know to reflect on it and fill in the gaps that I haven’t been doing. The
biggest issue I see when I work with most people is the gaps. Here are the
five basics push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry. Most people never do loaded
carries. Most people never squat appropriately.
Just by doing goblet squats and loaded carries I can change most people’s

3 thoughts on “Farmer’s Carries for Longevity

  1. Hi Dan, I have a question: we know the squat is a movement pattern in which there is maximum knee and hip flexion. I think it doesn't matter where the load is, as long as you follow the pattern: if it's on your back, it's a back squat; if it's on your hands in front of you, it's a goblet squat; if it's on the crook of your elbows, it's a zercher squat, and so on. I've ditched the back squat for some time and have been exclusively doing trap-bar squats. I do them standing on a block, so I can reach maximum knee and hip flexion. Some people say it's not a squat, it's a deadlift, since the weight start on the ground. I think a trap-bar deadlift is something totally different, in which the hips go back and there is little knee flexion. What do you think? Can I substitute the back squat for trap-bar squats if I'm only training for strength gains and the looks?

  2. Love the videos coach. Question though. I’m looking at creating my own home gym a little piece at a time, Can kettlebells( heavy ones) get me started till I can acquire the more expensive piece of equipment like a rack? Thanks coach.

  3. Loving the videos John, thank you.

    How would you add farmers walks to Simple and sinister? I am currently on that program and wanted to add this, looks like like fun. Thanks

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